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Human nutrition
Humans grow fastest other than in the womb as infants and toddlers , rapidly declining from a maximum at birth to roughly age 2, tapering to a slowly declining rate, and then during the pubertal growth spurt, a rapid rise to a second maximum at around 11—12 years for female, and 13—14 years for male , followed by a steady decline to zero. Although we know that not all income inequality can be considered detrimental to economic welfare, the precise relationship between equality and efficiency is complex and unknown. The difference is reduced when we factor in the government human welfare-related expenditure, which is more equitably distributed among the population. In addition, the collagen fibres show an increase in cross-links , which greatly restricts the elastic properties of the collagen network. Various reasons for this hypothetical bottleneck have been postulated, one of those is the Toba catastrophe theory. The philosopher of cognitive science Daniel Dennett, for example, argues that there is no such thing as a narrative center called the "mind," but that instead there is simply a collection of sensory inputs and outputs:

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