Patient Appointment Scheduling – 24-7 Answers

In a busy medical practice, there are always times when an extra pair of hands on the front desk would really help: And with an automated 24/7 patient scheduling system that is exactly what your practice can benefit from at an extremely cost effective price – A real boost for medical practice management.

There are many advantages to be had by BOTH patients and doctors by utilising an automated patient appointment scheduler. The most obvious being they never take time off; which makes them particularly reliable. It also means they can provide a solution to staff shortages in the long and/or short term: A major problem for many medical practices.

Free Up Your Front Desk
Most Some of the more advanced appointment scheduling software available can deal with phone calls to your front desk. When a patient calls to make an appointment the service can answer the call leaving your receptionist free to deal with those patients in need of their immediate attention: By interacting through direct dialogue the system can search for an available patient appointment and even offer up options if and when they are available. The patient simply chooses the most convenient time and the system schedules and confirms the patient appointment.

Emergency Calls Answered 24/7
Some appointment scheduling software can answer calls, schedule a patient appointment AND forward urgent calls to an emergency number or voicemail. This service ensures your patients receive help when and if they need it, 24hrs a day: And that can make ALL the difference to your patients.

Automated Reminders
Reminding patients of their appointment reduces no-shows. Nevertheless, your staff may not always have the time to deal with this time-consuming task. An automated patient appointment reminder system can significantly reduce no-shows and so save time and money by systematically making reminder calls every day: Streamlining medical practice management processes through automation.

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