Walmart Headquarters Information

Walmart Headquarters Info

Your own results are fantastic! Mixing the two approaches helped me albeit unwittingly to keep my interest and helped me to accommodate whatever was going on in my life at the time. Superfoods are super but they are also expensive and they are not the miraculous missing link in a successful diet. Walmart in RPB Florida is the worst store I have ever encountered, filled with the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. Please let me know if you are interested in helping is out.

What to watch out for

The three-hole grip design allows for easy handling when changing pieces. Give your muscles an optimal workout at home with them. The baked enamel finish on the plate offers a measure of attractiveness that will go well in a home weight set. It comes in various sizes, allowing you to lift precisely what you need.

They are easy to locate with their dark tone. Add it to your own personal gym. About This Item Made of solid cast-iron 3-hole grip design Accommodates 2" bars. Every time I call to refil a prescription they are rude and condescending! Good morning, and happy holidays! I am reaching out to your company to see if you are interested in donating items as a tax write off.

My attempts are to raise money for our prom In May by doing a silent auction with the most trending brands. Please let me know if you are interested in helping is out. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Oh and another thing. They are losing more customers like us..

So tired of Walmart lying and all the agents telling you different stories. I will only ever shop Walmart. They owe me money. I will finally find somewhere else to shop. I will go elsewhere!!! I agree with you stacy! I will be going into their stote tomorrow with the police!

I emailed corporate almost 2 weeks ago about store Apparently corporate treats their customers about as bad as that store.

Edith, Happy Hanukkah to you. I have seen these items at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I live right here in Nevada. Not sure bout Florida. Walmart should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of the same people who keep them going.

Even Hatchables websites are looking into this because it is not what they wanted to see from retailers who are ripping off the consumer. Not only is Walmart corrupt with this practice but also with the labor market. They would rather hire two or three people to do a full time workers job so that they can avoid paying health benefits etc for American workers.

Monopoly is not just a game. Need employee counselor, other than that the store seem to have changed just treat the employees with respect and more customers shall come. I ordered a recliner that was shipped to my local Walmart, and when I got it home and put it together, I noticed that the back left wooden support was broken. It looks like it may have been caused during the transit from warehouse to store. I am inquiring to find out how to get my product fixed, replaced or a refund.

I had to make special pick up plans to retrieve the recliner and taking it apart and returning it to the store has become a problem. I picked up the product on Saturday November12Th. When we call in a RX they tell us it will be ready the next day.

Five 5 times we have gone to pick up the RX and it was not ready. We were never notified of any problems that occurred until we came to the store.

Today my wife went to pick up a RX and a lady just beat her to the counter. This message if for Joel Anderson. I am having great difficulty with returning a product purchased from walmart.

The local store manager first tells me wal. So now no response from smart mobile. I called your customer service line again and they walk me thru sending another email. But they advised me they could not handle the situation for me. In your Walmart commercials around the holidays, it seems to be all about spending family time but in this one store in New Jersey it is the complete opposite.

Employees are scheduled a 9 hour shift on Thanksgiving with little to no time to spend with their families on the holiday. And there are dissatisfied employees because there is no extra pay or overtime pay, and the commercials seem misleading of how the employees feel.

Wal mart likes to brag about their great things they do for communities and schools and everyone else …but it is too darn bad your employees are treated as if they have not a brain in their heads. Point in case… schedules come out for Thanksgiving. A person who is scheduled off for that day makes plans when seeing the schedule. Come on you guys you profess to be such great people …why not show the employees same kind of greatness you say you give to everyone else.

Can someone please help me? THIS truck pulled out into traffic without looking and then had the nerve to flip me off. I had to swerve into on coming traffic to avoid an accident. It happened on long Island new york. To Whom it may concerned, I just love Walmart. They are a great company. How can I get information on their headquarters? I wanted to come see where the headquarters are some day. What kind of things are there to do there?

Please contact me back. Walmart super store in deltona, fl I am a handicap person and have a hard time walking the store. For such a big store with minimal carts is outrageous. This is my 2nd time writing and complaining with never a response to my first complaint. We have a new neighborhood store also in deltona that has more ride on then the super store. I can no longer shop the super store with out a ride on.

My sister is handicapped and doesnt make it other peoples problems and responsibilities. Come in your own wheelchair or scooter. Take some personal responsibility for yourself. That is just rude for you to say. Not everyone can afford s wheelchair. Yes Walmart has the electric carts so there should be some available. Karma will hit you 10 fold. And for you to add your sister is handicapped, Like that made it ok for you to comment in such a horrific manor.

She must be so proud! So let me explain to the simple minded folk out there like yourself what C White said in a way for you to understand what the rest of us read. How can shoppers buy from a super Walmart That is a really big store where you will buy so much you need Super Sized Shopping Carts are you following so far???

You know the carts that items are over flowing and you only made it down the 1st aisle of the store. Everywhere you look Ride on Carts! Oh yes Handicapped, and now let me ask you if you would complain about the lack of shopping Carts or would you take your own Steller advice and bring your own shopping Cart and have your sister use you as an example of the true meaning of someone who is handicapped and why you should really not make such uneducated remarks.

Unless you love eating Crow all the time. Our company deal with retail and wholesale voice and data traffic that collected all over the world.

This would help you in cutting the international roaming charges during your foreign trips and would give us a chance to cherish your partnership with us. I was resently in my local walmart in Eufaula Alabama store and a buddy of mine was buying alcohol and they banned us for contributing to a minor and pressed charges on him for it.

Later on he went to court on it and the charges were dropped because there was no evidence that he was contributing to a minor. But we are still banned ive called the local walmart and they told me i needed to contact corporate and see what they said so that is what I am doing.

Please just let me know whats going on thanks. I told the manager on staff about her, but also wanted to let Corporate know. We do not give cash back. So a couple days later today I decided to call another Walmart 30 miles away to see if I had been lied to. Another Walmart said the same thing.

What is going on and why am I being lied to??? This store is in Elko NV Heartless to say the least. I am a former employee and i am not to happy with some recent news I have found out about and would like to contact him.

I do have plans to speak with an attorney about this news as well. So the sooner he contacts me the better. I find it offensive that you take my money when you sell me my perscription drugs, when I buy food, when I buy flowers, and just about anything else I buy at Walmard…. Couple that with the recent story about your refusing to bake a cake for a Police Officers retirement, I think you must drinking from the PC progressive socialistic BLM trough.

I find it disgusting how weak and foolish this makes Walmart seem. I spend a lot of my money in Walmart, and I will have no problem taking my business elsewhere. My parents who are senior have ordered a TV from walmart 4 times and each time the wrong TV is delivered. My parents have called each time which as we all know is extremely frustrating and time consuming.

Customer service needs to be in the US where actual service to the customer is delivered. This is regarding the Walmart store in Houghton, Michigan. I want you to know I have been evaluating all stores in Houghton county for customer service for more than a year now. An employee by the name of Zachary has consistently provided the best customer service for more than the last 6 months.

This is consistent with every visit I make and every observation I make in all the stores. This includes professional conduct, empathy, listening, questioning, and resolution. He acts not only on behalf of Walmart but also in the interest of the customer. He is very well trained and disciplined.

His cheerful professional nature is consistent and I have yet to hear him say anything which would upset a customer. His answers are thoughtful and well stated. When he has to deny a request there is always a reason provided which is directed by Walmart policy. He is very well mannered and attentive to each and every customer.

I do know he has been raised very well by both his actions and how he conducts himself with each and every customer. If you have an employee of the year award in customer service, you could consider him as one of your candidates. He is the best in customer service in Houghton County, Michigan. If her main concern is more blacks and less whites, consider me no longer a patron. I read her remarks and feel sorry for the stupid white males that employed her to fill a quota.

The Walmart in Parker Colorado is just gotten so inexcusably bad. The management is rude, the employees hate the jobs they have. They are no longer allowed to have conversations with customers. Many have told me that since Matt was hired as manager they have been slowly getting worse. One lady who works there has cancer and was told she can not wear her specialty mad knit hats, she has no hair left, they told her to by one of their hats.

What is wrong with you people. Sam Walton must be rolling over in his grave. We live in our vehicle and we were threatened by Ryan a poor excuse for management , to leave immediately or we would be towed. We spend money in that store and we are just trying to live. Again Sam Walton must be rolling over in his grave.

This is not his values, his values obviously do not exist and Walmart could care less. How can they just fire someone for no reason. Showed up to work and a manget came up and o by the way your fired. Got a family to take care of. Oh my, read through some of the complaints and as with mine, it comes down to in my opinion a lack of training of employees and management.

Unfortunately, this is not entirely the fault of Walmart, the treatment of people comes well before the first job hire. That being said, responsibility needs to be taken by Walmart to see their generational-owned store lives up to what I hope is the vision of the founder.

First off, I have tried repeatedly to contact Walmart corporate, with no success. I am sent to voice mail, even their HR department and Marketing. Sam Walton, would have loved this! People always say, I will never shop there again when issue like this cake incident become known to the public.

I am not on e of those people, in past issues. Let me explain why I will no longer shop at any Walmart. If these Walmart employees felt that the cake for a retiring Police officer represented racism, then I have to wonder who else they would view as racist? Many people especially African Americans view the Police and legal system in America to be racist and that it is predominately White. Therefore, if these employees felt that the Police are racist, then I would jump to the conclusion that they view Whites as racist.

After all, who knows what these individuals may have done to the cake, spit in it or put someone else in it. I would never have considered eating it for this very reason. Now, why should I ever trust Walmart to insure that what I as a White person am purchasing a food product from one of their stores is safe? However they did not, thereby becoming complicit with their stance. Good by Walmart, I do indeed have the fortitude to follow through with my permanent boycott of Walmart.

We are in our final year of the engineering pathway that revolves around a large yearlong design and development project. Our team of three has begun the task of researching, designing, and developing an innovative product in order to solve a problem.

We are looking into the world of fashion and innovating different concepts to improve upon the existing designs of hoodies. If there is anyone we could speak with about this matter, please inform us with their contact information so we can set up a face to face meeting. AFTER so many complaints, they will investigate them. Someone should correct your corporate mailing address. This is a letter I wrote to Walmart because of how terribly I am being treated as an associate in the Deli at Walmart.

I liked Walmart before and was excited to work there. Now I absolutely hate everything about the Walmart company. I feel highly disrespected working there. I agree with another person in the comments here that I wish everyone everywhere would boycott all Walmarts. I wish to bring my experience at Walmart in Newton Kansas to your attention. We were shocked and disappointed by the following situation. On Aug 4, we both purchased Samsung 5 telephones from the Newton Walmart.

We did not purchase a extended warranty as we were informed there was a year manufacture warranty on the phone. On Sept 2, to my dismay, my phone froze up. I could not do anything on the phone. As I was working, my husband took the phone to the store to ask for assistance. The young woman working in the dept. She commented that indeed something was wrong with the phone. My husband ask if we could have the phone replaced and was told that there was a two week return policy.

He then ask to speak to a Manager and was told the same thing. I really feel that the phone should be replaced. Walmart should back the products that they sell. A phone should certainly last longer than 30 days. What a terrible disapointment. As much as we will regret it If this situation is not rectified we will be taking our business else where.

Thank you for any assistance you may give. My mother has worked at the New Minas Store in Nova Scotia ,Canada for 11 year and 10 years out of the 11 over nights. Her hours keep getting cut, the night manger has meetings pretty much every night talk about his personal life and is always on his phone. The night manger is always flying into her and is always her he has sometimes threaten her. I would like my mother to get appreciated more also something done with the night manger.

What is your policy on dogs in your stores? Walmart in Del Rio has all kinds of dogs in the store. Your understanding is wrong…. My name is Dawn Vega and my husband is employed in store in nj.

He put in for a transfer in june to store and For 2 months his store in nj knew he was leaving for california in august and now they are denying his transfer to the california stores. I have tried calling, faxing, visiting in person and no one is taking responsibility.

We have moved miles under the assumption my husband would be emoyed so since no one wants to explain why his old store wont approve his request i am retaining a lawyer to sue for lost wages and pain and suffering.

This has been going on for weeks and the unprofessionalism from store is absolutely rediculouse. I intend on pursuing this matter unless someone gives my husband a position in one of these stores. On the 27th of August we had the worst experience we have ever had with any company! Walmart store disrespectfully treated me like I was not important. I called the store to inquire about a lawn mower that was listed as being in stock via the website and Walmart app.

I was transferred to the garden department and was told that they were too busy and hung up on me. Upon calling back, we were put on hold for a very long time and told that the product was at another store and could be purchased that same day. Once I called that store, their garden department informed me that they did not have any lawn mowers in stock.

We then called the original store, where I had to wait for a long time to talk to the garden center because customer service was unable to look up any product availability. Once I got through to the garden department again, I was informed that there was one lawn mower in a box located in the area and that I could come pick it up. I went to the store to purchase the product, and when they located the box, it was filled with pieces of PVC pipe.

This item was defective, as it would not start for me over the next day and a half, but was not marked as defective. Once I attempted to return the product, I was told upon arrival that I could not return an item with fluids even though the product had fluids inside of it at the time I purchased it.

No document or verbal statement was given to me of this face at the time of purchase. Throughout this process, I spent over an hour with the Walmart. I also witnessed first hand, that the personnel at the same store treated the online representative in the same manner as myself.

This is not our first dissatisfying experience at this store. At this point, I feel that it is unnecessary to continue spending my money at this store.

To be treated with such horrible customer service is unacceptable and will no be tolerated. My customer service experience has been horrible…. Had to go thru 2 reps tp process 2 days later and still could take almost 2 weeks. This whole thing has been ridiculous. No one ever said shady happened to my items. How is it that items shipped to the site just never show up? And the customer is never contacted. Im highly disappointed and will not be looking to spend anymore of my money with this company.

Can any one tell me what to do if i have any idea, to sell to walmart, who do you contact and how do you go about it. My daughter has a gift registry with Walmart and relatives from other states have purchased gifts on this registry.

The problem is when we went to pick up these gifts service agents at two locations were unable to help us. They insisted that we needed an order number at one store, which neither one of us were made aware of when we originally created the registry. The second location could not even pull up the information on the gifts that were purchased.

Can you instruct us on which location is equipped to help us pick up our gifts? In need of help in Ypsilanti, MI. I always do my shopping at night when the store is not so full of people and there is always this woman working in the food area that is so dam high on something that you would not want her help if you needed it.

What happened to drug testing your employees Crescent City Walmart? To whom at may concern. May and June I had cataract surgery And Medicare pays for glasses after surgery.

I also had supplemental insurance which is Blue Cross and Blue Shield. At that time I submitted both insurance and told lady name Morrow that she submit medicare and then medicare submit rest of balance to blue cross.

I said madam you need to submit all to medicare and them medicare send that portion to blue cross and blue cross will pay balance. After talking and explaining twice on the phone and today I went and try to convince her the same way that she sends to medicare and medicare sends to blue cross. She said no that I had to pay it and than I send to blue cross. I said madam that not how this works medicare and blue cross have contract. Its her loss I got my prescription back.

And you need to get on bottom of that. I shopped at walmart for most everything but it is the people like me that you are going to lose! I recently bought a tracefone with airtime included and now I can no longer purchase the data only cards in the store.

Now they are sold only online. My Husband used to work for Walmart and we had his check deposited on a card that we had to cancel because it was under my name and the company is asking for a recall letter from Walmart just for us to get out money back. I need to know how I can pull up my paycheck stubs from payroll. I do not know who the manager on duty was, I have 2 witnesses and confirmation from arresting officer that my son was not on Walmart property when the arrest took place.

When he was asked to leave today, he left immediately and waited for companions to finish in the store, off of the Walmart property.

The manager I spoke to twice, lied the first time stating that my son was asked several times, and that he, the manager had no choice but to call the police. I called him back to confront him about the fact he lied. He stated that my son did not have to be on Walmart property to be arrested, that he had been on the property.

Since when is leaving when asked grounds for arrest????? That is bullshit, the kid left so leave him alone. Sounds like to me you live in a town like I do. It seems to me with all the complaints nothing is being done to rectify the situations, not even a reply from anyone in corporate.

I just received a message from my daughter who has been standing in the checkout line for 20 mins because the store has 4 lanes open. She complained and when management came out and others complained they just walked away.

She said people are lined up to the back of the store. Do these imbeciles realize that most people shop on the weekends because they work during the week? Iam in Ontario, calif. I use your No. Mountain store since you opened. I did live it til last month. Iam aware nothing will be done to fix my problem. And I paid it off. At the beginning of the year. I decided to go Family Mobile.

A few months after I decided to drop yourvdata and go elsewhere. I called to have the I noticed since I use auto pay you were still taking my In the second month. Incidentally I had no data tho you were still billing me. Finally the billing was right. I asked for a refund. A man told me to call back on Friday. I was told I would get a refund. I decided soon after that to just go with another cell company. I was billed even though I no longervhaf Family Mobile. I called and asked why. I would like my seventy dollars.

Thevrep said no and gave me no reason. But why are you keeping my money? Its not fair at all. I asked for a manager. So the cashier can sit a little, swipe and bag with the customer still in plain sight with access to the items under the cart.

FYI major grocery stores have mirrors so cashers can see under the carts. I really want to work for your company and willing to do whatever it takes to get in.

That is just plain out to hot someone is going to have a heat stroke in there. My son and I were soaked with sweat when we left there and we were not in the store but about 30 to 45 minutes and we want go back there no time soon because it is too hot. I live in lake wales fl. To whom it may concern: My name is Kasandra Romero. I am 15 years old. At birth I was born with Retinopathy of Prematurity. I am considered legally blind. Esight eyewear has developed glasses that you can see in the above picture that allow me to see like a normal person.

Esight eyewear is advanced electronic glasses that help legally blind people to see. They have a high definition camera and a powerful computer to process things and put it into screens that enable sight. My community has gathered and are holding a benefit in my behalf to try and raise the money to purchase these glasses for me. My question for you is would your company be willing to donate some items to be sold at this benefit to help earn money?

Anything you could do as far as a donation would be a great help. If you decide to donate my name and address are as follows: Kasandra Romero Thank you for your time Kasandra Romero. You have lost a once regular and loyal customer because of your greedy policies. I was in need of ink for my printer also purchased from Walmart.

The store I normally shop at was out of stock. Being a loyal shopper I went to a second location. Also out of stock. So a third try. I went to yet another of your superstores. I could have stopped at other stores but no I wanted to give you my business. Two nights later I can only shop at night because I have my own business so my days are taken I go back to my usual store and they have the ink cartridges I need.

In fact I purchase the XL pack so they will last longer. I install them the following morning. By the next afternoon my printer is telling me I am almost out of the black and have less then half of the color left. How can this be?

The regular size have been lasting about six months and these are the XL? I remove them and even dig the old ones out of the trash to show I am not trying to pull a scam or cheat anyone.

That night I go to try and fix this problem but your customer service dept. I knew that but being a regular and knowing several of the employees as well as your front end manager by name.

Corporate does not give anyone the authority to help a customer except during their chosen hours. The policy of having your stores open and more than willing to take my money at night but not having any one who is able to help a customer who is having a problem is in complete conflict with itself.

If you have your store open for business someone needs to be there with the authority and common sense to at least do something deal with the problem. To even just be willing to listen an offer some possible resolution or concept of a resolution other then just saying that there nothing the company is willing to allow but to force me to fit within there chosen times to deal with it.

Are you open for business or not? It was exactly 48 hours since I had purchased them and your company gladly took my money. But in that 48 hours policy dictated that customer satisfaction meant nothing. Unless I give up even more of my time to try and fix this. Just how much effort do you think that ink was worth? As far as I am concerned there are other stores who will be who will be getting my business from now on. But never Walmart again.

A greed driven company that sells customer service and satisfaction but in reality is nothing more then a way to get your money is all that you truly are. You need to have something to cover to diapers. Need size 2 or 3. I placed an order from Walmart. The package never came.

I then called Walmart customer service, the customer service representative explained to me that the package was never shipped. I asked her why was I sent an email telling me that the package had been sent along with a tracking number? She apologized for the inconvenience and said that I would immediately receive another email with another tracking number. I called back 6 hours later and talked to another service representative, this time asking to talk to a supervisor to file a complaint.

My sister says it, but I always think to myself.. Could you tell me what you eat on your cheat days? Also, do you think that very overweight people trying to lose weight, should have a cheat day at all?

You must feel amazing and look fantastic?! I unfortunately have to change my plan as from today: On the other hand, i hate sleeping hungry! Skip breakfast, have lunch with enough carbohydrates, Then Dinner with Low carbs or with carbs? I plan on Jogging 7km for two days and Then One day rest! I really want to Take Part in the race, and i want to lose weight too. Having one meal a day the last werk has really motivated me.

Anyone have an advice for me? Hi Fatuma, I hope the diet is still working for you. The most important thing for me is that I eat fewer calories than my body needs each day. I love only eating 1 lunch a day as I feel I sleep better at night without needing to digest food in my stomach.

I have a question for you: After you lost the first 20 pounds and waited a while to lose the last 10 pounds, how long did you wait and did you continue with the 1 meal a day? Or did you go back to 3 meals a day during this period of time? Hi Karen, Well done on losing the 7lbs in a month.

After I lost the first 20lbs I was pretty much straight into the next 10lbs. The first twenty took me five months and the last ten took me just one month. Sorry that it took me so long to reply. Last time I weighed a week ago I was down 16lbs! I want to look at this as something I can adapt to for the rest of my life. I used to be on a prescription drug a few years back that seriously suppressed my appetite and it just occurred to me that this was exactly how I ate!

I was also drinking almost every night back then too. Not a good thing. I like your blog David so thank you for sharing! I will let you know how I get on! I want to lose another 58lb by Christmas and I figure I can if I lose around 2. Aelie, You have done a fantastic job with the weight loss! You mentioned the wild variation in your calories and although I have nothing to back it up, I think that can be a good thing.

It keeps your body guessing. Somehow that sinks into my subconscious mind and helps me on the days when I under-eat. I hope it went well. I basically eat dinner only. Every now and then I may squeeze in a small snack. On Monday I feel bloated because I eat more on the weekend. The weight has fallen off.

What do you think about my situation? I have to thank you and everyone who has kept me motivated. I finally saw the scales move. Not much, but it did cheer me up. I have fallen off the wagon for a couple of days, but back on today. So basically I will be fasting till dinner time, but I will be drinking water through out the day. All that matters is that you get back on and keep trying. I hope all is well for you. Sorry again for the late reply.

I started this diet exactly a month ago now simply bcos I was tried from carrying excess weight around. I should add that this was not visible to me in the mirror, am just glad I was not discourage.

Thank you again for this blog. The tape measure is a great way to monitor your progress and an inch is a fantastic achievement. I think you will eventually see the difference in the mirror but if not maybe taking photos will help you. Maybe one day you could describe your food to me, I would love to hear about your diet. I should tell you how am following this diet, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning before going to work and another cup around midday with lot of water throughout the day.

I eat my one meal around 6: I just discover I need to stick to my one hour window by reading some of the comment. I would described my dinner but am African, our food is different. There are just some days when I have to snack. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for writing this! Iam sure i will be able to contineue. Hi Sonam, sorry for the delay in replying to you.

Hi Angela, 4 lbs is a good result for the 1st eight days! Hi Jose, 85lbs in six months is an incredible achievement! I know that you put the weight back on again but sometimes when life hits you hard you just have to find a way to survive.

The key thing here is that you started again and have lost another totally amazing 38 lbs. Good luck as you continue towards your goal. By the way, your English is superb!! And the I eat my main meal Actually I have been losing weight with the 6meal plan but all of a suden I just stoped losing for the past 2 months.

So my main goal is to lose the last bit of fat 15lbs This type of diet suits my lifestyle perfectly and I wish I had found out a long time ago. I don;t feel I have to worry too much what I order or how much of it I eat within reason.

Perhaps what you need to do is give it some more time? Good luck and sorry for the delay in replying to you. I need to catch up on a few things around here, including replying to those of you kind enough to leave comments. Sorry for the delay in approving some of the comments, and apologies for appearing to ignore you. Hi Christopher, I think as long as we make some changes to our diet, i. But I have a few more rules.

I have lost 9kgs which is around 20 pounds in about five months. The beauty of this diet is that it prevents the one mouthful leading to another effect, which was my downfall and the only reason I ever got fat in the first place.

I am in fantastic health as well. Good skin, hair, nails. Trim waistline and flat tummy. This is the diet for me. Saturday is my cheat day and sunday two meals from monday to freiday again the same plan. Where in Germany do you live? I live in Bavaria, maybe we could share more of our experince about the One meal a day: Bavaria i dont really know where it is?

Soman, there are no rules to this diet, you just make them up to suit yourself. I found the best way for myself by experimenting and I still do experiment. See how it works out for you. Hi Bubbles, I love the way you do it. I love your attitude to falling off the wagon. It really helps to pick the positive angle and just get back to it. I was wondering what types of food you would eat when you did eat. Thanks Sonam, send you an Email………… dj i always say, If its going to be just One meal a day, then ist has to count, i Would otherwise Start craving for stuff that i deprive myself………..

Hi Nancy hope all is well,how are you doing with your one meal,myself in thired week and i have lost only 4 pounds but this time iam not going to give it up. Hi dj, I pretty much eat anything and everything that takes my fancy. There are certain things I avoid like sodas, but from time to time I still enjoy a glass of cola. I eat all the regular foods like pasta, pizza, potatoes, bread, rice, chciken, fish, beef, pork, pies, pastries, cakes, ice cream and lots of fruit and vegetables.

I needed to the time to arrange my return and I wanted to make sure I rememebered my summer for something other than my diet. Now published — click here.

Hi just come accross this, i wasnt looking for a diet, was looking for cheap ways to eat. Anyway decided to read and the more i read the more i got it. Now in my 40s i dont want to be a 6 or an 8 but i want to be a darn lot smaller then i am, so tomorrow will be my first day trying it out, how much i weigh isnt the issue so i am not going to weigh myself i am going to go off my clothes size.

Hi Polly, I think you have a good way of looking at it. I look forward to hearing how you get on. Wish I could think of a suitable Arnie quote in response. Ive been reading this website for quite a few days as i googled One Meal a Day diet as this is the only type of diet that has ever worked.

First of all i just want to say HI to David and im totally inspired by how much weight youve lost and how youve managed to keep it a secret from your family ie eating normally with them …have they not noticed your fantastic weight loss? I like doing this diet as i enjoy socialising and i do not want it to affect my life going out for meals with friends etc. A couple of years ago i slimmed down ALOT like 3 stone….

I have planned to change this and decided that today would be the day id finally post on here as i think we could all deffinitely spur eachother on to lose weight. So far i have gone from 11 stone to 10st 4 but i has taken me a couple of months and i dont know whether my metabolism has slowed down or im not drinking enough water but i cant get the rest off.

Ive been at the same weight for a while now. I go to the gym and workout but i dont do enough weights to bulk up. I am doing 1 meal a day and fruit but recently the last week ive not had any fruit. Today i got a bit fed up and had 2 meals non fattening and im scared to weigh myself im going to leave it another 2 weeks before i do! I really love this website and read it everyday for updates and stuff best of luck with all your diets guys would be great if we all spur eachother on and start losing weight!!!

Secondly, what a fantastic job you did in losing 3 stone a few years ago! If the lack of apparent results is driving you nuts, maybe you could take a slightly more scientific approach and count calories for a while? Give it another little while and you may discover that your scale weight drops by a pound or two overnight.

Just want to ask a question.. Is it good to have my one meal at 5 pm or its better to have it at night? The thing is, you have to learn to live with this. I choose to eat aroiund 5 or 6pm because it fits in with family life. I also enjoy the fact that I feel satisfied during the evening so I get the psychological boost from spending a few hours with food in my belly.

A big part of why this works for me is how I feel about it. Just another question , i cant always have my meal at the same time for some reasons but always between pm so can i have my meal for ex: And is it better to not drink anything during the day or its normal to drink for ex: The diets sometimes claim that the timing of meals is crucial for optimum fat loss. The simple idea behind one meal a day is that your task is simply to eat fewer calories than your body needs.

I drink tea or coffee with one sugar and milk full fat… because I like the taste throughout the day. Maybe upto six a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I also drink water. Does that help at all? I started following a similar eating plan about a year ago. Over the following months, I lost about 20 pounds and am now happily in the maintenance phase.

I intend to stick with the one meal a day plan pretty much forever, because it lets me have the body I want without obsessing over calories. So glad to read your story and know there are others out there who are experiencing the benefits of this lifestyle.

And even better… you sound so happy! Dear David, I am very glad to come across your article. I have been asked most by women how to stay slim while I still eat dinner as most of them skip dinner just to stay in shape. I eat very light breakfast and drink coffee, just to accompany my husband and my kids like most of normal people do. Then, I hardly eat any thing after that until dinner as I never enjoy eatting alone during the day, unless I have a lunch appointment with my girl friends.

I do excercise times a week, 2 hour session, but not Saturday-Sunday. Recently, I did gain a few kgs. I was cm, 57 kgs. They suggested to skip dinner. I was so struggled and never lost any grams. So, I was doing some reseach about age and gain weight. Then, I found your post got me thinking.

For the past months, after we moved to new neighborhood, I was trying so hard to blend in. I would have many lunch appointment with many new moms around here. Until, I guess, I got used to eatting the real lunch. After I have my mind set to loose some weight. I come back to eat very light during the day.

My very light is to feel a little hungry but not until gassy. I would drink lots of water or coffee with no sugar. I too have heard that the older we get the fewer calories we need. I may do one day. I still eat really well, and lose weight and build a little muscle all at the same time.

Hey David im 17 years old and i wanted to start this diet. While on this diet i wanted to go jogging or walking everyday to speed up the weight loss process. I will only be eating 1 meal a day, nothing crazy. How much weight can i lose? Also is it OK to exercise to speed up the weight loss? Will exercising even speed it up? The slow process teaches you something about yourself and helps you to change the eating habits that got you overweight in the first place.

You start to make better choices not always but often enough to make a difference. I had some very specific reasons for choosing this approach and I had tried other methods first. Give it some thought. Hi, Today is my 3rd day of this diet.

I will eat night and next day morning Ill motivate myself that I can eat in abt 8 hours time…. I have not check my weight but I feel very light.

Thank u for sharing. Hi Sarah, Well done for making it to day 3! Most of the feelings of success from this diet come from sticking to the plan more than what the scale says — because, as we know, the scale readings are often misleading.

Keep at it and please let us know about your porgress. HI evryone today i intend to share this good news to those who have been discouraged in anyway.. That is a fantastic encouragement for me and for others. I can imagine you feel very happy, and so you should, because you did all the hard work, you made the sacrifices and you showed the discipline to stick to the plan.

You deserve all the credit. Thank you for being a fantastic example for others to follow. David, About how much calories did you eat per day since you were only eating 1 meal and a snack?

Hi Jake, I aim to eat around to calories. I try not to worry about it too much. Counting calories is pretty boring but it can be a quicker way to lose the weight. Hello David, seems like a great post. I have started this diet today. I need to cut out around lbs too, so I hope to have the same experience you had within months from now.

I am just wondering though, did you ever have trembles at some stages? I so often feel this and giddy too when I am dieting especially when I tried the one meal a day diet the first time like a year ago and did quit for that reason back in the days.

Is it because of the low level of sugar in our blood or what? How can we bypass this feeling? Because when it occurs it makes you feel so weak… I can bypass the hunger, but I really hate the trembles… What do you recommend?

Yes, there were times when I felt weak. It would be the worst thing in the world to faint while at the wheel of a car or operating machinery. Small snacks designed to fuel not fill. Thanks so much for sharing. I did do this diet just after I finished school and lost 25kg like this, but was too strict…this caused some bad bowel problems. Thanks so much for all your advice, great post. I remember this being quite difficult in the beginning, but after a while you dont even think about food anymore…I hope I get to that point quickly.

Thanks for sharing the important point of being too strict and highlighting that there can be medical implications and complications. The relaxed approach worked very well for me for the first 30lbs.

It then becomes much more of a lifestyle than a diet which helps to keep the weight off. I started the 1 meal a day a couple weeks ago with a snack too and have lost 6 pounds! And I have kept it off! I am totally amazed at how little food I really need.

The meal and snack I eat are nutritious and nutrient dense. Except for yesterday — which was pretty much a disaster as far what I ate — and I must say — I was miserable!

Love your blog — keep the info coming. I often worry that some people think diets like this are a license to eat calories of chocolate every day and end up effectively starving themselves.

I just wanted to know if you eat pizza, mcdonalds… And what is the amount that u have when you eat those types of food. I do eat all of those things. But I try to eat them infrequently. I have been reading your blog for a while now and was so inspired by your weight loss success with one meal a day!

I decided to try this, after all, like most other overweight people, I had tried absolutely everything over the last 10 or more years with zero success. I tried eating healthy all the time with the often recommended 6 small meals a day and found myself heavier and heavier and hungrier and hungrier until I caved and ate everything in sight! Can I tell you that I have been eating this way for around 3 months now and I have effortlessly dropped 15 kilos!

I have another 20 kilos to lose yes I really stacked it on over the years! But I feel so much better already, not to mention how much better I look! I have honestly never been successful with losing weight, never been able to lose more than a few kilos and thanks to you I know I have finally found what works! On weekends I still eat pizza, pasta, ice cream and chocolate, not as much as I used to but enough to make me happy and ready to start the week again eating one meal a day, this meal is usually very healthy but sometimes not but I still lose weight despite this.

What has amazed me the most is that it is like my hunger has been switched off, I used to be starving hungry an hour after breakfast each morning, then hungry again after lunch and in the evening I could easily put away another big meal and desert and was ALWAYS craving things.

I think half the battle is believing you can do it, seeing your success has motivated and inspired me so much! The best thing, besides the weight loss of course, is the absolutely blissful feeling of freedom from being consumed by food — no calorie counting, no packing healthy snacks, no planning out every single thing I need to eat, no stress with what to order if I am going out for dinner, no one even knows how I am doing this except for my husband who has adopted this too and loves it!

So David thank you for your advice and tips on this method of weight loss and for sharing your heart. I really believe everyone is different so everyone will respond differently to diets, something you have clearly shown and I am grateful to you for sharing.

You are awesome and I wish you and your family success, peace, love and happiness! The one meal a day diet, has been working great for me. I started it in January of this year and my progress is a 70 pounds of weight loss. Sorry Jackson as a nurse I just cannot let that one pass.

Bile is not returned to the gallbladder if unused in digestion. The Gall Bladder is a one way organ that stores concentrated bile to add to digestion when fats arrive in the gut. Just out of curiosity i am 57kg and want to drop down to 50kg in preferably a month or two maximum. Do you know any way and i can do this? And what is the quick way you are talking about? I wanted to say thank you for this article I have two children under two and Im a stay at home mom..

I just got done with a three day fast Im now Im starting this diet today. I feel as if I was ment to find ur article thank you again. Hey, i wanted to start this diet and i had a question. On this diet can i eat the foods i normally eat? Like rice, chicken, spaghetti , eggs, etc. I also eat fruits. Or do i have to follow a strict diet eating only veggies and fruits. I started this diet on Friday again after having some time off and loads of socialising events…. First weigh in is this friday so its exciting the fact that every friday im going to post my weight loss for the week.

Thanks for opening our minds. I started this lifestyle in August. In 2 months, I got to my goal. For dinner, I ate whatever I wanted plus dessert.

Had two cheat days a week weekends. Obviously, I had to watch the plate size, because I wanted to lose those saddlebags, but now while maintaining, I have my huge dinner, my dessert on weekdays,and indulge profusely on weekends. This lifestyle is for me! The only different thing is: Fasting suits me especially on weekdays working days.

I do not mind keeping this lifestyle at all. I dont miss breakfast or lunch. I still enjoy a nice brunch on weekends. I am done with all that pressure thanks to your website. Thank you for everything.

Are you still around? Hollywood pineapple diet, cabbage soup diet… I can go on and on. I also tried the healthy approach, not really dieting, but watching what I eat and doing heaps of exercise.

EAch time I tried to lose weight I was successful. Where I am not successful is keeping it off. I have hunger waves that pass. I drink herbal tea all day with a small amount of maple syrup and lemon throughout the day. My problem is that I suffer from acid n reflux syndrome, so when my stomach is empty I get these awful burps.

Thank you for this post. I am actually at DAY 1 of this diet since having stumbled upon your blog yesterday. I do drink a cup of coffee and then another one or tea three hours later, with a light snack, maybe a piece of bread or fruit. Today, I tried drinking a liter of water an hour before noon.

I walk for half an hour about 4 times a week and usually have my dinner between 7: I will keep you guys updated on my progress and thank you all for sharing yours. I did this before i ever read this and i lost 5lbs in one week i wasnt hungry during the days so i would eat 1 time a day closerto the evening but would eat chips and cakes to snack on and drink water it worked but next week i am going to do this diet really since i realize you did it too and seen your results.

Sir i do ur efforts and congratulate that you are doing this. I am also doing such thing by taking a meal in morning every other day. Not only this i take only home-cooked food and no packet food, no oily food for the last 2 moth.

What do you thing will it work? And I guess it depends what you mean by oily food. If you mean deep-fried food, I guess that would make sense. I think the best way to make the one meal a day diet to work is not to go too low on calorie intake, and to keep the diet as close to balanced as you can.

Does that make sense? I just found this but wanted to share that I followed a similar regimine about 3 years ago and lost lbs. This is a great weigh for me to lose weight compared to other diets I have used in the past! I think that counting calories is the better way to go with this diet. It takes all the guess work out of it. Just wanted to say thank you for writing a very informative and relevant article.

Eating one main meal at dinner time of what you actually WANT to eat rather than what your told is healthy makes this way of eating easier to sustain for life.

Im also doing 30 minutes on a step machine with free weights every 2 or 3 days just to feel strong in my body but i realise that its not central to my weight loss as you rightly said, its more a bonus or add on. Hi David and all. I enjoyed reading the posts here and have just embarked myself on a similar quest. My food should include all six tastes — salty, sour, astringent, sweet, pungent, and bitter.

I thought this would be a place where I can post my results along the way. I am a mom of four, age 48, pounds, looking to get to about My big lunch makes me feel satisfied all day. I do go to bed early, as suggested, though. I think that having the main meal at lunch time is better in several ways.

We can always build upon it as we go. Your approach to the exercise sounds great. I saw this site last year and started for a while. She keeps munching or eating every hour and keep offering me.

Then, I moved to a new city, live alone and changed everything. Yet, did not diet…. GOOD news was that I never gained either. Until last month, holidays started and I started putting on more. I realised that I was eating more and during the school year, I only had time for 1 or 1.

I was never that hungry. I used to go to class at 8am, with back to back classes, I did not any time for lunch. I only have some brunch, but not heavy. Then I eat dinner around five after I come home. Then I realized that this is exactly or close to the 1-meal a day plan. I started this about few days ago — to be on 1-meal a day strictly.

Within 3 or 4 days, i lost about 3 pounds. Yet, I believe they are fluid retention. So, I have decided not to weigh me every day. Right now, I am planning to make sure that my body gets adjusted to this meal plan, I will not worry about weight lost and then, I will worry about losing weight. If I do not lose any more weight by end of January, then I know that this meal plan is not for me.

My weight fluctuates easily. I will put on 3 pounds overnight if I had full meal. AND it will take me at least a week of starving to shed them. That is why I gave up on diets! But now, I really need to lose at least another 15 pounds. I am at pounds today. Last week I was …that is overweight for me and I was depressed.

I used to be under pounds all my life. I am not greedy to get back to pounds. David, just like you, I do not have breakfast. I hear lectures all the time how bad it is for me. In fact, when I eat in the morning, especially heavy breakfast, I get stomach ache.

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