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Weight Watchers Live Chat #50: Welcome to Freestyle!
Never been to San Diego? Send the MomsView link to a friend: I only have one life to live, so I want to make it an adventure! I served it with a big green salad and felt like a health warrior! Our goal is to provide easy and delicious recipes that anyone can make! If you miss a meeting, your leader should have extras from at least the week prior and maybe farther back. Go hang up your coat and go to the bathroom.

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No, sadly popcorn is not included on the zero point list because it undergoes dietary changes during popping that eliminate it from that list.

Also, snack foods are considered easily abused or high abuse foods and are not included. It would be easy to eat 3 cups of popcorn, but a little harder or slower anyway to eat 3 ears of corn -Q: Some ground turkey and chicken has skin and other fatty fillers included so always be sure and check the label!

See my blog www. The girls over in the IYHAE Facebook group have been making flatbread pizzas, hearty soups, even desserts…your family need not know! What foods got added to the zero points food list? Does it make a difference on what type of fish to be zero? Like wild caught versus farm raised? Are there any fruits and vegetables that did not make the zero point list? What makes a food FREE?

Free would be water. Are the zero point foods really unlimited? Get one serving, eat it, if you are really still hungry go get another one. If you need more points at one meal than another mix it up! There are thousands of items individually packaged under different brand names that have to be updated. Most are done, some are not. The eating out foods like fast foods and restaurants are still in progress.

Why are dried fruits, chickpeas, etc not zero? Why is an egg zero but the app says a Fried Egg is 1 Smart Point? Just track an egg. Why is plain non fat yogurt zero but not my pre-flavored name brand yogurt?

There were so many yogurt add in ideas on the chat though! Can I attend one meeting for free? You never know, you may like it and join and stay! Not sure where that got started. How can I get my family to eat these things? You can hide a heck of a lot of veggies in casseroles! Can you try something new every week and add a thing or two? I would hightly recommend you look over the list again and try something. Is my points value going to go down? Like everything in life, be sensible -Q: Are you going to eat a dozen?

Your weeklies should have stayed exactly the same -Q: What are rollover points? I think people were hoarding points and then using them say on the weekend…now that is called Rollover points. You can roll over up to 4 SP a day for 6 days until weigh in day for a maxium of 24 SP to use later -Q: Fish tacos are delicious! Hi Jessica, If you click on the link in each recipe name, that will take you to the recipe on Kitchme, where the recipes, steps and ingredients, and points values are listed.

On the spur of the moment I bought a WW cookbook on eBay that had all of these recipes in it already. They were about the only recipes in that big book I even considered trying. Stracotto with Lemongrass Gremolata? Goat Cheese Chive Frittata? Saffron Clam Sauce with Capellini? Hi there — thanks for reading and commenting! Our goal is to provide easy and delicious recipes that anyone can make! I only have one life to live, so I want to make it an adventure! How do you think the rest of us got to know what they are?

I thought women were fearless. If you never tasted these dishes, life is passing you by, you AND your family. Nope, no fish tacos. Those are two things that do NOT go together. Neither does cheesecake and chocolate! These are my preferences. Come home Wednesday night, take 4 eggs out of the frig to come to room temp.

Go hang up your coat and go to the bathroom. Come back to the kitchen, put on your apron. Take a frying pan, add a cup or two of jarred tomato sauce from your pantry, add a T of butter and a spritz each of sugar and dried thyme, stir, bring to a simmer.

Get out plates, knives and forks and set table, or holler for someone else to. Find another kid to cook up broccoli or other green veg, or salad. After sauce simmers 2 minutes, make little depressions in the sauce, break eggs into depressions, sprinkle a bit of parm or other cheese on top. And that, my dear, is your supper. Twelve minutes if you dawdle. Eggs in Purgatory is eggs in tomato sauce, a classic Wednesday night supper for generations of working women.

OK, no fish in tacos, but egg in spaghetti sauce on toast? Give me a break! It was SO Good!! Done like this it tasted just like rice! It was the perfect texture…. I added a tbsp of flour to the skim milk just in case. PLUS my cauliflower rice was frozen and I knew that would add a bit of liquid. Other than that I followed recipe. Oh, I added some onion and garlic with the chicken when cooking…. I have a hard time NOt doing that! Definitely a keeper for sure….. Join the 7-day Challenge at KitchMe! have hope