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What will happen if the secretion of parietal cells of gastric glands is blocked with an inhibitor? Removing ad is a premium feature. Which one of the following statement is not correct about intestinal villi? Secrete hormone called gastric. Please enable JavaScript to be able to use QuizOver.

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A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. This is the job of the digestive system. Stores the liver's digestive juices until they are needed by the intestines.

An organ that produces a bodily juice called bile. The place where digested molecules of food, water, and minerals are absorbed. This organ produces a digestive juice that contains a wide array of enzymes to break down fat, carbohydrate, and protein in food.

This part of the digestive system removes solid wastes such as feces from the body. This organ stores swallowed food and liquid, mixes up digestive juices with the food and liquid and sends it to the small intestine. This contains tiny glands that produce juices to digest food, found in the mouth, stomach and small intestine. For many of these women, a digestive tract that is imbalanced and inflamed causes a host of issues, ranging from the classic symptoms of gas and bloating to more severe issues caused by the body's inability to absorb nutrients that are vital to good health.

The following questions are designed to assess your digestive health — and determine if its time to reset your digestive system. The quiz takes most women two minutes to complete. To start, simply follow the prompts. Check any symptom that you have experienced in the last 3 months. If you did not experience the symptom, don't check anything.

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