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If no 14's were hit by the 14 shooter, the score for the inning is zero. Play your strongest numbers! The method of distributing the extra points should be agreed upon at the beginning of the game and will be the method used throughout the entire game. During the shower, give everyone a paper and pen. Order is usually determined by throwing one dart at bullseye each, closest to the bullseye shoots first. Place a towel or large plastic garbage bag over each one for a bib.

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These you will put in a hat or diaper bag: During the Baby Shower, Take your master list of items, or actions, names, or whatever and read the list to all of your guests. Instruct the guests to fill in their Bingo card with each item that you read in any square of their choosing on their card. If you don't have 24 items or names, or baby actions, or whatever then tell the guests to use some words twice.

Now for the Fun Part! Then, from your hat or bassinet, or diaper bag have the mother-to-be or yourself draw one slip of paper at a time and read the word out loud. Name that Nursery Rhyme! Preparation for this free baby shower game: Before the shower, make a list of different lines from various nursery rhymes.

It is best if they are not the most recognized line from the rhyme. Use this free printable Nursery Rhyme game card if you would like.

Make a copy for each guest. How to play this free baby shower game: During the shower, hand each guest a pen and a copy of the list. They must write down the name of the nursery rhyme for each line on the list. The guest who gets the most correct is the Nursery Rhyme Champion! Everyone really has a lot fun with this game and there are multiple prizes, which of course everyone enjoys! Click here for detailed game instructions Baby Memory Tray Preparation for this free baby shower game: Before the shower, buy or borrow about 20 - 30 baby items.

Click here for a potential list of baby items. On the day of the shower, assemble the items on a big serving tray or cookie sheet. During the shower, give everyone a paper and pen. Walk around the room with the tray and show everyone the items on the tray.

Let them get a good look at it. Once everyone is done writing give them 4 or 5 minutes , bring the tray of items out again and take one item off of the tray at a time and let everyone keep track of how many items they got correct. The guest who remembered the most correct items WINS! Baby Memory of Mommy Preparation for this free baby shower game: Same preparation as the "Baby Memory Tray" game above. Play the same game as above but instead of you holding the tray have the mother-to-be show everyone the tray and then have her leave the room.

Then, tell everyone they must write down what the mother-to-be was wearing. What clothing she had, colors, if she was wearing jewelry, how her hair was done, shoes, belt, everything.

Or instead of having the tray of baby items, you could just have the mother-to-be leave the room unexpectedly and then start the game. Buy a baby magazine or two and cut out different pictures of baby bodies. Choose movie stars, sports stars, music stars - find ones that not everyone knows.

Number each cardstock page. On a computer make a numbered answer sheet with blanks for the guests to write down their answers. Print an answer sheet for each guest. How to Play this Baby Shower Game: Give each guest an answer sheet and pen.

Pass the cardstock pages around the room. The guest who knew the most "stars" wins a prize! Baby What in the World?

For example, a nasal aspirator, temperature strip, teething ring, diaper genie, nose syringe, bottle warmer, etc. Go to a baby store to find other useful but less known items. Then, take each item out of their package, and place them all in a bag, box, or basket.

During the shower, give everyone a sheet of paper and a pen and then pull one item from the bag to show everyone. They must guess what-in-the-world the item is used for. The guest with the most correct answers, WINS! Give the expectant mother the assortment of items as a gift. Baby Food Guessing Game Preparation for this free baby shower game: Before the shower, buy different flavors of baby food. Then, write or tape a number on the lid of each jar.

And make a master list of which number corresponds to each flavor. Lastly, remove the label from each jar so the flavor is not visible on the jar. During the shower, give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen. Have them number the paper from 1 to 10 or 15 to however many flavors you bought. Then pass around the jars and have the guests examine the jars and try to guess by sight which flavor is which.

Have them write down their guesses, and then read off the flavor of each number. The guest with the most correct answers is the Baby Food Connoisseur! Baby Name Scramble Preparation for this free baby shower game: Before the shower, find out from the soon-to-be mother what name she has chosen for the baby.

Then type that name on the top of a page and print it out. Make copies of the page, one for each guest. During the shower, give each guest and the mother a page with the name on it and a pen. Instruct them to form as many words from the letters of the baby's name as they can. Set the timer for 90 seconds. The most words WINS! Baby Name Meaning This is a fun, meaningful game for the mother. Before the shower, Find out from the mother-to-be what name she has chosen for the baby.

Get a book of baby names or go here to find out what the chosen name means. During the shower, tell all the guests the baby name that the mother has chosen or better yet, let her tell everyone and then instruct them to think of what the baby name might mean or signify. Go around the room and have each guest say what they think the name means.

Then you read the real meaning at the end or have the Mother-to-be explain what the name means. Whoever gives the closest meaning to the real one is the winner! Baby Shower Price is Right! Before the Shower, go to the store and purchase 10 - 12 small baby items.

Be sure to keep the receipt, so you know how much each baby item costs. Then, make a list of the baby items on one side and a blank line on the other. Click here for a free printable baby shower game card. During the shower, give each guest a list and a pen. Show each item to the group and have them write down what they think it costs.

Then have them add up their prices for all the items. The one closest to the actual total on your receipt minus the tax is the winner! Present the expectant mother with the baby items. She'll be needing them! Mommy's Tummy Preparation for this free baby shower game: During the shower, have all the guests in a circle around the soon-to-be mother. Have her stand up and pass around one or two rolls of tissue paper and instruct each guest to rip off the length of tissue paper that they think is the circumference of Mommy's tummy.

Then each guest takes their length of tissue up to the expectant mother and wrap their paper around her tummy to see how close they are. The closest length is the winner! Instead of approaching the soon-to-be mother to see how close they are at guessing her tummy size, surprise the guests by instructing them to say one thing they like about the expectant mother for each square of tissue paper they took. Or they could give one piece of baby advice for each square,.

No matter what, the ones who guessed big will have a lot to say! Nursery Rhyme Balloon Game A hilarious game to play. Before the shower, buy one balloon for each guest who is coming. Then, write the name that the expectant mother has chosen for her baby on a slip of paper.

Fold the paper up and slip it into one of the balloons. Now blow up the balloon and tie it off. Now, write on other slips of paper actions that other people must perform if they do not get the winning slip of paper. For example, choose another person and together sing a lullaby. Or recite as much of a nursery rhyme as you can. Or perform a nursery rhyme feat, like Jump over a Candle stick. Or Run Off with a Spoon.

Or choose 2 other people and have a dialog of what the 3 blind mice would say to each other. Write silly actions down on slips of paper and put each one into its own balloon and fill it up with air.

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Some simple instructions to help you, If you are intending to play the game, would be as stated below: Tank Trouble requires only five keys to control all of its operations. The five key includes four keys to move in four directions ,i.

In case if there are three players the Player 3 controls the tank movement by mouse and fires by the left click of the mouse. Tank Trouble 4 being the latest one.

Even after arrival of so many upgrades, original Tank trouble is still better as it is fast compared to other versions , as they tend to be slow due to high-quality graphics.

Now you know all about the game, just remember that this game is all about strategy, attack, control and survival. So just Get Set and GO!

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