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Click Here To Visit Site. Fruit, fruit juices, starchy foods, dairy products, and alcohol. But as with anything in life, all this convenience comes with a steep price tag. Hope that helps — NS. The cancellation process was very easy, and the rep I talked to was very helpful. I have some tips in my review about what to do if you decide to cancel after your first month, for anyone else wondering about that. People have reported losing pounds in this 2 week phase.

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Diet Delivery Slim Down: Is the Convenience Worth the Cost?

Thanks for the info, Gail, and great work so far! I would like to know the salt intake on this frozen food. If it is high in sodium then I do not want it. Hi Holly — Thanks for the question. You can view sodium content and other nutrition information for each food item in the menu section.

Your input about sodium levels was helpful, but do you have any other points to add? Question for you — I am allergic to soy products.

What South Beach meal plan would you recommend? I found your information very helpful. I received my SBD today and quickly put away the frozen foods and sat down to pack up the rest putting each day meals in a plastic bag with the meal plan, highlighting what items I would need to get out of the freezer.

I was excited when packing week 1 but quickly got nervous with Phase 2. I was hoping I would receive an actual plan for the 2nd week to help be grasp their method. I tried to find Phase 2 videos to help me select what to eat but the videos were very old. Do you have any suggestions for me or have you done a video for Phase 2? Hi Michele — it can be overwhelming at first, especially when all of the food arrives for the first time!

Have you downloaded the South Beach Diet app yet? You can find more info about it here: You will also want to download their app, as that also really helps with meal planning. What is the cost after the 1st month? I heard it was about Per month, but is that every month or just For the first month because of the promotion. Also, make sure you check out the terms of their auto-delivery cancellation policy, or you can read about it in the review above too.

Hope that helps -NS. I have the cookbook and have been cooking my meals and basically going with the program that way. I am on day 13 and have lost 5. I was hoping for the My question is maybe I could hit 10 if I stayed on Phase 1 for an additional week. Would this help my weight loss? Then go to Phase 2. Thank you in advance for your response. I tried Nutrisystem myself and I got so bored because everything tasted the same.

It was to the point where I would start being mean to my poor sweet boss because I was so annoyed with lack of variety.

On South Beach, do I have to buy the meal plan? Can I prepare the food fresh for myself on South Beach? Hi Matthew — You can definitely do South Beach without signing up for the meal delivery service. You can usually find a pretty good deal on the book, which should have meal planning and recipes for you to follow.

All the weight loss programs cost way to much. You are better off getting recipes off the internet or cookbooks and fixing them to your own liking. At least you what your eating. Hi Michelle — some are more expensive than others, but I found South Beach Diet to be pretty reasonable when compared to what I usually spend at the grocery store.

I started the program and was not a fan of the food. Try to cancel on the website… good luck… I had to call to cancel and spoke with an overbearing cancellation member who would not stop grilling me about every part of the diet I did not like and how much weight did I want to loose.

I have some tips in my review about what to do if you decide to cancel after your first month, for anyone else wondering about that. The cancellation process was very easy, and the rep I talked to was very helpful. In any case, thanks for the feedback. Quite a variety of questions on the South Beach Diet. Norma you do an excellent job of reviewing these diets.

I signed up with the South Beach Diet and received my food 8 days later. I have been on the diet for 7 days and have lost 4. So far I am really enjoying the food and the easy prep. My side-by-side fridge is full of boxes and the plan guide is easy to follow. I have the app and love it though it could use some improvements. I would highly recommend this choice for a delivery meal diet plan.

So far I have been able to substitute with their other shakes and snack bars with no problem. Thanks for the feedback, Chrissie! Hi Thanks for all the work you did reviewing this.

I tried South Beach diet on my own a few years back and had a lot of success. This year I tried Keto and it has not worked at all. I am thinking of going back to South Beach and ordering the meals.

For the most part, the foods are pretty interchangeable between phases. Hope that helps, and good luck if you decide to try South Beach -NS. Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I guess maybe I should call them. I am going to have to pick my own meals because of allergies to shellfish, fish, and cilantro.

So I want to make sure I am picking the right ones. I looked through the options that you show in your video. Somethings, like the chili with beans clearly our phase 2 according to the South Beach website.

I know you said that some can be phase 1 or two. However, were you eating phase 2 meals during phase 1? Do you have any advice. The big difference is the coaching that comes with OPTAVIA, so if you feel that you could benefit from working with a coach 1-on-1, that may be the one to go with. If you want to save a few bucks, and think you can have success without the coach, then South Beach Diet may be the better choice.

The chart says Could you help me with this math- thanks. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Silver — Their Cheapest Plan 2. Gold — Their Most Popular Plan 2. Platinum — Their Best Plan 2. Designing Your Own Menu 2. Review South Beach Diet Food. Summary The new meal delivery service from the team at South Beach Diet offers a new and proven way for losing weight. Nutri system is good, but, everything tastes like tomato sauce.

I tried Nutrisystem, did not like the taste, end up throwing everything away……. Thanks for sharing — NS. Bridget Veronica Murphy Reply. What foods do I need to buy in addition to the program? Hi Erika — the link is working fine on my end. Might want to try again — NS. Hi Carol I was told that one can stay on the Phase 1 for up to 14 days.

Hope the rest of it goes smoothly. Can you tell me why, on phase 1, you had phase 2 foods in the videos? Sounds like a good plan — they should be able to help you make the right picks!

Phase 2 is all about gradual weight loss. In fact, the foods on the South Beach Diet plan are designed to include the most nutrient-rich ingredients available. The South Beach Diet, despite its name, is really a life-long nutritional change, not a diet program that ends once you reach your desired weight.

This is where Phase 3 comes in. This phase allows more frequent indulgences while still focusing on the principles of good nutrition that you developed during the first two phases of the program.

Unlike many programs, the South Beach Diet focuses on doable exercise as well as nutrition. It recognizes that good eating and an active lifestyle go hand-in-hand. You are encouraged to exercise for 20 minutes a day — not a huge commitment even for busy individuals. The exercise program includes walking and light calisthenics that complement your goals without burning you out. Even people who hate to exercise can often fit in a minute walk each day, especially if you do it with a friend or family member.

The primary expectation of a successful diet plan is weight loss, of course. But in addition to helping you lose weight, the South Beach Diet should also cause other healthy benefits, such as:. There are also South Beach frozen meals and snacks available in your grocery store.

The website provides you with a number of tools, including customized meal plans, over South Beach recipes including vegetarian options , a personalized shopping list to take to the grocery store, support for the community of participants as well as registered dieticians, and regular input from Dr. Plus you can cancel anytime.

The awesome folks over at the South Beach Diet are offering a special deal for our readers. Free shipping Continental U. Discount off the regular one-time rate with new auto-delivery order, first shipment only. With auto-delivery you are automatically charged and shipped your South Beach Diet plan once every 4 weeks unless you cancel. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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