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Simulate data from a logistic regression Example 7. Create a Fibonacci sequence R tips: I know it's been so long Find Amazon sales rank for a book ggplot2: Simple Analysis Missing data, logistic regression, and a predicted values plot or two Job grade plot Example 7.

Replicating a prettier jittered scatterplot Building R packages for Windows A recommended book cran2deb: Some detail on the last plot Obama approval useR in Rennes: Recap and slides Causal inference and biostatistics The Knapsack Problem Sometimes, you just need to use a plyr Presenting influence.

A prettier jittered scatterplot R String processing Getting help with R. August View complete archive page Example 7. Have you ever heard about the 'animation package'? Spearman's rank correlation coefficient and Kendall tau rank correlation coefficient Rcpp 0.

Plot two empirical cumulative density functions using available tools. September View complete archive page R: A simple graphic of sales RInside release 0. Read a file with two lines per observation R Function of the Day: Select nested observations with equal number of occurences RGG Histograms Linking text, results, and analyses: Increasing transparency and efficiency R Function of the Day: Creating Repetitive Reports search the graph gallery from R new R package: Truncated Normal Distribution update on the ant package Learning ggplot2: October View complete archive page Adventures with Comcast: Advanced multiple barplot with SEM R 2.

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill extent Where have all the Hacker News old-timers gone? Major feature set complete U. Animated Choropleth Maps use R!

Suggestions for R-Chart iPhone App? JSM [day 2] RcppExamples 0. September View complete archive page Managing a statistical analysis project — guidelines and best practices Mandelbrot Set, evolved Plotting Time Series data using ggplot2 Moshtemp 5.

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Only one of those wins came in the six games in which Luck produced a passer rating of under Yes, this was two years ago, and the Colts have a new head coach and a lot of new players. However, looking at what the Colts have on defense and their offensive weapons outside of WR T.

Against the Cardinals, the wide receivers were targeted 13 times and they caught eight passes. If those numbers seem low, they are. Last year wide receivers were targeted 19 times per game and they averaged 11 receptions. As the season goes on I think that the receivers will get more chances than they got on Sunday. Smith only attempted 30 passes; Kirk Cousins attempted that many or more in 12 games last year.

There will be games where Smith has to pass more and that will increase chances for the receivers. It may not happen today but as the season goes on, Doctson, Richardson, and Crowder will get their chances.

The Redskins played what appeared to be an inferior opponent last week and they rolled to an easy win. They have an opponent of similar quality today and they are at home. Will they dominate again? Just once in the Jay Gruden era have the Redskins beaten opponents by 10 points or more twice in a row. That came at the end of the season when they beat the Bills, Eagles, and Cowboys by double digits.

In short, the Jay Gruden Redskins have been inconsistent. The ability to play at a high level week after week escapes them. Maurice Harris is listed as questionable after missing last week's game with a concussion.

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