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Fruits and vegetables are actually alkaline in our bodies. Scientific validation of acupuncture - the science of alternative medicine part IV. It is my body's best gauge what I can or cannot do. Here's a woman with a breast cancer, being treated with the antiangiogenic drug called Avastin, which is FDA approved. And in these situations, angiogenesis is out of balance.

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No two people are alike. No two bodies react to the same thing the same way every time. Who are we to judge? What would or should I do in this situation? When you are in a threatening situation, you go to experienced professionals to find out the truth. Sometimes you just know, and do not need anyone to tell you. This series is dedicated to those countless victims that might have lived if they followed a natural regimen to regain health. None of us know all the answers.

Maybe through these words you can know the difference. Cancer, by definition means: Any of various malignant neoplasms characterized by the proliferation of anaplastic cells that tend to invade surrounding tissue and metastasize to new body sites. In simple terms this means something has invaded your body that is not supposed to be there.

Now, are "they" willing to tell you why? To truly get a fair perspective, one needs to get more than one opinion. There is a big difference between one in severe pain, and another that simply has an "abnormal growth". The latter is us right now. We all have abnormal growths, because we are all different, and there are no two humans alike.

Who can really tell you what it is that bothers you? It often takes more than a picture where something shows up in your body to really understand what is going on. Some humans can "live with" something, and others believe they "cannot live with it or without it". And when "they" are smart, it will probably take more than you to change their minds.

Yet sometimes it will benefit us to be open minded, when we really want to live. I say, look at the facts and come to your own conclusions. I'm sure you already have your opinions, because many have already told you theirs. Here is a different perspective to look at, one you might not have heard, based on countless professionals and others that are still alive to tell their story.

Come to your own conclusions. Just read it in case you think this will make a difference. In case you said yes, well, welcome to the club. Join thousands of Americans and others, that are diagnosed with cancer every week. Many went through surgery, chemotherapy, nuclear radiation, then drugs and lived through it.

Many did not do any better than before, and eventually died, some quickly, while others suffered for months or years before eventually dying. That is, many are probably healthy, because they eat right, live right,and are conscious of what they put into their bodies.

Yet many "tests" do not include the "silent many" that avoid the "conventional mandate" and are still leading relatively normal lives. Just realize though, our bodies do not get younger, and everything we do to ourselves really makes a difference. When cancer "metastasizes" , that simply means it spreads from one part of the body to another. In Pathology it is called transmission of pathogenic microorganisms or cancerous cells from an original site to one or more sites elsewhere in the body, usually by way of the blood vessels or lymphatic.

Many patients have jumped into the "conventional treatment" without having a clue what they are subjecting themselves to. Families and friends often have to "pick up the pieces" after this, when the person was not that sick to begin with.

Look around and check out ALL alternatives before totally trusting the "standard" procedure. This could save lots of money and avoid lots of pain, when approached properly. Many Oncologists and other "Cancer Doctors" make huge amount of income from their constituency when they get a "cancer diagnosis" to work with. The standard AMA mandated regimen: Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Treatments, and Pharmaceutical Drugs to counter the effects of the severe poisoning and other stresses caused by this treatment, or some other variation of those listed.

Put into consideration this "conventional plan" goes on days per year. It is a BIG business, with big profit potential for those involved. This condition often leads to death if not treated correctly or immediately. This unfavorable condition needs to be cleared before the situation spreads and gets worse.

Conventional prognosis would be that this "tumor" needs to be removed, then chemotherapy, etc. Holistic approach to diagnosis and clearing the body of disease. Cancer can be caused by simply eating, breathing, or otherwise consuming something we should not have. Occasionally a body can fight off toxins or disease quickly, yet we still feel the effects. We have a liver and kidneys that help purify the blood when this happens.

Of course tumors, fibroids, or cysts result when our body is not able to flush out the crud. Stomach and intestines help filter food we eat, yet when something is mixed in with nourishment that our bodies cannot use, it sometimes still passes through the linings or these filtering organs, entering the blood stream.

If it happens to be grease from some saturated or poly unsaturated fats, it can turn liquid at higher temperatures, and often coagulates, turning hard when it cools off. Skin cancers are often the result of a body discharging toxins through the outer pores of the body, causing skin irritation sometimes leading to sores that will not heal. To reverse these conditions would definitely need a better understanding of the cause in order to properly clear the condition.

I know a lady that survived a most severe case of Melanoma [skin cancer] by simply adopting a pure raw vegan diet. All the symptoms went away, yet she was left with a highly sensitized body, needing to be extremely careful with what she ingested. After living this way 20 years, she stayed very healthy until an automobile accident disabled her.

Sometimes health issues are beyond our control. Sometimes even the best diet is not good enough to maintain health. We many times make choices that can impact our lives tremendously, yet it is good to have a choice when it will help.

Be aware that cancer diagnosis is not always a "death sentence" or even close to it. Sometimes these conditions are easily reversed by simply eliminating the causes. That needs to be part of any full understanding why one is sick in the first place.

Often just changing the diet or other simple health alternatives are all it takes. Effects of greasy, fried, over heated, and processed oils leading to cancer. Fatty foods taste good, yet can easily crud up our blood stream. When allowed into our veins and arteries, fat and grease sometimes gets so severe it blocks needed blood nourishment from passing to cellular structure of tissue where it is needed, or blocking arteries and veins.

Saturated oils and grease from animal products, as well as poly unsaturated hydrogenated oils can cause numerous problems here, yet this article is just an outline of possible remedies. Cold processed virgin olive oil has always been known as one of the best pressed oils, yet should not be used for cooking or frying, as it breaks down at a low temperature. Acrylamide from frying oils at too high of temperatures is a major source of cancers.

Safflower, grapeseed, and other similar oils can generally tolerate much higher temperatures before breaking down into acrylamide, yet any cooking often reduces the nutritional value of food. An exception are numerous beans, that often need cooked to remove "enzyme inhibitor" that can reduce a body's ability to assimilate nutrition. I have heard that one charcoal broiled steak [barbequed] has enough benzopyrene, a yellow, crystalline aromatic carcinogenic hydrocarbon, to be the equivalent of smoking 3, cigarettes to ingest the same amount of benzopyrene, known to cause cancer in humans.

In other works, all that smoke at barbeques is probably at least as dangerous as being stuck in a traffic jam, except the smoke is not filtered like exhaust from cars, and it smells good to many humans. Another way of putting it: Smelling this smoke is like sucking in car exhaust fumes without catalytic converter.

And eating the crispy, greasy steak? Is it really worth suffering for it later? Tumors and their effect on our lives. I have a benign tumor on my neck, and have been living with it for over 30 years. It is my body's best gauge what I can or cannot do. When eating things I would be better off without, like greasy chips, it swells up. I still have my "little" compromises, and still maintain a "little" swelling.

What can I say? Sometimes "cutting out" a tumor can lead to worse problems than living with it, if one understands its purpose for being there. I met a woman half my age, that had cut off a tumor on her neck, close to the same location mine is.

She said it came back within months, and would not have gone through surgery, if she knew what was really going on. Another person had a tumor behind the vertebrae, near the vital arteries and nervous system in the middle of the neck. She had migraines on a regular basis, yet it was too life threatening to surgically remove this tumor build up.

There are touch treatments, along with the nutrition therapy that can treat this when migraines are unbearable. Yet it is extremely important to stop the cause, in most cases dairy, fats, animal grease, etc.

A case like this previous one is extremely serious, as chemo would probably poison them, surgery would kill them and radiation would simply cause too much nuclear fallout to survive. My "touch therapy" worked well here, yet I always told the person food groups to supplement and others to avoid, for this to work. She is still alive years later and dealing with it. A tumor is only severely dangerous if it metastasize s. Water fasting and fresh juice fasts often reverse tumors, sometimes completely, when one gets valid, proven nutritional guidelines to help them clear the "abnormal growths".

What did I do to cause this situation? How can I remedy it without harming my body? Once again, others can give you their opinions, yet only you can know for sure. Answer those questions for yourself, and decide on the correct approach. That way you can become your own doctor. Cancer can and has been cured naturally.

There is no guarantee that cancer will be totally reversed, with no symptoms or problems after a natural approach. Holistic, natural healing methods would not use the "Conventional" remedies that includes drugs, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Natural remedies have worked well for many people though, with countless testimonials of people going on with their lives intact. However, there is no guarantee conventional treatments will work either, and they often lead to other severe aliments.

Chances are the natural approach will help, regardless. I am not a "full time professional practitioner", only working for donation with family, friends and and others recommended. There are people in or near most larger communities now, that are valid holistic practitioners, yet it is good to find someone specializing, so they can pinpoint the type of symptoms the patient is dealing with.

There are numerous ways to treat cancer holistically. There is no solid guarantee though, that anything you do will reverse the symptoms, as that is up to you. It takes "right attitude" and "right livelihood" to get the correct results, and no one else except you can guarantee that will work. We all have desires; some good, some not so good. That is up to us.

It would take a book to list the various natural procedures that have worked for the numerous cancers out there. At least this article should give you a better idea of what people go through when diagnosed with cancers, malignancies, or benign tumors.

Natural Remedies that Help in the Reversal of Cancer Symptoms - This link will give you more guidelines, and numerous other online resources to help with the natural approach. Caring for people with cancer. The best way to care for one with cancer is ask yourself this: There is a good chance that your help is just the thing a victim needs right now. If they refuse your advise or offering, do not take it against them.

Realize others have influenced their decisions, and you are just there as friend or family. It's really up to the individual what they want to do with this situation. Support them and help them regardless, as who are we to judge? It's not our bodies, and as much as we think we can help them it does no always work. Do not let any situation discourage you.

You love this person, and wish only to see them better. Pray, visualize, touch, whatever it takes. If you are afraid to touch bare skin to bare skin, use latex gloves, or whatever. Just help this person any way you can, and you can feel "I did as much as I could". A study published in PLoS reveals a pungent component within ginger known as 6-shogaol is superior to conventional chemotherapy in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy: While cancer stem cells only constitute between.

Clearly, the cancer stem cells within a tumor must be destroyed if cancer treatment is to effect a lasting cure. The study also found that the cancer-destroying effects occurred at concentrations that were non-toxic to non-cancerous cells — a crucial difference from conventional cancer treatments that do not exhibit this kind of selective cytotoxicity and therefore can do great harm to the patient. To add into the misery, very few chemotherapeutic compounds show promise to kill these cells.

Therefore any compound, that shows promise towards cancer stem cells, is a highly desirable step towards cancer treatment and should be followed up for further development. Amazingly, this held true even when the concentration of taxol was increased by four orders of magnitude:. This is a highly significant finding , as it affirms a common theme in cancer research that acknowledges the primarily role of cancer stem cells: The monolayer model, which does not account for the complex immunity of actual cancer stem-cell based tumors against chemoagents like taxol, represents the old preclinical model of testing cancer treatments.

In their concluding remarks, the authors point out a hugely important distinction between natural anti-cancer agents and conventional ones that have only been introduced in the past half-century or so, namely,.

Consider also that if our ancestors made the wrong dietary choice by simply mistaking an edible berry for a poisonous one, the consequences could be deadly.

Ultimately, this new study adds to a growing body of research indicating that cancer-stem-cell-targeting approaches using natural substances present in the human diet for thousands of years are far superior chemotherapy and radiation, both of which actually increase the relative populations of cancer stem cells versus non-tumorigenic ones.

Also, you can use our Cancer Research Health Guide for thousands of studies and articles about natural healing approaches for cancer.