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Give it a try! Serve with sliced tomatoes. You have to peel all citrus fruits as they have oil in the skin that will taste bitter and even clog your juicer. How much inches we can lose with this weight. Some nutritionists caution against restricting food to only one meal a day and warn that it may foster an unhealthy relationship with food.

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GM Diet Wonder Soup Recipe

This is a gluten free diet. Wheat is a junk food, not nutrient dense at all. If you want to gain weight eat bread. You can have egg if you have the whole egg. All of the nutrition and good fat is in the yolk. Contrary to old and false studies, eggs are a super food from good pastured chickens. Other than that looks good, you could have used some veg at lunch.

How much chicken should i consume on day 5 in term of chicken pieces. Lets say breast piece, how many can i have in one day? Hi can i have soya chunks in place of beef as i m a vegetarian i tried browm rice so far in place of beef. Yes, although I could never personally recommend soy because of health concerns after eating it.

Also you can do eggs, legumes with some good fat also. White rice is fine as well. Following is what i have eaten past 4 days: Why so little food? Where is the fat? Why so light on veg? My guess is you are barely eating. This is not an eat less program, less will hurt you. To me the Soup is vital. But I gained g this morning. I hope can see better result on the 8th day. The key is keep rolling with this lifestyle change. Think real natural foods and it would help to go gluten and sugar free.

I am on 5th day today and in morning I checked my weight and found that I reduced 3. I checked my weight in evening and its 2. I gained grms. Also suggest me, I am not having my bowel moments from 5 days.

Why would you weigh in the evening. You can only weigh in the morning, after going to the bathroom before you eat or drink a thing. You gained weight not real weight from what you have drank, what you have ate and from holding in what need to be discharged later.

You may need a fiber supplement. Dietary changes, even increased fiber ones can cause this from die off of junk or detox. Stop weighing yourself all day long, unless you want to be frustrated. I have one question. Well if you want to be healthy no. Really appreciate your prompt response. Thanks to you and all the info you provided. No brown bread unless you want to gain weight. If you are a wheat eater, beware. You can love, name it, hand grind it, makes no difference. Hello, I am a vegetarian and need some clarity for Day 5,6,7.

What can go well with rice? Well, we lay out w hat to eat. So go with what we wrote. You can do cooked veg, day 5 and 6 you need some good fat with each meal. Add spices as you like and enjoy the food as you normally would. You can also do legumes day 5 and 6 as well. You can do legumes, eggs or another meat. I am in my 5 th day of my diet. I have a travel plan tomorrow.

Since i am traveling by break for restroom every 30 min is impossbile. Decided to restart and was wondering, on the first day I plan to eat watermelons, apple and oranges with fennel tea and lots of water and also take the wonder soup when hungry. Can the wonder soup be made up of cabbage, celery, red pepper, Chilli pepper, and lots of onions, can I also include carrots in it.

You can have a carrot or 2 in the soup only. It can be tough on your kidneys. However drink a good amount this is a detox diet. Feel free to add lemon to it or even a pinch of salt. Also pls confirm that I can boil the potato for day 2 instead of baking it, and is the pat of butter with the potato compulsory Thanks. Pls confirm if I can eat fried chicken wings with spices for lunch on day 5 and eggs scrambled with tomatoes onions and red peppers for breakfast on day 5.

Will be probably roast the wings in the oven instead of frying then dip them in ground chili pepper and salt. Pls confirm if this works. I had cup of brown rice for 5th day.. Legumes or rice, legumes best.

And eggs if you do those. Rice was fine, each meal though needs some good fat like ghee. The good fat is vital. Tomorrow will b my day 5. Wanted to ask if I can have a soup made of lentils n chicken for lunch n dinner? No, you only get 3 meals, no snacks, you cannot separate things like that.. If you replace beef with rice, you must have good fat with that meal.

Minimum is 2 eggs per meal, max 3. I changed the beef to salmon. And i ate one grilled salmon large with a cup of cherry tomatoes. Can I repeat this for lunch and dinner? What am I missing? Sorry to be more specific to my comment above, one cup of cherry tomatoes has about 15pcs. So i went online and checked that 5 cherry tomatoes has 20 calories, 4gm carbo, and 2gm sugars. I hate tomatoes any replacement, if I smell it I start vomiting.

I try to cook and eat no way. Finished my eating for Day 5 today. Briefly scanned the comments: Personally, I did not snack water only , but I did eat 4 times as opposed to 3… but then again, only if snacks are forbidden. In any case, i am curious to find a consensus on whether: I say soup is fine as a snack and is fine any day, quite simple actually. Day 6 however you get a real snack. H ave you actually read what people want day 5?

Can some body send me complete 7 days diet for weight loss through e-mail. If yes plz send i will be very thankful to you. Dinner-White rice and Toor dal. I will be taking this soup in between the meals. I can also have cucumber with soup, right?? I have followed the GM diet strictly except that i continued having tea with milk and sugar twice a day. I have already completed 4 days and i am only 1 kg lighter.

A little disappointed after all the hard work. Can tea contribute so majorly to the failure? You are drinking pure junk and your body will react. Most people look at sugar as fat free and little will not hurt, Trust me, sugar is toxic to your body. You will gain weight from it.

Either make a lifestyle change, or you will struggle. No dried fruits or nuts. No fruit day 5 or 6. Please read these days if you need to know, please read day 7, it will tell you.

Thanks a lot for d reply. Just to share, my day 4 Went pretty easy. At 1st I thought, just 4 bananas n milk will b tough. But it was quite filling. Also had I serving of wonder soup. I am feeling very lighter today. I listen weight will gain back quickly whatever we lost at 7 days……..

Hello Author, Would like to know if we can consume vegetables raw which we use to prepare Wonder Soup, with a bit of salt, cummin seed powder, black pepper and lemon juice. Did you have any good fat that day? I am vegetarian and am not keen on having rice on day 5 , 6 and 7. Author please suggest some other alternatives for these 3 days? Is it good to have legumes these 3 days.

The legumes you mentioned are great, day 5 and 6 they need good fat. Meat has fat so the replacement should as well.

To me forever if you ever want to get you weight under control and your health. Just wondering its my 5th day today and ive had beef and tomatoes only today but literally was nearly throwing up Can i do a different protien tomorrow. Can you mix protiens e.

I am a vegetarian, can you please advise me what should I do to reduce more weight in last three days 5th,6th and 7th. I do exactly mentioned in the diet plan of day 5th 6th and 7th. Last Time what I did is mentioned. Noon, I take 1 big bowl of sprout with onion, tomato, Cheese, Carrot, Cucumber Cabbage, with lemon juice and salt in it.

Night 1 big bowl normal Pulao rice, Note: Sometimes day 5,6 and 7 is more about maintaining. However if you have cheese you get very few legumes. That could be a big issue. What is your recommendation for a good breakfast on this day? Snack on tomatoes and water throughout the day. Hi tomoro is my Day 5. Wud it be ok to start the day with veggie soup and chicken in it? I always get hungry inbetween. However day 6 what you asked will work for the snack.

I shedded 3kg in first four days. Now plz have a look if the following would do for the day 5: Hi, I am on Day 5 and I think i have been doing fine so far. My clothes have gotten a little loose already and I feel great. I find this forum so encouraging and makes me feel not so alone. My questions for today: Mix it up some. So, preferably on the whole not much fat on this day? Day 5 and 6 keep it to a teaspoon or so to mimic the fat in meat. Hi, am following gm diet and am on day 5. I am worried tat i have lost only 1 kg so far though i followed the diet strictly.

Day 3-morning watermelon, snack- orange, lunch-cup of carrot, evening- veg soup wit pepper in it, night-watermelon. Day 5- morning boiled sprouts wit raw tomatoes,snack- 1 tomato, lunch- brown rice with curd n soya chunks,evening- 2 tomatoes. Had water in regular intervals. Did you have good fat with those meals day 5? I also had cucumber n veg soup of assorted vegetables on day 3.

I had curd on day 5. I followed as mentioned in veg diet. So I am wondering about day 5 or basically all the days where we eat meat. If I run out of beef, could I eat like an egg or chicken instead or do I have to stick to one source of protein a day? And I am really happy with the diet so far, even though I struggled with muscle cramps the first 2 days, I am feeling great now! On day 5, I know I need to take beef replacing with chicken and tomato.

Can I have moong dal kichdi for lunch instead of rice on day 5,6,7. Try our new forum. GM Diet Day 5. Unlike the past three [ It is very important then [ GM Diet and Alcohol General Motors Diet background A special diet to ensure the health and productivity of its employees was developed [ Going through a vegetarian GM diet can be difficult in the beginning.

Herbal teas are fine. Have a question related to the GM Diet? Try asking on our new forum. Click here to ask your question. Raj August 26, at Sam October 17, at Kenv — Beef is preferred since it is high in protein. If not, Pork will do. NR October 13, at 7: Dharmendra October 19, at 4: I have already lost 4. Stuti November 15, at Vaish October 20, at 3: Andy October 29, at Bud November 16, at 6: Prashant February 20, at 5: Where r u from? I can help you if u interested. Twinkle March 6, at 3: Vandu November 9, at 6: Ruchi June 8, at 5: Minnie June 25, at 3: Naaz November 19, at 6: Can I continue this deit continously without giving a break for 4 weeks?

I am Diabetic,can I follow this diet? The Prambler August 9, at Nisha November 24, at NJ January 6, at Hamad January 18, at 2: Vijaya February 6, at 2: Mohor February 14, at 3: Hi, Can i consume chicken rather than beef, and what should be the quantity? Caitlin February 21, at 4: Natalie January 28, at 9: Manish February 26, at 2: Vijay February 28, at 8: Parul April 26, at 4: Surya May 10, at 2: Anita May 11, at Choclit May 18, at And let me add, I have not exercised yet all week.

I will start today though! Ashwin May 18, at 9: Yogita May 20, at 8: Smood June 8, at Tinalb June 14, at Prerna Sonejee June 24, at Priya July 2, at Bhargavi July 10, at Gwen August 9, at 9: Pulse April 24, at Hi Priya, You can use sprouts, Paneer , soyabeen or chickpeas they are good substitute for meat.

Avanthi July 8, at Lisa July 11, at 6: Charlie July 14, at 1: Hi , I just want to know what can I take instead of brown rice.

Shaks August 9, at 7: Jessica August 12, at Jessica August 13, at 6: Nicole August 23, at 8: Jasmin August 27, at 6: Uzma August 30, at 2: Sheryl August 31, at 7: Prakriti September 11, at 5: Maha September 13, at Desiree September 21, at Jhelum August 22, at 3: Hello Author, The first three days were fine for me too. Author August 22, at Satin October 16, at 4: Stella November 18, at 5: Stella November 18, at 6: Nidhi November 24, at 7: Archana January 17, at 8: Boopesh January 18, at 9: Abby January 26, at 3: Dinner will be some rice and soy bean chunks cooked in tomatoes.

Jas January 26, at 6: Zabin January 28, at 7: Magesh January 28, at 2: Amanda February 1, at 7: Maya February 1, at 7: Sara john February 1, at Ashraf February 8, at 8: Good day is grilled chicken ok for day instead of meat and if so what breakfast will be.

Rekha Gupta February 14, at 2: Today is my 4th day and i loose 3 kgs already, GM Diet works. Ipsita Nandi February 15, at March 1, at 4: I lost 4kg without any exercise. Triveni March 14, at 9: Raj March 24, at 7: Bhaskar April 6, at Rashmi April 6, at 9: On 5th and 6th day can we use Cottage cheese Paneer instead of beef as I am vegetarian. Pavianandvh April 9, at 8: Just click the link below https: Stephanie April 15, at 9: Shruthi Lakshminarayan April 11, at I am on Day 5 — the diet has been working well along with good exercise everyday.

Can somebody suggest a vegetarian substitute for beef. Stephanie April 16, at Kt April 22, at 3: Bhavin Pandya May 4, at 6: Ana May 9, at 6: Waiting for the reply. Ana May 10, at Hi, I am waiting for reply. Would anyone please care to reply on the same? Please help me with reply. Kim May 27, at 6: I have a question on the hamburger recipe. Aliza April 29, at 4: Fahsam June 4, at 1: FatAss June 5, at 8: Kannan Iyer June 27, at 3: Dilini July 12, at 3: I m not the meat love.

But im eating Fish. Can is eat samaon Buger insted of Beef Buger? Kevin July 12, at 3: RR July 19, at I am in my 5th day. Tanu August 2, at 3: TTmom August 5, at 2: Today is my day 5 and I have lost 7lbs so far….. Diksha August 9, at 8: Kevin August 9, at 3: Nani August 15, at On day 5 can u substitute Tilapia fish instead of beef as i dnt eat beef.

Does that means that I can eat this soup at any time and any amount? Please help … Have a nice day apple. Aditya August 17, at 1: Aditya August 17, at Kevin September 1, at Kevin September 4, at Shann September 12, at 7: Kevin September 18, at 7: Day 5 lacks veggies other than the soup, read that day carefully and follow as much as possible.

Alister October 22, at 4: Mala November 1, at 4: Go to the forum, post to me what you are eating, are you eating enough? Petya November 1, at 2: Hi, Can I replace normal tomatoes with cherry tomatoes on my 5th day, and if yes, how much should I then consume please? Uday tej November 4, at 4: Sure can, make sure some is dark meat, you need the good fats….

Carrie November 4, at Uday tej November 4, at Petya November 8, at 1: Beef tenderloin strips Tomatoe Soup Snack: Petya November 8, at 3: Author, did I do wrong for not eating my whole beef petty? But it was disgusting.. Petya November 8, at 4: Petya November 9, at 8: Are you saying you lost 4 pounds in 4 days?

Shruti November 20, at Understandable, sub any other veggie, maybe a little fruit as well. Shruti November 21, at Petya November 22, at 1: Lakshmi Priya November 24, at 9: Lakshmi Priya November 24, at Victoria November 27, at 7: Hello how many grams of beef can i have today day 5??

Author November 27, at 8: Author November 28, at Ebenezer December 14, at Can I eat onion and tomato salad with beef or chicken. Are onions allowed today? Shruti December 18, at Water may increase your weight temporarily if you are drinking heaps of it, but does not actually cause weight gain or bulkiness. Many dietitians and nutritionists have the misconception that the one meal a day, and other intermittent feeding lifestyles are simply ways to skip meals.

During OMAD and other intermittent lifestyles, having fewer meals a day only work to reroute when you have your energy intake. Never on this lifestyle change should you significantly reduce your overall calories for weight loss. While the liver and kidneys are always working to detoxify your system, fasting produces extra benefits because you are not adding in more toxins that may interfere with the process.

Drinking plenty of water will also help flush out excess water and toxins from your body. This way of eating might not be for everyone, but if you feel like your eating plan is making you bloated or bulky, one meal a day might be something worth trying. Before undertaking any diet or exercise plan, please consult your physician or healthcare professional.

UltimateLife is not a doctor or trained health professional. Thank-you for your interest and support!

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. How long it will take will depend on your own personal body. As long as you keep your diet healthy, you should reach your goals in not too long! Hi Im 51 5ft 5inches and around 87 kilos I have just started fasting on 1 meal a day.

I would like to get down to around 70 to 75 kilos how long should this take. I have a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and Black coffee, no sugar during the day and eat at around 7pm. I dont eat takeaway food. If you've gotten to the point where you've stopped losing weight, there are a few things you can do.

The first thing is to make sure that you still have weight to lose Are you close to or at your ideal weight? The second thing to do is to start monitoring how much you are eating Are you eating more than you think you are? Finally you can just keep going for a few more weeks and see if anything changes Sometimes weight loss may stall or not show up for a few weeks.

Hi fallenflower, I would not recommend anyone under 18 to go on a diet. OMAD is not necessarily a weight loss diet, it is simply changing the timing of when you eat. If you are overweight I would suggest cutting out processed and prepackaged foods, eat out less, eat more whole and natural foods, and increase physical activity for weight loss.

Seems simple, but it really works! Is this diet safe for someone my age? And if I do it everyday,how many pounds may I lose by the end of March? I definitely not recommend omad to a growing child. The idea of omad is that you do not need to eat many meals a day for optimal health. You can receive benefits through eating less times a day, but should never drastically cut calories for weight loss.

If you or anyone is struggling eating one or two bigger meals a day, then it may not be the right eating pattern for you. My friend who is 11 is trying this and has been doing it for 3 days and says that she will eat only one meal with hardly to no snacks during the day.

Day 3 was hard on her and she has been having a headache annoying her throughtout the day! My goal weight is to get down to pounds by march 31st! I drink coffee and water and lunch I eat whatever then I workout for an hour a day cardio and weights. Since I retired 15 years ago have eaten OMAD, occasionally a grilled cheese sandwich or something sounds too good during the day, maybe 6 times a year.

Always have a midnight snack, that really irritates my wife. Just don't feel like eating during the day. I always said,, hardly anyone ate 3 meats a day years ago and before, unless they killed a large animal.

Then they had to eat it fast. If a time traveler from landed here he would wonder how so many people got so fat. I do believe many people are predisposed to gaining weight. My wife eats a small meal 2 or 3 times a day.

Overall she eats a lot less than me and much healthier. She battles weight constantly. I must be immune to it? Either that or, there is something to waiting until dinner time to eat? Hi Neev25, I would suggest tracking what you are eating for a few days. Sometimes we consume more than we think. I am quiet confused and worried The trick is to keep the food very interesting and full of flavour herbs and spices are a great way to make food enjoyable and interesting..

Boredom and repetition is the killer.. My appetite and food cravings have almost gone in fact I now feel full with much smaller portions.

I eat at midday and mostly fresh roasted lean meats Fish eggs freah vegetables and Salads. Food now tastes wonderful , eating a variety of meals is key,explore and discover new realms of cooking. I can't believe the amount of sugar and fat we are encouraged to eat is incredible and it's all rubbish. Try it believe me it works and it will completely transform your life and the ones around will be astonished how much you will change for the better.

You're welcome DAshley, the good thing about omad is that you get to feel full! Try expanding your eating window if you can't get enough calories in! I just started this way of eating about 2 days ago. It's a little hard but I'm adjusting. Thanks for your info. The hardest part so far is trying to find foods I like many are healthy to add up to calories. I can't eat that many vegetables.

I'm afraid of slowing my weight loss down by now consuming enough calories. Anyway, thanks for your page. I'm finding it informative. Hi Lloyd, thanks for your input! I don't vilify fat if it's the right kind of fat. Diets high in saturated fat can lead to heart disease as a lot of research has shown. You can still lose weight by eating a high fat diet, but I would recommend eating a diet low in saturated fat for health reasons.

I just think that the whole concept of intermitted fasting is fascinating and it has really helped me in such a short period of time, the results are crazy good. Its kinda like a wanna shout it from the rooftops.

Marion, hi there, your story sounds like a real hardship and its unfortunate and just wrong that in this day and age anyone anywhere in the world should have to go without food. Everybody's story however is different, we are not starving ourselves we eat well its just we choose to do so once a day.

If you are a person who skips breakfast but eats lunch and dinner are you equally stupid? Me I choose to eatbone less time a day than those people and find I am less hungry during the day than I ever was I dont eat half the amount if chocolate and crisps chips that I used to and my energy levels are through the roof..

I was constantly hungry, as well as worried that I wouldn't be able to feed my children. I am acutely aware of the nutritional requirements of people for their genders, age, activity levels; although I've been forced by circumstance to adhere to the "Once Per Day" diet by abject 3Rd World Poverty, it's INSANE to actually choose this as a lifestyle.

Lynette wood, I'm not a doctor, not even close, I have read a lot and utubed much more Lol, if you have diabetes please please please consult your doctor That this is what you want to do. If your taking insulin injections they, from what I've heard and read will need to be monitored and adjusted during fasting as too much insulin is as bad as too little Hi all, I've been on omad now for 22 days and loving it, I won't lie first few day as I went cold turkey where hard, but I was focused and determined and that's what got me through.

Now the weight is falling off, but in a steady healthy way. I eat at dinner time, chicken, meat or fish with plenty of veg. I avoid potatoes but once a week have a large portion or pasta or rice. Cause I love chilli and spagballs, its that simple This is a lifestyle not a diet so enjoy what you eat but mostly try to keep it healthy and you'll reach your goals..

Then don't eat again for 23 hours In the meantime eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats are generally suggested. What you should eat depends on your own personal health and goals. A physician, nutrition coach, or dietitian can best help you determine your needs. Want to start this life style tomorrow. Can you give me a sample meal for the first week. I am 46 and trying to lose 61lb. I am following this one day meal plan from past 50 days and the results are just amazing I have lost almost 12 kgs, thank you so much for the wonderful plan Well, it sounds good, encouraging, simple, easy, too good to be true.

I am 59 years young, diabetic 2, morbidly obese kg at cm. At the moment I can't exercise much because a dented knee cap I had at age 15 is just starting to cause issues. Thing is, I don't like the idea of cramming so many calories I need, or not need, into just one meal.

Also, how would I get the nutrition I need in one meal. Saying all that, I am willing to give it a go starting today the date of 10 th January I will login and let you know if any ones interested. What have I got to lose? I hope you like my new edits! Just to clarify while some experts think that eating one meal a day increases food related thoughts and obsession, I find that eat less often actually makes me think about food less often.

The opposite is true for me as well. The more often I eat, the more I think about food. So if you are interested in converting to an OMAD lifestyle try it for a full week an see how you respond.

If you feel it is making you more obsessed with food then it might not be for you. Also remember that eating one meal a day does not mean that you eat one standard sized meal. It is best if you eat larger sized meal until satisfied. Hi Robert, you can drink as much water as you like. In fact the more water you consume the better. As far as what to consume, I suggest eating whole foods that are fresh and not pre-made. It will help you to eat less and be healthy on the inside as well.

Consult a physician if you have any health concerns on what you should be eating. Yes have your meal when it's convenient for you! It doesn't change the benefits either way. Hi, Michelle, nice job on the common sense!

So, here we go on your proposal - day one! A couple of questions - you mention getting rid of excess water, though I've heard often enough not to skimp on it, that the more the merrier, and 2l per day minimum is desirable. And that's my usual consumption; should I take it easier on the water?! Question two is regarding what I'll eat on that single meal. Living alone, and being practicality-oriented if it's troublesome to prepare out wash up I won't do it I'm planning to alternate Brazilian rice and beans with pasta and whatever sauce.

Starting at 93kg for 1. Metric not imperial, and yes, I look and feel like crap. I have one question, I work in very odd shift times every week, so can I have my 1 meal any time as per my convenient I have tried it and lost 11 kgs in 3 months.. Hi Facundo, the number is going to be different for everyone depending on your goals. Just remember that if you're eating to maintain you will feel really full after eating.

You might want to eat over the course of a few hours rather than just one sit down meal if that helps. One question, what would be the suggested amount of calories that i should eat in this one meal. Im asking cause even when i eat until im full the amount of calories its less that 1. Hi Leia, yes you can have an apple. I usually suggest fruits and vegetables before your meal when first adjusting. Hi Sara, that seems like a lot but anything is possible.

It depends on how much you weigh and if you have a lot of "water weight" to lose. Hi jesse, yes you can eat chocolate! It all depends on what particular goals you have, and if eating chocolate doesn't trigger you to overeat.

Eating one meal a day surely works. I am on keto diet and have been eating a big meal before bed comprising of fats and protein. I have significantly reduced tummy which i was not able to since a year of gyming.

Also hunger has come down drastically compared to 6 meals a day i used to have once upon a bad time. Hi MM, glad you are liking the results! The best way to curb hunger that works for myself is 1 Drink tea, coffee, and lots of fluids throughout the day, and 2 Keep yourself occupied! So, i am planning on doing this. You can see it here: It still works and I still use it.

Is each of the recipes for one meal? Like would morning glory be meant for one breakfast? I just want to be sure I am not taking in more than necessary.

As long as you are taking in around 16 ounces each juice, you are doing it right. Hi There, Is there usually a good chance of a little weight loss doing this? Mariah, there is a good chance you will lose weight on the fast. The weight loss is mostly attributed to how much weight you have when you start. Please read this article on how to eat after a fast: I have to take 50, iu of Vitamin D 3 once a week because of a vitamin D deficiency.

Can I still take it while juicing? Susana, if the doctor told you that you need to take it, then keep taking it and schedule a checkup after a week of juicing to have your levels checked. Im only doing the 3 day one its 6pm day 2 and i had 3. Does most people not have as many the first day. Its easier than i taught maybe day 3 it might hit me lol.

If you are completely full after a only 3 juices then just stick with three. You can also lower the quantity to 12 ounces per juice and have more if you find that you are hungry but 16 ounces is too much. It sounds like you are on the right path Jamie!

Keep me posted and let me know how things go. Done the 3 day lost 8lbs didnt really do it for weight loss but feel great juices so nice GREAT website!!! Although my wife is hesitant of cutting out solids because she gets bad migraines like there are good migraines that are triggered by hunger.

After everything I have been reading, juicing could be the natural way to heal herself from these migraines. Can you help us out with this? Dave, welcome to JOJ and congrats to you and your wife for planning a juice fast. As far as hunger headaches, most hunger headaches are induced not from lack of eating but a lack of nutrition.

She will get plenty of nutrition while on the juice fast. Even if you eat, these symptoms can still stay because of lack of nutrition in what you ate. When on a juice fast you are loading your body up with so many different nutrients it will curb that hunger and the symptoms associated with it.

Keep me posted and let me know how things go for you and your wife. I wish you all the best this New year Dave! I have been on the Juice Fast for 3 days now what would be the added benefits of going further to the 7 or 14 day fast? TH, it usually takes a full week to go through a complete detox. Other benefits would be the added nutrition and weight loss.

That would ensure you are still giving your body the nutritional benefits of juicing. Toxins are released into your bloodstream that will get into your milk. Keep a diet of fresh fruits and veggies. I am thinking about doing this cleanse for the new year. I want to start fresh and clean but I have one question.

I workout 3 times a week for an hour long. If I do this cleanse, am I going to be able to work out? I ask because usually when I do I have to eat a lot of protein for obvious reasons. If this is a stupid question, well, I apologize but I thought I would ask rather than just do something the wrong way. D, welcome to JOJ and thanks for your comment. No question here at JOJ is stupid! If you have that question, others will have the same question.

You should rest and relax during the first few days of your juice fast. As far as protein you can add an unflavored protein isolate to your juices. Just keep them in airtight containers and store them in the refrigerator and they should hold for around 8 hours. I am new to this juicing experience. I bought a juicer and a few items. I am thinking of doing the 3 day cleanse.

I am looking to juice for a variety of reasons. To eat healthier, lose weight and have more energy. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Read this article to see what to do after your fast: As far as cooking, look up some easy vegetarian recipes to get you started.

After a while feel free to start using proteins like chicken breasts or lean beef. Let me know if you have questions. What other supplements are you taking? I seem to always get medium to large cucumbers. I usually drink spinach carrot and apple. James, just spoon off the froth or get a froth removing cup. Most juices will have some froth. Some more so than others. Jacob, you should have between juices per day.

There are six juices there for you to choose from. You can have any combination of them that you like. Or you can have the same juice a few times throughout the day too.

What if you did 2 days of juicing and the third day attempted to eat solid foods then juiced the remaining of the day? Rj, if you do that, you are hindering the progress of your fast. Leave out the solids! Now that winter break just started I decided to try it for three days. Is it safe to juice at 16? Make sure your parents know about it and understand what it is you are doing. Best wishes to you!

My husband and I are thinking about trying juicing; he has many health issues, diabetes for example and is on many medications. He is concerned that he will need food to take with his medications. How can he safely do this? Terri, I always recommend talking with a doctor when doing a juice fast while on medications. Diabetes and juicing work really well together if you keep the sugars down to a minimum. If you would like to talk with someone who has diabetes and did an 80 day juice fast then head over to the JOJ forums and talk with Andy.

I wish you and your husband all the best Terri! I just started my 3day juice fast coz I have only 3days off.. Thanks A lot for your help.. Have a juice when you feel hungry.

Jade, anything with a rind on it should be peeled. Lemons and Oranges should both be peeled. Congrats on starting your first juice fast! They only have limes. How can I substitute the lemons? I work in a call center with a 30 min lunch and trying to find the best way to juice and get my drinks in? Occasionally the centre is still mildly frozen so I just squeeze the plastic bottle to break down the mass and it soon melts. I am vegeterian,and having hypothyroidism and anemic.

So I am using thyroid and iron tablets. Can I start this juice diet without any problems, While I am using these medications? Victor, you should be able to highlight the recipes you want, right click, and select print selected.

Hi was just wondering what the consistency of the juice should be as mine is more smoothie, quite thick with piedes of veg still in it? Louise, your juice should be about the consistency of water. You may want to strain your juice after it comes out or try to get a new juicer. What juicer are you using? Keep me posted Louise. Would you recommend limiting how many of a juice you have a day? Say you will consume 5 a day, can you break it up into 2 breakfast juices spread out from eachother 1 from the lunch recipes and 2 from dinner?

Ann, just have a juice when you get hungry. Let me know if you have any questions Ann. I am excited to launch this on Monday!

I have a question tho…. I am going to commit to the 7 day and see how that goes! Looking forward to it!!! Why does your body need to digest food? To break it down, extract the nutrients, and pass the rest on as waste. When you juice the juice is already broken down, nutrients are already ready for absorption, and there is no waste. Please read this article for a more in depth answer: Can i add 1 scoop of whey protein on my juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Can i still run 10km or do a 2-hour intense workout cardio, abs, obliques, arms, back, shoulders with 5lbs dumb bells while on this diet? Do you lose same amount of weight if you have carrot and orange juice with some other fruits…….

Remember, the less sugar, the better. Let me know if you have any questions. Hi Donnie… I just started the 3 day plan today But i was wondering does it makes a difference in drinking the juice or the results afterwards if my day starts by 1 PM and then i sleep by almost 1 AM..

So i had the breakfast juice at 1 PM today and then i will have lunch juice by evening and then dinner juice by almost 10 or 11 PM? Amey, there are no set times while on a juice fast. Just start your day off like normal and have a juice when you wake up and get ready for the day. If you usually wake up and are up by 1, then have your first juice at that time. Hanna, sorry for the late response. The only thing you want to have is juice.

If you do exercise keep it lite and easy. Susan, you can store your juices as long as you keep them in airtight containers and put them in the refrigerator. So if your hungry, have a juice Susan. Keep me posted on your progress. I am in my third day of JOJ.

Yesterday a horrible headache, just read could happen. Today I am better. The only way I could drink these juices is adding more fruits, ex. My question to you is, is still good this detox diet if at the end of the day I had 8 apples and 6 oranges? I will try to keep doing this diet as much as I can, though, I am getting tired, no because I am dying to eat because I am not unbelievable!!!

Loli, you have to come to a decision and decide if being bored with your juices for a few more days or weeks is worth the reward of your health. I know it is well worth it. When you add more fruits you are adding more sugar. If you consume too much sugar it will get stored as fat.

Lowering your sugar intake will help lose or maintain weight. You can do anything for a week or two if you really want to. Take a look at the substitution list http: Try heading into the recipe section of the JOJ forums and see whats there. There are some delicious soup recipes that you can enjoy with your boyfriend too.

And will me being loaded up with pain pills going to kill the whole purpose of doing a juice cleanse? Megan, welcome to JOJ! As far as your meds stick to them and use them for pain as needed like your dentist will tell you. Let me know what happens. So I discussed it with the dentist before the surgery, and he suggested against it, but not for the reasons I was worried about. He said that with all the antibiotics and narcotics I would be on, I really needed to be taking them with solid food to avoid nausea.

Megan, if you start juicing but stick to plant based foods when taking your medications, that would be a great start for you. Let me know how things turn out. Hey Donnie, I was doing some research on fasting and came across your site. I was encouraged by your readers comments and I wanted to chat with you.

I have been struggling with weight loss for about 5 yrs now. However, with that said, I am above ground and grateful.

During that time, I have put on approx 40 lbs and I can not stand it any longer. I visited my doctor and test revealed that my thyroid is sub-optimal. Perimenopausal and low thyroid makes it very difficult to loose wt. I have contemplated a juice fast for some time and just recently watched a documentary by Joe Cross fat,tired and almost dead. Anyway, I viewed it and was amazed.

I have been doing mostly a plant based diet for about a yr now and still struggling. I do struggle with carbs of the flour kind. My doctor informs me that a low thyroid can prevent wt loss and white flour foods. I want to do a 10 day juice fast challenge and then re-evaluate. If all is well, repeat the 10 days.

My ultimate goal is to do a 30 day fast. Then begin a plant based diet afterwards. My doctor has me on antidepressants and thyroid medication. He wants me to continue them while on this fast and hopefully, I will be able to reduce then completely stop the antidepressant. Is it as safe as I think it is to do a 30 day fast? Also, I do have an embarrassing question….. If I am successful with a 30 day fast, I know you absorb the nutrients, but do you not have a BM for the entire time?

I am somewhat concerned about an issue like that. In the documentary, Joe Cross did it for 60 days no pooping for 60 days makes my stomach hurt. He does looks awesome though AND was able to discontinue his medications. Another man featured in the documentary was a truck driver named Phil. In the end when I viewed this man playing with his son and then running, I was hooked. I know this has been long and winded, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

However, I would like to know your thoughts on the 30 day fast. Just keep listening to your body. If you feel you can go on after 10 days then do so.

It may also be good to schedule a doctors visit after the first 15 days to get a check up. Let me know how things go Linda. Donnie, what do you suggest for someone who has IBS, candidiasis, and a slow motility rate digestively? I could never digest oz oz of liquid water or otherwise fast enough in time for the next juice. Would I be better off doing ounces of each times a day? Any comments would be helpful. Rita, one thing that you should understand when you juice is that juice is not digested but absorbed.

I think you will be fine if you stick to the plan. How long in advance can you juice while still receiving the benefits? Can I juice a days worth of juice at once?

I would get all my prep done the night before so I could have my morning juice fresh and then bring a few to work with me. Depending on what type of juicer you have you may be able to juice them. Stay away from blenders until after your juice fast. They are great for smoothies when you come off of your fast Brian. I just stumbled to your site by chance. I am planning to start my 3 day cleanse.

I would love my husband to join in too. He is diabetic, so I wanted to know if you have any advice for him. Also, use plenty of produce that contains protein. I wish you both the best. Piper, why was your first attempt a failure? I would stop with the supplements assuming they are protein or other nutritional supplements but continue with any medications you are on. Hi Donnie, Today is my third day being on a 3-day cleanse.

The first two days were awful,but my third day is going great. I do not crave solid food and feel a lot energized today. I think I will add four more days and jump to a 7-day cleanse.

In two days I have lost 4 pounds and my aim is to lose 26 pounds more. I have few questions for you. If I forget to take my juice to work which I often do , how can I pass the rest of my day without fainting?

There are few convenient store and a grocery store. What would be the best thing to buy from there? Are tropicana juices alright? Also, what should I do when I crave salt? Samir, congrats on day 3 of your juice fast! Stay away from any store bought juices if you can. The only one I would suggest you have if you are in a pinch is the green juice from naked juice. Everything else is just going to load you up with sugar. As far as a salty taste, include more celery into your juices. Celery contains natural sodium and works well to help with that craving.

Let me know if you have any questions Samir. Thanks again for your advice, you have no idea how grateful I am to you for inspiring me to regain my health! I got it now. Congrats on completing day 3 Ivette! Donny, thank you so much for creating this site! A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across your site and read through for a couple of days and then tried out the 3 day cleanse. I lost 5 pounds and felt better overall because it allowed me to stop kick my caffeine addiction.

I took a break from the clean eating for a bit because we had family visiting us for a week but because I was eating smaller portions, I continued to lose a few pounds.

I decided to do another juice fast because other than drinking coffee, I started to pick up on some of my old bad eating habits, which included, indulging in sweets and overeating. My goal is to get down to which is a few pounds more than what I weighed 12 years ago when I got married, before having 3 kids.

I was always blessed with a fast metabolism and consequently was able to eat anything I wanted without it changing the outer appearance of my body. However recently because of years of poor food choices I became overweight according to my standards and though my only health complaint were migraine headaches, I knew that I needed to improve the quality of my internal health. I may stay on the cleanse after tomorrow, I will play it by ear. I will say that this time around, I have not been as tempted to eat as I was on my first cleanse.

Example, today I only had 3 all day. I ended up getting a headache today, I guess it was because I needed more nutrients in my body. I very much dislike kale and cucumbers also but I usually add cucumbers because they render a lot of liquid. I understand that my palate may change after continued cleanses, at least I hope it does.

Anyhow, I have stopped adding celery and beets to my juices also as I felt sick to my stomach just with the smell. I wish I was like some of you that drink it quickly and find it tasty even. Sarivette, congrats on your juice fast and your weight loss. Not all juices are going to taste great to all people. The substitution list is a great place to start: You should be drinking your juices within 15 minutes to get the max benefits from them. Juices are absorbed within 15 minutes of you consuming them.

Find juices that you like and experiment with those. Start with taking a recipe you really enjoy and then try substituting 1 or 2 things in it. This is a great way to not only experiment but to try out new ingredients. The juices per day is just a figure. Everybody is different and some people can go with only 3 juices per day.

So as long as you listen to your body, you will be fine. A enjoyable juice makes a huge difference. I wish you all the best Sarivette. Thanks Donny, your advice is most helpful. I plan to experiment with different vegetable combinations like you suggested. I do enjoy a few of the recipes that you have posted, but they tend to be the sweet ones that one would consume in the morning. Try not to force yourself to drink them, start out making juices that you really enjoy, even if they are more fruity.

After a while start to use less fruit and more veggies. Your body will adjust. Beatrice, a Vitamix is not a viable option for juicing.

Read this article for a more in depth answer as to why you must use a juicer to juice: As far as the recipes go, mix and match them anyway you like. Let me know if you have any questions Beatrice. Hi Donnie, 1st day on juice diet..

So far so good. Can I drink herbal tea ie mango and cinnamon? Emma, congrats on day 1 of your juice fast! Herbal tea is great to drink while on the fast! Try to keep it decaf if possible. Cinnamon and mango sound delicious and I bet make for a good tea! For example the 6 suggested recipes called for 8 apples where the shopping list said 24, and 14 cucumbers where 4 and a half will do.

Eddie, take a closer look at the plan. If you follow all 6 juices that comes out to be 8 apples per day. No need to sellotape them back on the tree. I think you are looking at it from the perspective of 3 juices per day.

In actuality you will have between juices per day as you feel hungry. I hope this helps to clarify it up a bit for you. Let me know if you have any questions Eddie. Just have one question. Can I drink just 1 cup of milk with a little coffee in it in morning? Caffeine is a toxin you try to rid your body of when you go on a juice fast.

You can take tylenol or ibuprofen while you are on the juice fast. Once you overcome the caffeine withdraw it will be easy for you. You can do it Rati! Just choose any 4, 5, or 6 juices and everything is there for you to get started. Have the morning ones towards morning, the lunch juices around lunch, and the dinner ones later on in the afternoon as you feel hungry.

Everyone is different so you may only need 4 juices whereas some people might need 6. Let me know if you have any questions Angie. After the detox , since you dont eat actual meals. Do you gain all the weight back? Cause I see this as basically just a liquid diet but when foods come back so does the weight.

Also , be careful when you finally eat , dont eat like you normally would. You will have to find a restroom pretty fast. Not to sound disgusting , but im telling you that going from liquid to solid takes a toll on your digestive system. Eat light and eat right BTW , these juices sound better than the Oz detox. Amy, if you go back to your previous eating habits, of course you will gain back the weight. Juicing not only helps you lose weight but helps you to get on a better diet once you are off the fast.

Read through this article as it will help you to understand how best to eat after your fast: I just started on the juice cleanse! I want to use it going into a new diet! But, I bought a juicer like you said, but I bought a citrus juicer… and I do not think this was the correct machine to buy… will this still work? Coral, shoot me a link to the brand and model of the citrus juicer that you purchased. Going to give the 3-day fast a try. Daphne, congrats on 88 pounds lost. How long did it take you to lose the weight while on weight watchers?

As far as substitutions just take a look at the substitution list here: I am going to try this juicing fast but I have a few questions. I wanted to know about bananas. You do not have that listed. I have bought fruits and veggies but how will I know if I am doing it right or giving my body what it needs if I make my own juices. Can I do fruits without veggies in am and included veggies in afternoon and evening drinks.

I really want to know becuase I am really excited about this and I would like to do it correctly. I need to lose pounds and I need to feel better due to some health issues and I believe this will cleanse my body and give me more energy throughout my day.

Thanks for your website it really has give me a boost reading others comments. Use at least 5 or more ingredients. Make sure I use at least one protein rich ingredient kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, etc. Juices are at least 16 ounces. If you stick to that and have between juices per day, you will be fine Monica. Let me know if you have any quetsions. I am encouraged with this site. Im also a newbie starting a 3 day juice diet.

I want to cleanse, detox and lose weight. I have lost 16 normally but would like to lose my last Is this a morning noon and night thing or is it every 3. Can we add a protein drink plus less fruit if we want to? Judy, welcome to JOJ! You should have between juices per day with each being about ounces.

Just listen to your body and have a juice when you are hungry. If you must have extra protein then I would suggest only using a pure unflavored protein isolate powder to mix into your juices. This wont cause too much of a difference in your results either way. Hi, I am almost done with day one and I must say I have never heard my stomach growl so loud in my life.