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Gives you a second identity on your mobile phone and more control over when, how and where you communicate. When you set up your online account, Vonage has you enter three security challenge questions first pet's name, etc. Good service, I have been a customer many years and will keep. Everything it is ok. There were some big edits undertaken too many at once, really. This international rate calculator was accurate as of 3: Record a video in app to leave as a message or select a pre-recorded video from your phone.

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Finally getting Verizon installed this week, yes is more money, but it will cost me less because hopefully I will not be loosing so much business as I am with Vonage. Hi, thank you for your honest feedback, and we're sorry to hear you are having these issues. There could be several reasons why some calls might be missed, however, we're working to improve this experience.

Regarding call quality, if you are typically on the road with a bad connectivity you may consider forwarding your Vonage business calls to your personal mobile number, and there's also an option to set Data Calls off, so outgoing calls will go using your business number, from your cellular phone provider. The app performs well both within and outside my network.

I can use this app like having separate cellphone for my business. It has full functionality like receiving and sending text messages, voicemail, video conferencing.

Reading my voice messages also helps me to save time and be more productive and efficient. Thank you for your feedback! We are really dissatisfied with the customer care assistance. The phone we received was expensive but the sound quality is really poor. We end up making and taking most of the calls with our person cell phones. Very disappointed in their service and products so far.

Thank you for the feedback and we're sorry here about your experience. Please email us essentialsmobilefeedback vonage. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Need some peace and quite? Links embedded in your messages will be followed by a visual preview. Rate Us on the App Store!

Email us at essentialsmobilefeedback vonage. New tooltips will help you get started, by introducing you to specific features in-context. Better experience when requesting for app permissions Improved call quality. Simply share a link to the app via SMS, Email or any other native phone app. Users that have never setup a security question, will be required to fill it upon login to the mobile app.

This should improve our user's ability to self-serve reset password flow. Added the option to update your password from the app.

No further details are provided, beyond it being a vonage owned call center. If you have further questions, contact the vonage. I don't think Wikipedia should be an FAQ of all things vonage.

I've just learned of this company; their advertizing is: In " okld frtvl ", "okld" is Oakland ; what is "frtvl"? To me, your bringing it up on the vonage talk page serves no purpose. As to Vonage's call center, I honestly have no idea why they would publish more info about it - most people don't care, so long as it exists and works.

Few companies bother to say where their call centers are located. A quick scan of a few cell phone companies and cable companies show that none of them tell you where their call centers are located either.

Seems you're making a big deal about nothing. If you trully want to know, ask them. Discussion pages are only meant to discuss article content.

Please refer to WP: Thanks for coming out into the open, although it was not necessary. If your edits conform to Wikipedia policy to the spirit and letter, refrain from edit wars, discuss here and seek consensus, and accurately annotate your changes before saving, your edits will be quite welcome.

There were some big edits undertaken too many at once, really. After this bunch, I promise not to do it again. So I did that. I reluctantly, with nose pinched, moved the MIN-X "history" up the article. This section is almost entirely responsible for this article's categorization as "promotional". It is also based almost entirely on this single source: Single sourcing is a bad idea, especially if it contains no usable citable sources. Please find verifiable secondary sources for the Vonage PR citations.

An article which discusses the essence of the announcement, and contextualizes it or analyzes it, is better than a straight PR link. The title of the article is "Vonage". Try to use other vocabulary words for "Vonage". The article was disorganized due to flurries of news items not integrated, and the article was way behind on business news.

So I've updated the IPO section in a neutral-point-of-view way. Isolated personnel changes read like lists of trivia. There were business reasons for the CEO changes - I've attempted to contextualize some of them. Citations are the hardest part of Wikipedia editing. We're gathering content for the requests you made, as well as other content we think will help. Definitely have taken note the need for secondary sources, and lots of them-- Sandusky sweeper talk I just corrected my "comment them out" comment above.

Would you buy a net phone from this man? Please note I wanted you to add sources, and add the content right back into the article. The sources can include Vonage's website, such as press releases, but we really prefer newspaper, magazine, book, or notable technical articles about the product. Heck, even Cranky Geeks, or Leo LaPorte discussing it would be fine, since those folks are all notable journalists.

The additions I reverted out cited no sources. Citing sources Even a URL to a relevant 3rd party, reliable source would help. We can coach you through making it nicely formatted as an inline citation. If you're unsure about the content you want to add, put it here on the Talk: Vonage page instead of the main page, and we'll discuss it, and mold it into shape.

Let me know feedback: Product Offerings Vonage Mobile application for Facebook: Conflict of interest by posting this in article Talk first. It's well worth it in the long run. Note that not all material suggested here will make it in right away, and may require work similar to the following.

In order to avoid WP: CATALOG concerns, I've edited this pretty heavily to remove marketing-speak for neutral tone , to remove redundancy and pricing information, to convert to prose from a list , and to sort by date. Notice the elements which have been quoted- this is so that Wikipedia isn't making the claims, the sources are. See candidate paragraph below. Please note that exhaustive lists of products are never permitted, and even short lists aren't allowed if there has been no coverage by reliable sources.

These four additions, as a prose paragraph, may be allowed to survive for two reasons: Consider adding a small amount of prose describing the monetary significance, market share changes, costs to investors, stock price changes, etc.

How are they relevant to the company? Also, please continue to seek non-blog WP: Reliable sources such as newspaper, magazine, scholarly articles, independent industry reports, and book sources wherever possible: Vonage releases calling apps for iPhone and Blackberry.

Vonage App calls Facebook Friends Free. Moved here for discussion and more info: Archerian talk contribs Hey Vonage folk - is there a documented limit to the "Unlimited" plans? Robert Mitchell May 8, If they did not, then people would surly abuse the system by running businesses or call-centers from their homes. Many VoIP providers have e, including Vonage. The article it references says nothing about it being not available in NA. Otherwise we might have to stick with the older, cited text.

Does it need a new citation from elsewhere? I was convinced whoever wrote that portion was either purposely manipulating information or had misread the FCC's site. I did not see the encroachment. The suspect edits are being vetted and reverted now by several of us. The history section has had long standing problems, and, here in Talk, I directly invited Vonage to discuss sourcing for it, because it's rather unsourced.

Big chunks were sourced from a telecom industry PR newsletter, but that was recently deleted for the most part. A while back, some Vonage employees discussed product additions here, and it worked out great, after some trimming and discussion. But then they disappeared. Now this, since January. The following editors, while adding some cited content, have removed pertinent cited content, deleted or misused sources, added promo language, and without independent reliable sources, didn't provide sources for Min-X and Vonage historical claims didn't discuss changes, as explicitly invited to do by me, above , or per WP: COI didn't disclose conflict of interest on their user pages, per WP: VonageAdmin Only edits Vonage.

CherelleFP Only edits Vonage. Worob Only edited Vonage. Oh well, can't have everything. Jolorino Only edits Vonage. Added product ok , linkspam. Then you don't have to deal with all the other POV language and improper information removal stuff. Silver seren C I have just made a few changes myself, removing some extraneous detail and some press releases which I understand are not the best sources, since they are not independent.

Also, I will be leaving Vonage shortly. My colleague Santina will be carrying forward my efforts here. She also understands the importance of maintaining neutrality and high quality sourcing. Our efforts will not overlap, but I wanted to be clear about the transition. The line you're complaining about is a direct quote utilized by different sources and you'll even find it on Vonage's 10K.

A legal action against a company does not by definition include suing the company's directors as co-defendants which is why the sources felt the need to make the specification.

As for the information being from , notable information doesn't have an expiration date on Wikipedia. Regardless, was the date of the court filing; the settlement was finalized and approved in I see I was wrong about the number of people making the edits, and I now also understand why you reverted them. I am very new to editing Wikipedia. I would appreciate your guidance as I seek to address the issues raised in the banner at the top of the page.

My objective is to improve the article and get the banner removed. Any suggestions for moving forward expeditiously are quite welcome! COI situation due to being an employee of Vonage. I'll comment on the last, which may help you with the second item. If you are an employee of Vonage, then you really would best not edit the page at all; i. However, as per WP: COI , best that you simply and clearly identify on the Talk page any particular material that you believe is erroneous, and you have reliable secondary sources to back that up.

Ditto for anything you believe is well sourced by reliable secondary sources, and you believe might warrant being in the Vonage article. Then, you just leave it up to the great emergent process that is Wikipedia to see what other, non-involved, editors might do on the article page. The article has had a tag requesting cleanup since 8 years ; I would like to see the article improved according to Wikipedia standards, regardless of whether it's me or other Wikipedians making the changes.

I recognize that some of the problems with the article may have been introduced by my past colleagues over the years, who may not have understood Wikipedia very well; so I have been seeking to understand the standards better. I have several thoughts about what should change, supported by sources; I will suggest them here on the talk page.

Any effort to review my suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I suggest you read WP: PAID and just try to maintain yourself within the guidelines. I've added a template at the top of the page that informs everyone you'll be editing the article. Your earlier edits were good, so I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Please do not use mirrors as sources. I'm not clear on why you're removing formatting, templates and sourced material. I edited it a bit and also have a question about whether it would be appropriate to change telecommunications services to cloud communication services, since that more accurately describes what Vonage offers: History The company was originally called Min-X.

According to Kleffman, Vonage's use of these multiple domain names reduced the likelihood that Emails were filtered out as spam. Kleffman asserted that Vonage's use of multiple domain names to bypass spam filters , its failure to use a single domain name in sending its advertisements, and its failure to identify Vonage in the domain name from which the advertisements were sent constituted falsified and misrepresented header information prohibited by section Vonage removed the case to federal court and moved to dismiss the complaint.

The court ruled that the claim failed under the plain language of section Does sending unsolicited commercial Email advertisements from multiple domain names for the purpose of bypassing spam filters constitute falsified, misrepresented, or forged header information under section Vonage argued that header information was not "misrepresented" within the meaning of section Thus, according to Vonage, their Email advertisements, whose header information was fully accurate and traceable, did not violate section Kleffman argued "misrepresented" header information must encompass something in addition to a false statement of fact because section Then, referring to other statutory provisions in the false advertising sections of the Business and Professions Code that prohibited false or misleading advertising, he asserted that the court should construe the term "misrepresent" to give a "misleading" representation or idea.

He stated that this construction fitted in the dictionary meaning of the term "misrepresent" and complied with the legislative history. By constructing this way, according to Kleffman, sending of Email ads with random, varied, garbled and nonsensical nature of the multiple domain names could violate section The court agreed with the defendant's opinion and held that sending commercial Email advertisements from multiple domain names for the purpose of bypassing spam filters is not unlawful under section More specifically, the court found that a single Email with an accurate and traceable domain name neither contains nor was accompanied by misrepresented header information within the meaning of section According to the court, absent a misrepresentation of header information, using a given domain name could not violate section