Your Digestive System


Human Body Diagram : Human Body Organs Diagram Game
This will help us understand how our bodies are programmed to respond to threat and danger. Further increasing the surface area are the numerous microvilli of the cells lining the surface of the villi. Selye observed three sets of responses whenever he injected an animal with a toxin: The blood vessels supplying these structures remain constant throughout development. This can been seen in other animals like deer or rabbits when they are caught in the glare of headlights, they tend to freeze and evaluate what to do, many time to their detriment.

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Let’s Take A Trip Through The Digestive System!

Click on Digestive Tract. Begin by taking the Guided Tour. Click on the Zoom-In and move down through the system reading the notes. Complete the Organize Organs activity. Click on animation to observe movement of food from mouth toward stomach. Read text on mouth, then close to view animation. List the parts of the digestive system the pizza passes to move toward the stomach.

Click on movie to trace an apple through GI tract. List the organs the apple passes from mouth to anus. List 3 accessory organs. Open the links to digestive system structures and move the mouse on the black-yellow-red-green marks on the diagram to learn the parts.

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