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What Is SlimFast?

If you want to slim down and rock your best body, we encourage you to choose a diet supplement that is both affordable and backed by real clinical results. The flavors available for GNC Lean Shake can also be added to milkshakes, smoothies, or any other beverage that can make the taste more palatable to an individual. You just have to make sure you get enough nutrition with them and that they are around calories each. The SlimFast Plan is proven to help you lose weight fast and keep it off. I agree with your comment.

GNC Lean Shakes Flavors and Taste

Being a Type 2 diabetic and somewhat overweight, I have tried almost every low carb bar and diet shake that I could find. I do like the chocholate Slim-Fast flavors better, but these are nice for variety. I have lost over 70lbs by cutting my carbs and starting a workout program which has also helped my blood sugar levels.

These shakes do fill me up for a long time and taste good enough that my kids ask for them for breakfast. Traub on November 27, I got these as a subscription with free shipping, which lowers the price considerably and makes it a compelling meal replacement. I brought one to work every day and poured it over a cup of ice, making a cool and delicious snack to follow my morning coffee. I prefer the vanilla to the chocolate, but both are yummy, thick, and shake-like.

Some people don't like the flavor--I wonder if they're comparing it to a creamy, fattening milkshake. The reality is that a calorie drink is never going to be like a milkshake but it's good enough.

I wouldn't eat one every day of the year but it is very convenient to keep a few at my desk in case I don't feel like making breakfast or don't have time for lunch. And it's definitely better tasting than the Atkins shakes which are admittedly not bad. By BarbbJo on February 4, I love these shakes! I had the slimfast regular shakes before, however these are better. I drink one chilled for lunch everyday, with an apple and Fiber One 90 calorie bar.

I also drink one as a snack before bed. The price was amazing with the subscription membership, and you can't beat the free shipping to your home. I will have both flavors to enjoy. I haven't tried the chocolate yet but will today, and know it will be just as good, if not better!

Don't be afraid to try these shakes because they are lo carb, you will be pleasantly surprised! One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. About these shakes -- as someone else said, yes! Serve them very cold!

Not that warm is horrible, but when you drink it warm, it has an odd flavor to it If you've had a regular Slim Fast shake, this has a very similar flavor -- but it seems the shake is a bit thinner, though very flavorful. Also, for me, these aren't exactly a meal replacement. Eat a bit of food with this to be very satisfied. This shake tastes better than any other low carb shake I have tried; it's smooth and creamy and sweet.

I've tried Atkins expensive and not very sweet and ESA shakes thin and not very sweet and I prefer this product. I don't understand why this product is so hard to find especially since it is infinately better than it's competition. By Mary Hope on May 11, I have tried MANY weight reduction shakes before but this ranks up at the top of the list.

I have lost almost 25 lbs. I plan on staying with it for another 5 lbs. I been losing lbs per month. Plus have not had any health issues. How does it work? Do you drunk all day long? I plan on trying it since I just had another baby almost 9 months ago and I wanna get my old body back soon real soon cab you please help I would be greatly appreciative and thankful. It is about 5 days now I started taking slim fast shake. But I am not sure it is because of this product. Considering you mentioned you experience severe gastric problems, you may want to reach out to a healthcare professional.

Click above to read about the sample offer. I love this product and it is very frustrating not to be able to find it!!

I even went on line to purchase it and they were sold out! But last week they had it, but was only going to let me buy 2, when I was wanting 10 cans. I like the powder so I can mix it myself.

Thank you for listening. Read all comments which find helpful thankyou and good luck to all xx. I will quit it inmmediately. Had to stop it. Never gonna take it again, If anyone is thinking about having it, think and search before doing it. I have been a long time user of slim-fast shakes. Today I am quitting. The reason is inconvenience of the new plastic bottles. I use to have my shake on the run. Pop the top and drink it on the drive to work.

Now I have to remove the cap, remove the aluminum foil and figure out a place to put them while I drink my shake. Looks like the price went up when you shifted to plastic as well. I went to the pharmacy to pick up meds and slimfast and was shocked at what I saw. Now your company is cheating us out of your product. I use to get a 12 pack now its an 8 pack. It use to be 11 ounces, now its 10 ounce.

The 6 packs are now 4 packs for the same price. What the heck is going on? I feel your company is starting to screw the consumer. Does your company think that us consumers are stupid, do you think just because you put your product into a plastic bottles that we well be happy?

I think you need to talk to your marketing dept or your CEO and tell them that the public is not happy. The sales person said she had several complaints since your product hit the shelves. Its bad enough our gas and cost of living is going up, and now the one thing I felt I could afford to help me with my weight problem has gone up.

I think you need to do some changes before people start to boycott your product…A concerned consumer. I agree with your comment. I will go to another brand. It is the price. Regular price is 4. I was wondering if Aldi had something like it. I just started the Slimfast diet and really like it, but was wondering if there was a cheaper version. Thank you for letting us know. Slimfast worked for me. Hey , you said you lost 3 lbs the first week. I was wondering how much exercising your doing with the diet to get those results, and what exercises are you doing?

Yes, I would throw them away. All Slim Fast shakes in a can from have been recalled. The powder and slim fast bars are ok. My brother said That I should throw this away as it had been recalled. I read your article on the ingredients in slimfast. For five years I have been using slimfast once a day in the morning. I usually mix a quart bottle in the night and it last about two days. During this five year period I had colitis of the stomach.

Only recently did I hear that these problems can be caused by diet. I decided to eliminate foods form my diet to see what could be causing the colitis. I got down to milk and slimfast. When I stopped drinking milk with slimfast my symptoms finally went away.

I thought at first it was the lactose, so I went for several days without any milk or slimfast, the symptoms are gone. They I started to see if I could drink milk with no lactose. I believe the slimfast has been causing me colitis all these years. I am still off the medicine and slimfast and wont use the product any more. I would like to tell other people who may have colitis about this problem.

Can you suggest places I can contact? Thanks very much Lawrence Smith. Lawrence, colitis of the stomach?? Colitis refers to the colon and has no referal to the stomach. With this is mind, I question your ability to mix the proper concentration. Considering the date on the bottles is , they may be out of date.

It contains clinically-tested ingredients and customers are sharing positive results. For more information, see our full Advertising Disclosure.

Click here to find out why we're giving away samples of our product, Burn TS. Some Slim Fast products contain caffeine - as much as a cup of coffee. Need Help Finding a Diet? It's like drinking a chocolate shake. I've lost 30lbs with slim fast in one month. So it you like a thick chocolate shake then get Advanced, if you don't like that thickness then get this product.

But remember they don't taste the same. So get one of each and see what one you like the best. Wish you could order more than 4 per order. Walmart stores do not stock this flavor anymore. Jeanbed, January 13, Good taste, similar to a chocolate malt.

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