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The Joslyn Art Museum, meanwhile, will publish a catalogue to accompany the collection-based special exhibition Revisiting America: Some of the work will be done by city employees. Charles Hayden Foundation Grants The Charles Hayden Foundation makes contributions only to institutions that serve children and youth ages 3 to 18 from the metropolitan areas of New York and Boston. Rufus Porter Museum, Inc. The Foundation is pleased to announce the grants that were allocated in the , , and rounds of grant making. General operating support for supervised family visitation and exchange services to the children and families of southern Larimer County. Grants from the Higher Education program aim to develop a new, diverse generation of leaders.

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African Development Foundation grants for African enterprises. Nigerian Conservation Foundation Chief S. United Nations Public Service Awards Iam searching a PhD scholar ship in Pharmacology. I am looking for scholarship to study aviation related courses home or abroad for masters. Goodday sir, Kindly furnish me with information on how to open the link below to enable me complete the Grant Application Form.

I need a research group on mathematical modeling on biomathematics. I need a scholarship grant for Ph. Search for assistance for development groups in agriculture activities. Please enter your comment! Using an expansive approach to photography that creates new spaces of engagement within cultural institutions, making them more meaningful to and representative of the communities in which they are situated.

Exploring the limits of signal recovery and matrix completion from incomplete data sets with implications for high-impact applications in multiple fields. Combining ethnographic, forensic, and archaeological evidence to bring to light the human consequences of immigration policy at the U.

Reclaiming African American contributions to folk and country music and bringing to light new connections between music from the past and the present. Chronicling the persistence of racial segregation in American society, particularly in education, and reshaping national conversations around education reform.

Changing public perceptions of immigrant youth and playing a critical role in shaping the debate around immigration policy. Engaging audiences as active participants in works that dramatize the power of theater as a space for building community.

Confronting the challenges of poverty and disinvestment in urban communities through a Muslim-led civic engagement effort that bridges race, class, and religion. Challenging popular depictions of the Vietnam War and exploring the myriad ways that war lives on for those it has displaced.

Designing adaptive and resilient urban habitats and encouraging residents to be active stewards of the ecological systems underlying our built environment. Documenting the hidden operations of covert government projects and examining the ways that human rights are threatened in an era of mass surveillance.

So the depot is largely in its original condition. The grant will be used to purchase materials, equipment, and contract services. This Columbus, Ohio group, founded in , provides parents with high quality, affordable day care and early learning through educational programs that prepare students for success in school and life. To-date, they estimate they have helped more than 18, students. The organization has determined that an increasing focus of theirs will be serving infants and toddlers up to age 3.

Partially funded by federal Early Head Start, the group needed additional funding for periodic teacher substitutes so that the regular teachers can spend additional time on testing and assessments—a key part of the Early Head Start program. The group puts all their efforts into the area of Columbus commonly known as the Southern Gateway. The group requested funding to restore the Lehigh Valley Railroad caboose Since October , the organization has been repairing the exterior of the caboose, which included extensive metal replacement to the sides.

The interior is now being repaired and reinstalled. The grant will be used to purchase materials, prepare, re-paint, and re-letter the exterior of the caboose into the paint scheme it wore in the late s.

The funds will also be used to hire a contractor to do the surface preparation, media blasting, and priming. Volunteers would be used for all other work.

The group, founded in , if focused on the preservation and interpretation of the railroad history of the Rochester and Western New York area. The museum is in the former Erie Railroad Industry railroad station.

They have over fifty pieces of railroad rolling stock and operate a one mile demonstration railroad. Southern Appalachia Railway Museum, Inc. Specifically, the funds will be used for spray-in foam wall insulation, replacement of steel panels, replacement of floor tile, replacement of a wall divider, and trim hardware.

This 26 year, Knoxville-based group is dedicated to the railroad history and equipment of the Southern Appalachia region. It operates an excursion train using period-appropriate cars to tell the story of Oak Ridge, the Manhattan Project, and how the railroads in the region helped win World War II.

They had 12, passengers on the excursion train during With thousands of volunteer hours already invested, this car has a new roof, new Spanish cedar windows, exterior steel repair, new electrical, sound, light, and heating systems, a new floor, and a new restroom. The grant will partially fund the remainder of the interior fit out to include: The Colebrookdale Railroad has 20,, annual passengers for their excursion line.

The Trust strives to capitalize on a Civil War-era railroad heritage unique to Southeastern Pennsylvania by returning Edwardian-era-caliber train service. Deltaville Community Association, Inc. This organization operates a model railroad club in Deltaville, Virginia—the Rappahannock River Railroaders.

They are seeking to extend their community outreach to engage children in the creative hobby of model railroading. In addition to their fixed club layouts, which are frequently open to the public, they have a mobile track layout they take to local fairs and festivals to expose children to model railroading in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck of Virginia. In the fall of , the group began a project to replace the mobile exhibit.

They have begun work on the new trailer. The funds for the remaining work is partially funded by this grant. This year-old not-for-profit operates acres of woodlands, savanna, and hiking trails in Valparaiso, Indiana. In , Taltree opened its Railway Garden: They are receiving partial funding for an educational display inside their Depot Visitor Center. The display will include photo-representations of people from the steam engine era including Civil War railway workers, Chinese immigrant workers from the Sierra Nevada range, and rail workers from the s, who rebuilt sections of track and bridges.

The focus is to accentuate the hardships and danger that often accompanied early railway jobs. The Taltree Arboretum and Gardens served 4, students in and saw 48, visitors last year. Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp. This group requested funding to replicate the signal tower which was in operation at the Hopewell Junction Depot from to Construction of a replica of the tower will complete the historical accuracy of the site.

The tower will have two floors: The first floor will be built as handicapped accessible restrooms. This group was formed in to preserve the Hopewell Junction Depot as the only surviving railroad building in the area. The depot serves as both a museum, visitor center, and educational facility with a host of written, photographed and preserved artifacts. They have members, 50 volunteers, and a staff of Colfax Railroad Museum, Inc. A previous grant winner, the museum requested funding for the purchase of unique metalworking tools needed for the restoration of the Coronet Phosphate 5 T locomotive, four Milwaukee Road cars and several smaller projects.

The group was founded in Their collection includes some glass negative images from the C. Stecher and the Alan MacMillian collections which they wish to digitize to allow the images to be made available to the general public as well as historical researchers. With funding from this grant, they hope to complete the project by year-end. The CHSAM is the oldest organization in the country dedicated to the interpretation, promotion, and preservation of the social, cultural, and political history of the Chinese in America.

In alone, they impacted 10, children, adults, and families with healthful educational programming. The program will focus on general job training skills along with hands-on job training relating to an urban food production farm. The six teens in the pilot will receive paid work experience and references along with direction and hope.

Army Transportation Corps, No. The grant will assist with firebox replacement and boiler repairs the engine has , miles of usage. Once the project is completed, the engine will be used both for main line operation and stored at their site for interpretative viewing. The program is designed to provide employment experience; promote artistic expression, teamwork, and leadership; and build confidence among its youth participants.

In , nine of the 17 ensemble members were residents of public housing. Their program specifically focuses on narrow gauge railroad cars, and the parts from these skeleton cars can be used to finish work on three of the most historic narrow cars in their collection: It consists of the town hall, a Milwaukee Road depot, a caboose, an log cabin, and the museum. Earlier the group did extensive renovation on the depot. Before the work is final, one last section needs to be scraped, primed and painted in the original yellow.

Also, the paint on their caboose, which was restored and repainted in , has since faded, and the caboose needs to be primed and repainted. To that end, they have already restored six GE locomotives, all of which are accessible to the public at their museum in North East, PA, just 10 miles from the Erie, PA, GE assembly plant that built them. Their current project is to acquire, move, and restore a General Electric ton center cab locomotive Their long range plan is to return passenger excursion service to Brooks Station.

The depot is on the National Register of Historic Places. This year-old group is an affiliate of NRHS. Working in crews of four to five under the guidance of adult educators, participants receive a weekly stipend and learn sustainable agricultural practices, healthy eating, food preparation, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. Through hands-on experience, interactive workshops, and field trips, students develop a strong work ethic and explore post-secondary education and employment opportunities.

The chapter purchased the car in and used it for many years in excursion operations. For the past 15 years, the car has been stored out of service and has suffered damage due to failing window gaskets. Three years ago the decision was made to restore the car in support of upcoming steam excursion operations planned by their partner organization, the Virginia Museum of Transportation.

Upon examination, it was determined that repairs to the side sills and crash posts of the car are necessary for safe main line operation.

The repairs will consist of replacing the existing side sills and repairing the damaged areas of the crash posts. In addition, new sheet metal will be installed at the lower edge along both sides of the car and around the crash posts once the structural repairs are complete. Since its creation in , the Tom E. The next board meeting is scheduled for May 2, The undercarriage of the car is not original and interferes with the support of the car body.

The museum has located an original undercarriage for replacement. Since , this organization has operated in Montgomery County, Maryland, including a collection of 17 street cars, thousands of photographs and documents, and hundreds of trolley ephemera. In fiscal year , the museum hosted 12, visitors. The new COSI Planetarium, with state-of-the-art digital projection technology, will enable visitors to experience this dynamic learning tool to explore space.

The grant will partially fund an upgrade to the security system at the Williamsville Depot. The depot has suffered two break-ins and broken windows. They have 40 pieces of rolling stock, five of which are leased to an excursion service. Their museum, the Heritage Discover Center, is on-site along with two passenger depots.

They have member volunteers that serve the Williamsville community of , Rufus Porter Museum, Inc. The Broadway Elevated Railroad model will become part of their permanent collection and be on display in the Rufus Porter invention gallery to immerse visitors in how creative thought shapes their future.

The Rufus Porter Museum was founded in to preserve the works of Rufus Porter , an itinerant artist, inventor, and writer. Underway since and estimated to be completed by , this restoration project will see Car restored to its original use upon leaving the Pullman factory in Detroit in The restoration will proceed in two phases: The group operates a museum to preserve and interpret the railroad legacy for the educational benefit of the public and a 4-mile demonstration railroad during the summer.

The depot was built in and served as a passenger and freight depot for nearly years. In it was the first building in downtown historic Wallace, Idaho, to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It is in need of a new roof, and the group is fortunate enough to have the original plans, which call for 1 cedar shingles. CVSR was founded in by a group of concerned citizens who felt that passenger rail should be preserved and enjoyed along the historic Valley Line between Cleveland and Akron.

Trains travel 26 miles from Independence, passing through the 33, acre national park to Akron and back. On average, , passengers travel the route annually. The locomotive is unique because of its heavy design with a high pressure boiler for extremely high traction in order to haul the tonnage of ingots and molds.

The grant will assist with fabrication of the previously removed cab section back to its original design along with the saddle type water tank. In addition to restoring the locomotive, the project includes feet of running track so that when the locomotive is fired, its use in the historically important Youngstown steel industry can be demonstrated regularly to the community and visitors.

Venice Historic Preservation League, Inc. Venice Historic Preservation League is taking the lead to bring a circus train car to the historic Venice train depot by acquiring, refurbishing and displaying on existing rail a car representing the living quarters of circus performers during the time that the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus wintered in Venice.

An exhibit area will provide displays about the relationship between the circus and the railroad, both locally and nationally. Exhibits will also educate the public about the many interdependencies between the circus and local community.

We also welcome the election of Todd Kleismit to the Board of Directors. The next board meeting is scheduled for February 7, The project involves the complete disassembly of the locomotive and the testing and repair of all its parts and structure.

The grant request is specifically to return one of the two massive cross compound air pumps to as-built condition. This year old Connecticut organization is restoring a former New York Central Railroad burro crane to operating condition. The group operates the former Danbury Union Station as a museum and the acre former New Haven Railroad yard where they house 60 pieces of historic equipment—some of which are operational. Along with operating the museum, the group sponsors elementary school visits so children can learn the importance of railroads in everyday life.

The Evanston Art Center is dedicated to fostering the appreciation and expression of the arts among diverse audiences by offering extensive and innovative instruction in broad areas of artistic endeavor through classes, exhibitions, interactive arts activities, and community outreach. Over 15, individuals visit EAC each year; there are over 6, class registrations each year; and, the organization puts on over performances, presentations, and exhibitions yearly.

This year-old organization has had several locations throughout the years as it has continued to grow. One of the largest museums of its kind, the Jubilee Museum was established in by Fr. Lutz for the purpose of preserving Catholic art, especially in paintings, sculpture, castings, stained glass, fabric, photography, and books.

The Jubilee Museum is currently rated by tripadvisor. Grant will assist with the rehabilitation of the Milwaukee Road steam locomotive repair shop so it may be repurposed as a regional railroad museum exhibition center.

This grant is for the renovation of the chimney and roof of the historic Keokuk, Iowa Union Depot. The Keokuk Union Depot Foundation and local government are cooperating to restore the Keokuk Union Depot to its original design, modernize the heating, plumbing and wiring, and improve the currently unused space. The roof restoration phase is focused on restoring the original red tiles and ornamental details of the original design. Grant will partially fund replacement of eight malfunctioning 8-volt DC45 batteries in Baldwin Diesel Locomotive In addition to maintaining 10, rail artifacts, they are presently converting 65, ft.

They annually host over 5, visitors per year to the museum despite being closed during the hottest summer months. The library is currently stored off-site and not available to the public.

This year-old organization serves the state of Minnesota with a concentration on the Minneapolis-St. The collection has been the basis for three major books on Minnesota streetcar history. Minnesota Streetcar Museum received a previous Tom E. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation funded the feasibility study and renovation costs are expected to be funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and other organizations.

This grant will partially fund the design work. Their objective is to make available the quality of eductation traditionally associated with Catholic parochial schooling to a diverse though economically marginalized population of students. This grant will support transportation for students. This grant will assist with conversion of three Norfolk Southern Railway cabooses into overnight cabins for public rental. The grant will fund a specialized storage system. American Southwestern Railway Association, Inc.

The grant is to paint and re-letter the exterior of the car. In order to restore these cars, NORM must relocate and store three other historic railway cars that are presently in their restoration facility as it can house only three cars. This grant will partially fund the temporary wrapping of the three cars for maximum protection.

Minnesota Transportation Museum, St. The car was retired by the Great Northern in and was scavenged for parts until purchased by the museum in While much renovation has taken place, repairs to the undercarriage, generator, and interior are still needed.

All labor is provided by MTM volunteers. The records badly need organization and re-housing into an acid-free storage environment. Funds will be used to hire an individual for ten weeks to perform these tasks—thus ensuring the long-term preservation of this important collection. The records are in demand by coal industry scholars around the United States. In , they hosted 60 individuals from 23 countries. The car was built by the Pullman Company in for the Western Maryland Railway as a company business car.

It was equipped with a kitchen, dining area, four staterooms, restrooms, lounge, and observation deck. It was retired from service in It is one of only two remaining business cars of the Western Maryland Railway. Repairs will include bodywork, cutting rust, welding new metal, sealing windows, and painting. Once restored, the locomotive will be the largest operating two-foot gauge steam locomotive in the U. The Monday Night program normally bowling is very popular but is highly dependent upon available transportation.

The car, built in by the Clark Equipment Co. It is unique in having a completely aluminum body—never again used in a PCC trolley. The funds will be used to remove the year old zinc-chromate coating, some minor fabrication and repairs around the rear skirt, and repainting of the exterior.

These records document many aspects of the towns that developed around railway stations and rights-of-way, often including maps of the areas in which work was to be done and correspondence with then local governmental and commercial entities. Many governmental agencies and communities have shown significant interest in the information. The grant request will be used to digitize the information and make it available on the internet.

The Electroliner was built in by the St. Louis Car Company and was in service from to Obtained by IRM in , the car has been externally restored to its former appearance. The long-term goal of the museum is to return the car to operational condition. The grant will assist with insulation, climate control, electrical service to the train shed, lighting fixtures, security system, and the replacement of rolling stock that was stolen. The Derby Historical Society campus is visited by over a thousand school children and visitors annually.

The group is renovating the basement of their building to be used to support a curriculum on highway grade crossing safety, and would also include an N-scale model of the Bradford rail yards from the early s.

The grant would be used to address mold problems in the basement and protect the completed work. The grant will contribute to the overall operation of the program. Business Car 6 Carleton Club. This organization was founded in and is the oldest organization in North America devoted to railway history. They maintain an extensive exhibit at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona, California—this Pullman is part of the exhibit, but is undergoing restoration.

The grant is to digitize the films into video files so they can be made more widely available to the public and researchers. The grant will assist in restoration of Baldwin steam engine 3 to operating condition.

Grant will assist in ongoing restoration of the historic Keokuk Union Depot. The locomotive will be restored in partnership with the North Carolina Transportation Museum and housed in a new 2-track maintenance facility to be built at the museum. The goal is to bring lifesaving educational information to prevent, control and lower the risk of complications of diabetes.

Grant will fund training of at least 20 community ambassadors. The Fostoria Rail Preservation Society raised funds to acquire the caboose in The caboose was built in and last serviced in One of three in existence, the likely traveled through Fostoria when in service. It was on static display outdoors for 50 years with little upkeep. When restored, the caboose will accurately depict the living quarters of train crews in the caboose era.

The After School Learning Centers address the gap in academic achievement between children in targeted Columbus City Schools and children attending other central Ohio schools. The program provides supplemental reading and math instruction, homework support and test preparation to elementary and middle school students in four Columbus neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Design Center seeks to increase the quality of life in neighborhoods by providing design and planning services which enhance self-awareness and economic vitality.

This grant will partially fund the cost of a second Streetcar District sculpture planned for summer installation. Grant will assist in exterior cosmetic restoration of a Pennsylvania Railroad cabin car caboose.

Replacement of rotted metal has been completed and next phase is sandblasting, bondo and painting in original Pennsylvania Railroad livery. The organization operates a circa historical acre sawmill complex located at Long Leaf, LA including over 30 buildings, three locomotives and major pieces of steam-powered logging and milling equipment.

Several miles of railroad track have been developed. The Motor Car was restored to operating condition in and about 6, children and parents have ridden it to experience the history of the sawmill complex.

The grant will assist in restoration of a café car which will be used with 2 EMD E-8 locomotives and three other dining cars to create the dinner train reminiscent of the famous 20 th Century Limited. The project has been ongoing since January and is expected to be completed by March The boxcar was built circa and is one of the oldest pieces of American freight railroad equipment in existence.

The grant will assist in the ongoing development of the Bradford Railroad Museum which was founded in to preserve the railroad history of Bradford. Supporting the final phase of a project to restore a double deck tram from Blackpool England to operating condition. This will be the only operating double deck tram in the U. Funds will be used to repair motors. Organization has operated the Seashore Trolley Museum for 75 years. Grant will assist in restoration of the Pullman-built dining car Lion Gardiner.

Funding will assist in acquisition of new batteries to keep the ALCO S-1 diesel-electric locomotive operating, which makes approximately trips per operating season. The Association operates a tourist excursion train over an mile round trip route through the Smoky River Valley of Kansas, carrying 12, passengers annually.

The project will assist in rehabilitation of a deteriorated crossing over a public roadway, allowing safe and efficient operation of trains. The West Chester Railroad Heritage Association is an all-volunteer, not for profit organization whose purpose is to collect, preserve and exhibit railroad equipment and artifacts and operate a demonstration railroad for the education and enjoyment of the public.

The project will assist in building an addition to the existing George K. Isaacs streetcar barn and shop to house restored Winona, Minnesota streetcar 10 built in The museum opened in and opened the Como-Harriet streetcar line in and the Excelsior streetcar line in The grant will partially fund a project to scan a priceless collection of railroad maps. It serves historians, authors, railroad enthusiasts, historical societies and others.

The grant will assist in building the Artifact Preservation Building, which will be an 8, square foot structure for long term storage of streetcars and spare parts. It was founded in The FWRHS is commissioning a cinematic documentary and public awareness campaign showcasing the restoration, ongoing maintenance and operation of its steam locomotive number The FWRHS has been in existence for 41 years with a mission to preserve and operate historical railroad equipment relevant to the steam era in the Midwest.

Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society was founded in to perpetuate the heritage of steam railroads through the operation and display of authentic railroad equipment. The grant will partially fund F. The grant will partially fund restoration of a pair of vintage Chicago elevated transit cars to their as-built appearance. The Green Youth Farm project of the Chicago Botanic Garden is a youth development program in sustainable urban agriculture, serving students ages at four small urban farms.

Students serve their own communities by demonstrating how to prepare healthy dishes and selling food boxes with recipes at offices of Women, Infants and Children WIC centers. The mission of the Chicago Botanic Garden is to promote the enjoyment, understanding and conservations of plants and the natural world.

The ARPS was started in and has returned nearly 70 miles of track to passenger service, operating seasonal service through pristine mountain terrain in the Adirondacks. The grant will allow disadvantaged students to attend the SADD national conference. SADD is a chapter-based, peer to peer youth education, prevention and activism organization. The counties served by this organization are among the lowest literacy rates in Virginia with few diversions for children.

The Chicago Lights Urban Farm empowers children, youth and adults in the Near North Chicago neighborhood through increased access to healthy affordable food and economic opportunities. The grant will be used for repair and painting of a Berlin Duty Train car, which represents a significant piece of Cold War history that cannot be replicated as most of the other cars no longer exist or are no longer available to museums.

The train operated from to and transported tens of thousands of soldiers and their dependents from West Germany to Berlin and vice-versa. The grant will partially fund a project to scan, print and preserve approximately 4, photographic negatives and slides in the collection of the NWPRRHS.

The society was founded in with a mission of preserving the railroad heritage of the Redwood Empire in northern coastal California. Board of Directors Meeting — January 19, Founded , the Society is currently restoring three historic dining cars to operate on county-owned railroad between Scranton and Delaware Water Gap. This will be an important addition to tourism in the Pocono Mountain area and provide economic boost to the region. Grant will be used towards completion of restoration including updating kitchen equipment to meet health codes and interior refurbishment to return car to original appearance.

Planned completion Fall Purchase of plants and plant material plus professional trimming of boxwoods and other miscellaneous expenses. The gardens are visited by tens of thousands annually.

To build a fire-resistant car barn to store trolley car no. Museum was founded in This grant will be used for site preparation, foundation and track work. Work will begin as soon as funds are received and will require several weeks to make castings and complete the assemblies. The grant will partially fund a year-long effort to catalog these drawings. Volunteers will contribute approximately hours to unroll, describe and store these drawings.

List of Approved Grants. Community Access passes allow children and families the opportunity to experience this larger than life exhibit during its debut year, regardless of their ability to pay.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for February 4, Applications are due by January They have several early Milwaukee Road railroad cars donated by Canadian Pacific. It will house a local genealogy collection and two classrooms. Grant will be used toward renovation of the exterior of the station. T he group was formed in as an educational effort to provide Civil War railroad history to the general public. Visitors board a replica train which travels a 30 mile route taken by Lincoln to deliver his Gettysburg Address.

The project began in and is expected to be completed by The locomotive will be used to provide not-for-profit excursions in New Mexico in celebration of railroad heritage. The grant is for a portion of the cost of fabricating a modernized version of a brake stand subsystem to meet FRA certification. The expense is for materials only. All time to be provided by retired railroad workers and Eagle Scouts. Grant will be used for insulation of the exterior walls of a former trolley station as part of a capital improvement project for completion of a transportation museum.

The main goal of the project is to create and operate the trolley station museum as an educational and interpretive center emphasizing the industrial history of trolley, railroad and canal transportation in northwestern PA. Eight supervised high school vocational education students will work on the restoration project. After serving visitors since , it needs major refurbishment.

Work will include repainting the exterior, reupholstering the interior, rebuilding the second truck with overhauled traction motors, replacing windows, and rebuilding the center door steps and underframe. Austin Steam Train Association, Inc. This car was originally delivered to the New York Central Railroad in The group was founded in and runs historic rail excursions through the Texas Hill Country, serving 27, passengers last year.

This group has operated a working railroad museum and display site in North Judson, Indiana, since The grant request is to replace railroad ties. New England Steam Corp. Once complete, the locomotive will be a steam technology classroom. Funds will be used to transport the locomotive via a flat bed truck.

Funds will be used to upgrade the electrical service and to replace the platform to the caboose. Railroad Museum of New England, Inc. This organization, in existence for 46 years, owns and maintains the historic Thomaston, Connecticut Railroad Station. The station is located in the central business district of Thomaston, and is listed on the State Register of Historic Places. The group operates Naugatuck Railroad, a

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