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Elsewhere , whom he finds success after his relationship with Elizabeth and competition with Dean Bolander's ex-husband Dr. When McNulty left the cast toward the end of the second season, Harley made one more appearance played by Kenny Johnston , only to be subsequently written out under the pretense of going to "juvenile boot camp". A far different sort of bully than Harley. They married during their sophomore year during the final season , after which the show attempted to put them in stereotypical marriage problem situations. Joshua has grown up to be a handsome young man who has a great relationship with Cory and Alan. She and Cory invested in the neighborhood bakery to preserve it for the founder, Mrs.

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Topanga Lawrence

Soon after, she appeared on two episodes of the hit show Full House , guest starring as a character named Jennifer. She also had a small role on Harry and the Hendersons , playing Jessica. Fishel's mother became her full-time manager. Originally written as a small part, Topanga became a recurring role. After a successful first year, Fishel became a show regular. Fishel's character was a sparky, intelligent girl who was mature beyond her years; she replaced the nerdy Stuart Minkus as the brains of the class.

The long-running show ended in after seven years. Fishel was on the cover of Seventeen in December In , she appeared in three made-for-DVD releases: National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2 appearing again as "Marla" from the first film , the action film Gamebox 1. In , Fishel appeared as a guest on The Tyra Banks Show where she discussed her dramatic weight loss with the use of the Nutrisystems Diet. In , Fishel co-hosted Say What? Karaoke on MTV for one season. Entertainment Television 's The Soup.

In , Fishel starred in the controversial drama, Boiling Pot , which is based on true events of racism that occurred on college campuses across the country during the Presidential election [ citation needed ]. Emmet Walsh , and John Heard. Escape from Reality Show all episodes. Show all 49 episodes. Jonathan Lipnicki and Shania Twain vs. Show all 99 episodes. Show all 6 episodes. The First Adventure Edit Personal Details Other Works: Edit Did You Know?

I love the freedom of having my own space and my own place and doing things on my terms, and not really having to think about anybody else's schedule.

In the beginning, Shawn lives with both his parents, Chet and Virna Hunter. One day, Virna runs off with the trailer and Shawn is left under the care of the Matthews family while Chet chases after his wife. When the Matthews find out that Chet will not be returning for a while, Jonathan Turner , a teacher at John Adams High School, offers to take care of Shawn and eventually to become his legal guardian.

About a year later, Chet comes back and Virna temporarily rejoins her family before eventually taking off again. Shawn goes through several ups and downs throughout the show, including briefly joining a cult and nearly succumbing to alcoholism , similar to his father. In a later season, Shawn's half-brother Jack arrives in town for college. Shawn moves in with Jack and Eric Matthews, Cory's older brother, leaving Chet free to take off again.

However, on a trip back to town, during which Chet attempts to reconcile with Shawn and promises to finally stay, Chet dies of a heart attack. In later seasons, Shawn is able to talk to Chet as a ghost. During the final episodes of the series, Shawn discovers that Virna is not his biological mother when she sends him a letter after Chet's death.

Apparently, Chet was left to take care of Shawn after his biological mother, who was actually a stripper , left shortly after his birth.

Despite the Matthews family's offer to legally adopt Shawn after he discovers this, Shawn declines, declaring that he still has Jack as family and he still needs to take care of the Hunter clan. Shawn is a ladies' man, a trait which Cory is constantly envious of. However, Shawn is jealous of Cory's close, long-term relationship with Topanga. Later in the series, Shawn falls in love with a girl named Angela.

They have a tempestuous relationship, but genuinely care for each other. Angela eventually leaves as well, to travel with her military father. In the episode "Fraternity Row" it is revealed that during high school Shawn was challenged in writing, but "Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield", reveals that during college he has improved significantly and additionally has had a lifelong affinity for poetry.

He is also a skilled photographer, and nearly chooses a job at a glamour magazine company over college. Revealed during Girl Meets World , however, Shawn left New York the day of the birth of Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley, ultimately making a name for himself as a world-traveling writer and photographer. When he returns to the city, he forms a bond with Riley's best friend Maya, sharing a similar childhood upbringing and both coming from broken homes. He also forms a bond with Maya's mother Katy, who shares a similar feeling of abandonment due to her husband and Maya's father's leaving.

By the second season, Riley is hopeful that Shawn will become Katy's husband and Maya's father, although Shawn still has unresolved feelings for Angela. Angela returns with news that she has since married a military man, like her now-deceased father, and wants advice on whether she'd be a good mother or not, which she insists can only come from Shawn.

Shawn encourages her to be a mother, and Angela encourages Shawn to pursue a relationship with Katy. Shawn and Katy eventually date and get married, and Shawn becomes a father figure to Maya.

After directing two first-season episodes of Girl Meets World , Rider Strong has become a fixture behind the scenes, while also making appearances in a recurring role. Stuart Minkus or simply just Minkus Lee Norris was the resident genius and nerd in Cory's sixth grade class.

During his time on the show, he was shown as being in love with Topanga, and was often made fun of by Cory and Shawn. Everyone referred to him as simply "Minkus", except Topanga and Mr. Before Topanga's character changes, he was the one constantly obsessed with grades and academic achievements. Minkus was on the show from —, reappearing in the "Graduation" episode in , with Minkus and Topanga now portrayed as bitter rivals.

The reason given for his absence was that his classes were on the other side of the school all along. Despite his brief tenure on Boy Meets World , Stuart appears as a major recurring character in the sequel Girl Meets World , with Norris reprising his role. He makes his first appearance the episode "Girl Meets Maya's Mother" where he is revealed to be the doppelganger father of Farkle, one of Riley Matthews' best friends.

He brags to Cory and Topanga that he has become a wealthy businessman who owns a helicopter. Despite being a married man, Stuart still longs for Topanga.

His wife and Farkle's mother, Jennifer Kristanna Loken an ex-girlfriend of Shawn Hunter makes her first appearance in the second season. Jennifer appeared as the main antagonist in two episodes of Boy Meets World. In the updated series she is shown to be a much nicer, doting parent. She inexplicably disappeared after the show's second season and reappeared midway through the following season played by a different actress.

In the episode of her return, a joke is made about her long absence. Upon her reappearance, she says, "That was the longest timeout I ever had! A joke is even made about the two, with Cory and Topanga's son, Auggie being frightened when he is comforted by both. Alan, as the father of the Matthews children, provides guidance to his children.

He has a quick temper, though when it shows up, usually through consultation with his wife, he often apologizes afterwards for words spoken in anger. In some later episodes, Alan does not support Eric in all of his ventures, and Amy, in turn, tells Alan that his coddling of Eric is the reason Eric has turned out the way he is.

Alan was also somewhat of a "father figure" for Shawn Hunter. He explained to Cory in the first season that he saw a lot of his younger self in Shawn, and encouraged Cory to be there to help Shawn through his tough life. While there were times when he thought that Shawn was too much of a negative influence, such as when Cory and Shawn were arrested for underage drinking, he always cared about Shawn's well-being, even stating in the fourth season that he would "kill to protect Shawn from con men like you" to a cult leader who was trying to take advantage of Shawn's feelings of isolation.

He began his career as the manager of the Market Giant supermarket, eventually winning a prized "Grocie" Award. Prior his marriage, Alan joined the United States Navy instead of enrolling in college after high school, a decision he is regretting and glad that his children did not made the same choice.

In the episode "Better Than the Average Cory", reveals that after Alan's father's health deteriorated, he took over his job as a janitor for a factory before working at Market Giant. Eventually, he becomes disillusioned with his standard "" job that he had worked for so many years, and quits without discussing it with his family first.

A brief period of family distress follows, with Amy proclaiming that she will, in turn, "make a major decision that affects the entire family without consulting with him first". Her character underwent dramatic changes during the course of the series. When she was initially introduced in the first season, first as a guest character and later recurring, she was a hippie vegetarian and somewhat of an outcast, sitting at the table with the other "weird kids".

Even her name was taken from a hippie hangout, Topanga. However, once the characters entered high school and Danielle Fishel became a main character , she became more of a "regular teenage girl", and her beliefs about the environment and other topics were less emphasized.

Much was now made of the fact that Topanga was the most attractive and the most popular girl at school, and academically successful. She also cut her trademark long hair in an episode in season 4 while trying to show Cory that true beauty is on the inside. She grows distant from her parents, whom she once was very close to; by the fourth season.

Her relationship with her parents became further apart after their divorce. The series tries to justify this by saying that Cory and Topanga first met as toddlers and became best friends, only to be driven apart as they grew older and Eric pressured Cory to think of girls as "icky".

By the time of the first-season episodes, Cory has apparently completely forgotten about Topanga and knows almost nothing about her. Although Topanga was accepted to Yale University , she decided to attend Pennbrook College with Cory and their friends.

She proposed to Cory at their high school graduation. They married during their sophomore year during the final season , after which the show attempted to put them in stereotypical marriage problem situations.

Shortly after the Boy Meets World finale, Topanga became pregnant and later gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Riley. Several years later, she had a second child, a son named August "Auggie" Matthews. In addition to raising the family, Topanga continues her pursuit of a career in law and eventually passes the bar exam.

Cory and Topanga's marriage continued in Girl Meets World , by which point Topanga has become a successful attorney and soon the owner of a local Ukrainian bakery , and Riley is thirteen years old. It is strongly implied that Topanga's name is the result of a journal entry by her maternal grandmother, Rosie McGee, concerning a chance encounter with a young artist in His more laidback approach to teaching often clashed with Mr.

Feeny's more traditional methods, and the students found that they could more easily identify with the hip, Harley -riding Mr. In the second season, Shawn found residence with Mr. Turner when his dad went on a cross-country search for Shawn's mother Verna , and found in him a friend and mentor. Turner remained on the show until midway through the fourth season, when he was put in the hospital after being involved in an accident.

When Chet Hunter got back, Shawn again lives with his father briefly, until Chet had him live with his half-brother, Jack, as his roommate; thus Jack taking over the guardianship for Shawn from Chet.

As homage to the character, the show made a references to him in the last episode of Season 5; when Stuart Minkus returns for a cameo and calls out to an unseen Mr. Turner, indicating that he has recovered from his accident and returned to work.

Turner is also best friends with Eli Williams. Turner later returns as a recurring character in Girl Meets World beginning with the episode "Girl Meets the New Teacher" where it is revealed that after his accident he fell in love with his nurse and married her. He has also gone on to become the superintendent of New York's public school system. Cory's daughter, Riley, sees him as an uncle figure as he has formed an even closer affinity with the Matthews family than before, visiting their home often.

Though thankful for him being a good educator, Topanga holds a grudge against Turner because he gave her an A- in high school. He made another appearance in the episode "Girl Meets Creativity". He joined the show in season three when his best friend and former college roommate Jonathan Turner got him a job at the school, teaching media arts.

Like Turner, Williams is considered "hip and cool", and can relate easily to the young students. However, being a former journalist at a television station in Philadelphia, he sometimes finds teaching and reaching out to students to be a difficult chore, something that Turner helps him out with. Stories in the third season were written to focus on the friendship between Turner and Williams and the single bachelor life of dating, partying, and socializing that they experience outside of their teaching, showing the life of young adults post-college.

Williams had a starring role throughout the third season, and is last seen in the episode "Brother, Brother". Although he is never mentioned again after season three, he is featured in flashbacks via archive footage in the series finale "Brave New World", and as a result, Alex Désert who by this time was co-starring on Becker is credited as a special guest star despite never making an actual appearance.

In the DVD commentaries, Michael Jacobs and some of the actors discuss the network pressure during seasons 2 and 3 to bring more young adult characters to the cast. Eli Williams strongly reflects this trend. Jack Hunter Matthew Lawrence is Shawn's paternal half-brother, and very different from him. Growing up in a wealthy stepfamily at New York City , Jack has money, works out, and has experienced relatively little difficulty in his life.

Besides Shawn, Jack has at least one maternal half-sister at home. Jack's mother left Chet Hunter with her son due to not being able to cope with her former husband's alcoholism, and eventually she and Chet both remarried after their divorce. Shawn learned about Jack's existence from his father when he was seven years old, he was happily written to his half-brother in hopes of getting acquainted as brothers.

Jack's mother, however, hid Shawn's letters from her son, leaving Shawn to believe that his half-brother turned his back on his paternal family with his mother for years until Jack finds out. Despite of it, Jack and Shawn did meet before the former enrolled to Pennbrook College at some point, but they weren't yet aware of Jack's mother's deception at the time. Despite Jack resenting his father for his past alcoholism, he also wants to have relationships with him and Shawn, which leads him to choose Pennbrook in hopes of becoming close to them.

Dialogues imply that though Jack has a good relationship with his stepfather, but never as close as Jack would like with his father. Jack's aversion to his family's alcoholism makes him vow never to drink, and tries to save Shawn from it in one episode.

However, despite having been raised by his stepfather, Jack had a gambling problem—a trait he shares with his father, but falls into brief relapse when placing a school bet.

When Chet visiting his sons at Pennbrook, he is beginning to reconcile with them before his death, leaving both Jack and Shawn devastated. Chet had Shawn to live with Jack during the latter's senior year in high school, effectively having Jack taking over the guardianship for Shawn from his father and Jonathan Turner until his half-brother's graduation, though Shawn eventually move back in with him later.

Like Eric and Cory Matthews, Jack and Shawn share a comical and somewhat hostile sibling rivalry which ultimately ends with reconciliation; they have acknowledged each other brothers with Jack entering Shawn's life. He became Eric's roommate, and the pair developed a friendship parallel to their siblings'. Jack, along with Eric, pined for Rachel after she moved in with the two, eventually winning this battle once Eric realizes he was competing more for the sake of competing, rather than due to any genuine feelings for Rachel.

The relationship between Jack and Rachel ultimately doesn't work out. Jack's personality was often adapted to the episodic storyline, rather than having his own distinct character.

He once mentions having six percent body fat, though he confides that in high school he was referred to as "Jumbo Jack", much to Eric's amusement.

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