1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

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This cake needs to cool completely. Keep up the good work. You say one tablespoon of flaxseed would be 7g. Both of these establishments are run by foodies who turn out some of the finest food in our city. It is not so much the chemical itself but the amount, processed foods have so much of this dangerous chemical that is causes a good many people to get sick. This is expensive and most inmates can't afford to do this.

The 35 Worst Foods You Can Eat and Why

Food companies do it because they can make more money and less loss and if people let it go they will keep doing it. The sad thing is that we all let the companies get away with it because we all love the quick conveniences and are afraid that the foods will increase in price if they change. People are and become what they eat period. Plus, it costs a lot more money.

It is supposed to be a real quality product. That graphic of the Kraft boxes and ingredients list should be a poster. Or give us large stickers that we can glue to supermarket doors and shelf space…. Too many uninformed parents out there should contact this information somehow. How about you other people? Its really sad that I grew up on thia stuff and u feed it to my daughter until 4 years ago when I started getting smart and learning about all this crap they out in our foods.

I hope now we can educate others. This is exactly why I became a personal trainer and certified fitness nutritionist, so I cab help educate people of the harm of eating these things! As such a resource, it has been empowering. Clearly the ingredients are unhealthy.

Rather, it controls the individual which ultimately is not a sustainable solution to health. Let us seek to approach the health of the individual in sustainable ways: I do agree with you Brittany. People need to be informed and educated about their food choices. The only thing I slightly disagree with you about is that unfortunately not all people have the time to sit down and get food chemistry lessons, so they rely on the companies they trust making the the food to be of good character.

Take that crap out of our food supply! Stop slowly poisoning us to earn a buck! We are far from an ideal world so it is good to know that there are people like food babe being advocates for us. So I just want to comment on this Mac and Cheese Madness. I am a Certified Health Coach with an extensive background in nutrition and chemistry. We can all agree that ALL Food affects the whole person, on a cellular level.

Everything we eat is a chemical and has a chemical reaction and hormonal effect that modifies the neurotransmitters. I make a Mac and Cheese with low fat chicken broth to flavor, whole grain pasta, skim milk, low fat cheese, and a little salt , pepper and garlic powder… in a rice cooker and my kids LOVE it.

It is a healthier alternative to this comfort food that we all love. Eating better will make you feel better and when you feel better your whole life changes. Make smarter choices around food and pay attention to what eat. Balance the diet with the right choices.

As an activist ,I think its wonderful that this debate has begun and so many people are participating in these discussions, it gives hope that things will change for the better. Sometimes it is hard to make choices and quite often the wrong decisions are made, food advertising is very persuasive and cost and consumer driven familiarisation are part of the problem. I strive to stay chemical-free including drugs, alcohol, and medications. Besides 25mg of Stevia, the only ingredients listed are: Kosher vegetable glycerin, water and maltodextrin in that order.

How do you feel about this product? I feel it is the purest form I can get without growing the plant myself. Glutamates elicit an sensation known as umami different from salt or sugar. I have seen no studies saying that there are any addictive properties related to the consumption of MSG. Glutamates in general are present naturally in many foods that we eat every day.

Soy Sauce for example has a wealth of great glutamates that deliver a wonderful mouthfeel, and can really bring the flavors together in a dish. Yeast extract is exactly what it says- extract from yeast.

It does not contain monosodium glutamate at all. It is a replacement for MSG that delivers a similar mouthfeel. If it is naturally occurring that is fine.

So I have banned all products that add MSG. Mac and Cheese should have a very short ingredient list, without the need for MSG or anything else. I understand that some people think that MSG is bad, but Jay is right.

MSG is a naturally occurring compound in many foods, including seaweed, tomatoes, soy sauce, miso and most cheeses. Conversely, many people have adverse reactions to milk and wheat. Why are these things not shunned with equal distrust? How is drinking milk from another animal ok?

How is eating eggs ok? Those things are pretty disgusting if you think about it. But MSG has become this scapegoat for people feeling sick. People that are lactose intolerant or allergic to gluten probably do not need to be warned to avoid pasta or dairy. There are some dairy products like yogurt that lactose intolerant people can…well…ummm…tolerate. By the way, only 1 out of every people has celiac disease.

There seems to be a mass hysteria making the rounds when it comes to gluten. Beef was one such product I saw. The majority of people do not need to be concerned with buying gluten free. I think I can say I would not feed this stuff to my dog. Where can I get some UK version of mac and cheese? I have been living organically since My teenager still pushes back about certain cleaner mac and cheese products I buy.

If I can get the UK version I maybe able to make a point with her. There was only one product that I thought could be recommended without reservation based on its ingredients. Most other products use annatto or annatto and paprika. Even the Kraft Deluxe skips the artificial yellow dyes. A couple products use apocarotenal. That ingredient has some potential cancer baggage.

Most all the other products contain one or more dubious ingredients like maltodextrin, corn syrup, hydrolyzed oil, etc. The products that use non-animal enzymes in their cheese tend to say so. Many of the products use fortified pasta added vitamins. That in itself is not so bad except it suggests the food is not nutritious without the extras. By French law, there are only 4 ingredients in French baguettes, flour, water, yeast and salt. Also as our consumers know, grains in cattle and sheep are bad and strip the resultant meat of the health benefits of grass fed cattle - like elevated essential fatty acids.

However this does guarantee that an animal was indeed free range or what diet is was raised on. However it does not guarantee unrestricted movement of an animal or speak to the medicinal practices followed.

It does not automatically describe unrestricted movement nor the medicinal regime used. So when next you come into Braeside be assured we will proudly let you KNOW THY FARMER of our independently certified free range and grass fed meat - which is indeed free of routine antibiotics, growth stimulants and ionophones and which comes from animals who have been ethically and humanely raised!

Specials end 19 September ! Do you know your butcher? Mike is our newest employee serving you on the weekends who always wear that fashionable cap. So here are a few facts about Mike you may not know: Mike found his way to Braeside through a wonderful NGO, The Character Company - which seeks to uplift young men being raised in women and child headed households in underprivileged areas.

He comes from Cosmo City and is a very proud Jozi man who is passionate about music and popular culture and decent boerewors. It showcases restaurants from Jozi and you have the chance of sampling dishes from their menus. Entrance is free to these dems once you have paid to enter the Show. We are also serving up our legendary slow braised pulled short rib with banting friendly sides at Braeside Pop Up Grill!

So pop in between the 25th and 28th September at Monte. He will show you how the Big Green Egg can cook, roast, smoke and grill everything from pizzas to your perfect steak! There are only 20 spaces available and costs R a head, which includes all wine on the day as well as a host of other interesting giveaways.

Because we are the exclusive meat partner for this event, you are able to book early before this event is officially launched next week so book early to avoid disappointment! Other events to look out for South Africans are proud of a few things - sports, beer and Karoo lamb!

The interesting thing though is whilst we can all name at least 2 Springbok rugby players, few of us know that not all lamb in SA comes from the Karoo. Professor Johan Kirsten spent years investigating what makes Karoo lamb so unique in flavour and texture. He discovered along the way that there are 6 specific bushes that make Karoo so unique. When sheep have roamed freely and eaten on at least 2 of these bushes then they develop that lovely herbaceous flavour we all know as Karoo lamb.

To celebrate our partnership with Certified Karoo Lamb we are offering until 19 July: Stella is the lady everyone watches debone our chickens in record time and here are a few facts you may not have known about here:.

Since then she has become the most proficient chicken butcher in Braeside, deboning whole chickens in under 2 minutes. Stella loves to make her own biltong at home using nothing more than salt, pepper and coriander she lets our free range grass fed beef be the show of her biltong. She is our olderst member of staff with the longest service and has a granddaughter as well as a loving son she spends her weekends with. Stella is a devout Christian and when Caroline changed to free range, she was truly happy as this was how her family farmed when she grew up.

We have another action packed month ahead to keep the chills at bay. Spaces are limited at our events so book early or be disappointed! Hands-on workshop where you learnt how to cook lunches - from entertaining to kids lunch boxes. Hosted by Chef Kerry, you will receive part 2 of our cookbook with all the recipes, and a few others to keep you on your path of wellness. We have a lovely gift hamper to take away and make your first lunch.

Cost is Rpp including all ingredients and gift hamper. Only 12 spaces left so email us to book your space. Come and blind taste 3 different types of game meat - rating which is your favourite in taste and texture.

You will meet our professional hunter as well as a game farmer who is protecting the genetics of our wildlife for generations to come.

Chef Kerry will tantalise your taste buds with a 3 course venison meal Banting of course. Cost is only R per person and we have 35 spaces so contact us to book your spot. There will be a cash bar on the evening. So you are a proud, meat loving South African and you are concerned about eating lean meat? Then you obviously eat venison right? Here is a little insight into venison meat in South Africa.

There is currently no law that allows venison meat to be sold unless the animal has been slaughtered at an abattoir. Now this is an absolute impossibility as you cannot round-up and transport game like cattle or sheep. The game that we sell at Braeside Meat Market has been specifically culled by a select group of professional hunters who practice ethical hunting practices.

They also never cull young or pregnant game. Finally they never cull at night using stun lights or ride on the back of vehicles to chase game. Hunting season is open and people are off shooting game.

We Braeside Meat Market ensures the carcasses from our select professional hunters have been aged before we cut premium steaks and make our renowned venison wors. We know many of you have had the pleasure of master butcher, Sydwell serving you in our shop. Here are a few facts about our much loved butcher you may not have known.

Sydwell started out as shop steward on a mine but gave it all up to pursue his dream of becoming a butcher after a particularly long and violent strike at the mine. Before Braeside, his talents as a skilled meat artist were never developed. He was expected to cut everything on a bandsaw without thought or care. His favourite part of his job is working with Caroline to come up with new ways of hand trimming the best muscles out of grass fed meat. Passionate father to 2 active boys, his favourite pastime is playing soccer with his sons.

Beat off the winter blues, come and join us on the Paleo journey and to explore venison as a premium protein option. How to get cooking without wheat, gluten or sugar. Watch out for our emails as we send out invitations next week for the first in the series. Spaces are limited to 20 and this is a hands on Saturday workshop, so be quick to book or be disappointed!

Ever wondered which venison meat is best? Well wonder no more as we host a very special blind-tasting of 3 different venisons followed by a truly South African 3 course venison menu paleo friendly of course. Watch out for the invites as only 40 spaces available for this truly unique eating experience. On 1 May Caroline McCann bought Braeside Meat Market from her aunt and by September she boldly took the decision to stock only certified free range and grass fed meat.

Since then Caroline has striven to build up relationships with farmers who are raising animals as they should, displaying that same affection even through to culling. In Caroline introduced products specifically required by people following specialized diets like Banting, Paleo, GAPS as well as less specific diets.

We source items like organic coconut products, almond milk, honey, tallow and a range of other products designed for wellness from food. We also have an extensive range of allergen free meat products like biltong, dry wors, sausages, bacon and hamburgers all made with herbs, spices and meat only.

Our basic philosophy is that if our farmers have used the ultimate care in raising their animals then the least we can do is show the same respect in how we cut and prepare your favourite cuts. In celebration of turning 12 years young we have on special from 2 - 15 May dry aged rump steaks at only R90 per kilogram and biltong at R per kilogram.

During May anyone who posts a picture to our Facebook page of meals made using our delicious meat stands a chance to win a meat hamper worth R The winner for this draw will take place at the end of May We know many of you have had the pleasure of master butcher Daniel serving you in our shop, but here are a few facts about our much-loved butcher you may not have known.

Daniel trained to be a butcher in and passed his trade exams as well as his international trade exams with flying colours. He loves how we set up relationships, so he can assure customers of how the animals were raised and who raised them. There is typically a restriction with respect to sugar because it is the main ingredient for making wine. I ate a lot of bologna and cheese sandwiches and beans, and little fresh fruit in jails.

Federal prison in MS was horrendous. Prior to arriving I had heard that the food would be bad, but I had no idea how bad it could be until I arrived. I took a one week job in the kitchen and saw firsthand what the saying "garbage in, garbage out" really meant. Think about receiving the absolute worst cuts of meat, waste meat that looks so bad that it makes you nauseous to look at.

Meat with veins and gristle is the norm. Fruit is close to expiration and the point where they would not be sold in a grocery. In or things got so bad that it resulted in a peaceful riot and a two-week lockdown.

The case was related to a warden who was understood to be diverting funds from food service to either his bonus or other places it was not supposed to go. This caused an immediate response by administration to lock down the prison. They put us in a two-week lockdown while our demands were negotiated. While we had little bargaining power, the administration made sure it was tough on us. They went through each unit and shook down all lockers, removing all food that had been bought off the commissary so that we could not eat out of our lockers.

We were fed bologna sandwiches at each meal and restricted to no movement outside of our unit. Medical would come to units; all visitation was cancelled.

After two weeks, the situation got the attention of DC and a negotiation was made to get UNICOR employees back to work and kitchen detail back in kitchen. The warden was replaced and we got a new warden, she was not much better, slightly better food for a moment at least. There are a few ways that you can get around the poor quality of food. You can buy all your food off the commissary. This is expensive and most inmates can't afford to do this. The benefit is you can eat somewhat healthy.

You can purchase fresh fruit, some limited veggies and more hearty food. If you have a religious excuse such as being Jewish, Muslim or other religion with dietary laws, you can qualify for common fare food. This is actually very healthy food and tastes good. It is ordered and comes frozen. Meals are heated and served along with fresh vegetables. It was interesting to see how prison populations grow with populations of Jewish inmates over the years. I thought it was awfully ironical to see members of Aryan Brotherhood and Neo Nazis who would sit at a table with common fare meals in front of them.

We would receive 3 meals a year which were actually decent. Christmas in Fed Prison meant a Cornish hen. As populations grew over the years that was reduced to half a hen. We got one steak a year on New Year's but it was not edible. Imagine a steak so tough that it could not be chewed. On Easter we would usually get fried chicken breast. Every Wed in BOP was soy burger day. Thanksgiving we got a huge turkey leg. There was a common understanding that it was really an emu leg.

I don't know for sure but it was so big it took up the entire tray. It was greasy and nasty. Not really edible but every year we got it. Most fed prisons had salad bars with decent lettuce, carrots, chopped broccoli, and alfalfa and some others. This was actually the only place you could be served decent vegetables that were not on common fare. I use to pay an inmate on the kitchen detail a book of stamps a month to smuggle me out a plastic Coke bottle filled with white vinegar. I would then buy fresh garlic off the commissary and chop it up, add salt and pepper to make my own vinegar based dressing.

It was not balsamic but it was better than the fatty crap that came from the huge cans. Thank you for your feedback! Which nighttime snacks help me lose the most weight? Here are the top 10 best snacks to have before you go to sleep to help burn off unwanted pounds! Read More at helpfulthought.