Janet Jackson Talks Vegan on Jay Leno

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Janet Jackson at concert party in LA following weight loss
Even though this is the reason and not for animal support, I still encourage it since health-care costs and general health problems are issues that I find absurd nowadays. Those activities provide Jackson with the comfort she used to get from food. July 23, at 5: Good for my spirit and soul since I now respect the temple — my body and have respect for animal life. I have titter-totter with being a lacto-ovo vegetarian and pescatarian for more than 8 years. May 1, at 5: Everyone should make the choice that is right for them and not be judged for it.

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Samuel L. Jackson Goes Vegan “To Live Forever”

Tobias Akerboom at hutmeelz. Log in to comment. Log in to vote. For complete listings, follow these links: Ryan Gosling He's become a bit of a laughing stock because he supports animal rights, yet has not made a step towards even reducing his meat consumption.

Don't forget to vote! More about artist , actor , singer , famous , celebrity , activist , activism , animal , rights , justice , vegan , vegetarian. Leave a Comment Log in to comment. I had no idea about some of these. I agree that they should be applauded for whatever reason they are doing it because ultimately it benefits everything.

Natalie Portman is vegan, she fell off the wagon for a bit while pregnant but I believe she's back on again. Also, Anne Hathaway recently started a plant-based diet. I get upset when I hear people fall off the wagon for "health reasons. I think there are ways to control whatever issues you may have with a little research. Ginnifer Goodwin said she had to start eating omni again due to a health issue.

That saddens me because I believe that's from a doctor who either isn't educated about plant-based eating or doesn't believe in it. Anemia is often the reason, and if these people took the time to read, they would know how to correct this. Oh well, all we can do is try to let them know how, and let them decide.

Thanks for the comment! Brillant, I love this! Well written, witty and interesting. I was sad to hear about Michael Clarke Duncan's death too; it is a shame he didn't go vegan years ago, then he would probably still be alive today. Also, did you know that the American footballer Arian Foster has recently gone vegan?

He apparently has had a lot of criticism about it, and l love this comment of his on Twitter: I wish they felt so strong about peace. I am out of votes for now, but will definitely come back and vote for this tomorrow. I'm not much of a sports fan, hence the reason why I didn't mention many athletes. However, I agree with Arian. More talk about peace and less about putting others down would be very appreciated! Thanks for the vote! Just wondering did yo have problems attaching a picture?

I had problems downloading a picture with my article today. Not to be contrary to your point, but Sarah McLachlan has more than fallen off the wagon.

Two of her recent photos added to facebook are of salmon complete with recipe and lamb dinners. I admire her activism, but I'm finding her photos and her voice for animals a little hard to reconcile. For me, she doesn't belong on this list, particularly at 1. I didn't check her FB page. I read an article that says that she only eats fish and at times, chicken. She is still promoting shelter animal adoption, and that, to me, is one step towards lesser cruelty.

But thanks for letting me know about the lamb I wish she didn't do that. By the way, I only put her as number one because she was the first name I thought of when doing this list. It's completely random, not according to who deserves the highest mention, because this would take too long.

I guess next time I'll state that my lists are usually in random order. Usually, when people are on the road to veganism, they support all other animal rights, like being anti-vivisection, anti-fur, pro-adoption, etc, and then in the end conclude that they should stop eating them and their products too. For some reason, the diet thing always seems to be the last defence to crumble, when someone becomes an animal rights activist. So all power to the stars like Ryan Gosling who do a lot in other ways - let's encourage good people like him, and hope he gets there in the end!

Personally I think he will! He is still quite young after all. Does he campaign against foie-gras? He should, with his surname, LOL! Have you tried it again, no meat and no fish, and if not will you try it again in the future?

This really inspires me to keep trying it. John Sally vegan …. Do what works best for you. My body has to adjust to it. Now I just stick to fish…. Add the entire Jackson family! Including the music icon Janet Jackson. So Jermaine Dupri, although no longer with Ms.

Jackson, is also a vegetarian. The list is much bigger than these 10, but there are some surprises on this list here. Each time she has elevated her diet to the next level, I have done the same at some point. No surprise Prince is a Vegetarian. So happy to hear that. Angela Bassett is stunning anyway. The big surprise for me is Forrest Whitaker.

I had no idea. It is what we must let go of, bad health habits what we call our roots, our culture. We do this for we believe in pride, that this is ours, to hold on to our claim to blackness, is unhealthy hand me down heart attacks and strokes and sugar diabetes.

We need more of our black celebrities to stand up and the lead the way into the social reform of healthiness. Thug worship in our culture has gone too far too long. Tupac said we are T.

Gave We need to wake up from our slumber and realize we are the O. Them belly full but they hungry. Here is something really radical…. Look at the pep in their step and the glide in their stride. Balance is the key! February on my 48th Birthday I decided to experiment with eliminating meat from my diet, I was pretty much eating poultry and turkey only, but decided I needed a break.

In March I began introducing fish into my diet no shell fish, as I am allergic! Well it seems like two of the ten people listed here are not really vegetarians anymore, Brandi and Common. I am a vegan myself, and have always felt great about it. I eliminated animal products from my diet out of compassion for the animals and not wanting to be a part of their suffering. Pescatarians are really not vegetarians, since by eating fish or other sea creatures, you are still eating the flesh of an animal.

Fish is not a vegetarian food even by ovo-lacto vegetarian standards. Other than that, though, I am happy that more and more people are looking to eliminate animal products from their diet. I became vegan once I learned to doubt…the news on TV, my past behaviors, my past beliefs, pretty much the whole eleven yards. Perhaps a Black Woman…which led me to research whether there are any Black vegans. Looking supremely sophisticated, the mother-of-one opted for a sexy floor length leather-look skirt which featured a teasing leg split to flaunt her toned calves.

The veteran songstress completed her stunning look with powerful make up to accentuate her striking facial features, including slicks of dark eyeliner and crimson lipstick. Her mother Katherine Jackson arrived by wheel chair to the event. She had her party dress on: The year-old Alabama native wore a peach oufit. I'm here to tell you we're going to do the show.

And she added she has set plans in motion so she can help people in need during her visit to the hurricane hit city. The Pleasure Principle favourite said: Janet's stage performances always cause a stir - including her now-infamous Super Bowl show in - during which Justin Timberlake exposed her breast pictured. Her brother Tito, 63, recently said his sister loves being a mother to her nine-month-old son Eissa.

I asked her, "How are you getting along with this? The Indiana-born superstar has often been quick to show off her incredible abs in past performances. Pictured during her All For You world tour in She's got a lot of front: She rocked a plunging leather catsuit in one memorable show during the American Music Awards. The singer kept fans entertained with her performance in Los Angeles on Sunday. Janet eased herself onto a stool while performing a track from her extensive back catalogue.

I guess it sort of makes her feel complete. Speaking on Loose Women in September, he added: On the matter of her separation from the Qatari billionaire, Wissam Al Mana, former Jackson 5 singer Tito simply noted: I'm not very privy on her circumstances, but she is going through a divorce. The star looked stunning in a cinched black trouser suit - one of many outfit changes on the night.

An oversized jean jacket proved to be another stylish addition to her wardrobe. She also opted for a simple white top, skinny jeans and knee length boots. At one point the singer was joined onstage by actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum far right. Jenna brought some of her former backup dancers on stage for a segment near the end of the show. Dewan said on Instagram: Janet asked her "kids" to come back and perform rhythm nation at the Hollywood Bowl'.

Janet put on a stunning show for guests at the concert on Sunday night. She's got the moves: In May Janet revealed she had split up form her Qatari billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana after five years of marriage here in The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Share this article Share. Rick Owens ruched leather maxi skirt Get it at Net-a-Porter! Janet Jackson looked better than ever at the afterparty for her LA show over the weekend!