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A viable, vegan sugar alternative. There are adults and 75 6 year old children We have bread donated it comes in a variety of bulkie rolls and sliced bread. All these foods are covered on the plan for tables, fruit tray table, and veggie tray table. We're growing a nice long list for you! Looked at your "Big Pots" area, but am not sure how to plan quantities in this combinantion. I was wondering how much food I should purchase? There are some cutting.

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I'll probably buy another for the bedroom or an add-on room, too. StridersMom, December 27, Awesome filter for the price!! I am in Afghanistan so the option to shop around was a no-go. I decided to buy this for the wife because she was deciding whether to give away the 2 cats she rescued or just deal with her allergies. Very first day she got it, turned it on and left the apartment. Upon arrival, she felt a complete change in the air. According to her, she does not do anything different so I know it is the filter.

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Santa Cruz Organic juices, sparkling celebratory drinks, natural sodas and "lightly sweetened organic tea blends" Sir Real Organic Food Products certified organic and natural fruit juices from "all American grown fruit" R. It is going to consist of chips, beef, cheese, veggies, sour cream and salsa. I am in charge of the veggie part. How many heads of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions do you think I will need to purchase for people?

Check it and get 7 times the amounts of veggies. Thank you so much for your help! This is a great website!! All of my chicken drummette recipes go by pieces not pounds, I need help figuring out how many pounds to buy. By the way, this site is great. I will be using it quite a bit in the near future.

I like to allow 6 pieces per person, 4 is kind of a minimum. You want about 3 ounces ready to eat per person. You need about 25 pounds potatoes total and about 2 pounds raw boneless beef for each 3 men it shrinks. Is there a recipe for chili to serve 30 ounce servings? Basically meaty chilis start out with about half the total desired amount in raw meat, which is a pint, which is a pound.

I will be serving the community a thanksgiving dinner. How much cabbage do I need to buy? You need about 20 pounds per people. Cabbage shrinks after it is shredded. You need about 5 pounds which is about 1. Our church is planning a community Thanksgiving dinner and I need to knnow the following amounts of food: See the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots. If it is after work, you need at least double that; people try to have dinner at these functions.

I'm hosting an event with approximately 30 people. MJK, that is already on site- see the plan for page.

There will be around people there so I need to know how much brisket, sausage, german potatos will I need to feed this crowd. You need to tell the time of day, what else is served, and the beverages- alcohol makes a difference. The candy is the main dessert. Also out of the 50 are kids. See the other one. Sauerkraut is under vegetables in plan for you need the larger amount.

Potatoes Au Gratin for people? How many potatoes do I need? My daughters having a birthday party and we are expectng 50, 13 year old girls. The party is from We are having pizza, chips and dip. I already ordered the cake. How many people does a bag of chips feed? How many pizzas would you recommend? Ypu might add some fruit trays- popular and healthy. I need to know how much of the following I will need for appetizers. Party hours will be 7: I am sure you are planning other foods, as you need 8 or more selections for this size group, especially for a long party.

I am having a buffet birthday party for my son but we have a big family. I am making roast beef and then cutting it down for sandwiches. How much Roast Beef will I need? Is 25lb about what I need? I am also have hot dogs for the kids. I am having 22 kids.

I rented a Hot dog Roller. How many hot dogs do you think I should buy? I am sure some adults will eat hot dogs too. I brought a Full Sheet cake for dessert and was thinking of a Pretzel tray too It is for this Sunday!

Get 45 hotdogs, but cook only half to start. See the sandwich event page for condiment ray for and use half. Some of the men will certainly eat more than the ladies. I need to be fully prepared but also not have tons of food left over either. I need to know the quantities to have available. Having some amount of leftovers will be fine but not a lot. This is something we are having to plan quickly and with as much ease as possible. Also wanted to say that the 6 children that are attending are old enough that they will most likely eat on the adult level with the amount of food.

There is a great table for sandwich condiments on the sandwich event page- you would sub bbq sauce for ketchup. You would want just a half of the amount for When you post a list I will check it for you.

How many pounds of beef and how many pounds of chicken should I buy. You need different amounts for chicken pieces, quarters or breasts? For buffet entrees I aim for 5 ounces rwady to eat beef PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat chicken per person.

I don't run out. I am planning a student function and expecting approx. Breakfast foods will be served.

A correction to my posting. We are expecting approx. Ad some kind of protein- yogurts, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, to your menu if you expect them to pay attention all morning. There are lots of reasons, but one important one is that the paid caterer is legally liable for ANYTHING that goes wrong at an event; incorrect storage and transport, food poisoning, injury to workers or guests, unhappy results with the customer refusing to pay, etc; you need event insurance for this.

Also, there are very stiff regulations in most states, such as yo can't prepare the food at your house unless it is a licensed commercial kitchen. Also, you need legal contracts specifying foods and amounts, who takes home the leftovers, etc. For help, go to the catering board at chef2chef. That said, all these foods are covered in the plan for page, the appetizer planning page, the sandwich planning page and the fruit tray and vegetable tray page. I have planned my menu but I have no idea how much food too cook without cooking to little of too much.

Would you please help me? My menu is as follows: The food will be on a table in large aluminum pans. Do you think I am fixing too much food? Your advice will be very much appreciated. Thankyou for taking your time to help me!

You will have some left, but this is the only way to give everyone their first choice. For people you would want a total of 10 gallons of beans and salads, so for 60 you want about Maybe 2 gallons each?

Could you please help in answering this question? You want pounds of noodles and and equal amount of beef, plus the gravy. It will take 2 roasters to hold this much, if you use roasters. It would be nice to have a really big pretty fruit tray. Check the sandwich event page for help on the sandwich amounts, fruit tray page and veggie tray page for fruits, veggies, and relish tray for example, you would use 3 times the fruit tray for 25 and the relish tray for as given would be perfect for your event.

Post your estimates and I will check them for you. We are having a Chicken-que and cole slaw will be added to the plates; just a large spoonful per plate. But take a look at my Mardigras slaw recipe for ; it's really good and really pretty on the plate..

How much of each will I need? I have covered all of these foods in the plan for lists- make an estimate, post it, and I will check it for you. How much of each do you think? Use my antipasto platter or antipasto vegetables on the appetizer page as a guide for the antipasto quantities: Get the blackened tuna when you and an appreciative friend can really sit and enjoy it as a meal. For high school for desserts I allow 1 of each type up to 4 including the cupcakes, making all of them about the size of the mini cheese cakes.

For this large a crowd I would get two layer half sheets, and I would get three or four. Hamburgers and hot dogs. See sandwich page for rolls and condiments. Might also want to check out dessert planning page and beverage planning page. This is a person here, and you can do your own ingredients lists from my recipes and lists.

I am starting my own catering business and Im going out on faith. I do not want to over charge my customer but I do not want to under charge myself But I or anyone in the business will tell you that you need years pro in the business working for someone else before you open your own business catering, if you don't want to fail. It is a tough business and one bad event can ruin you- or an accident for the staff or guests, or food poisoning. You need a business plan, capital to last 2 years a licensed professional kitchen you can't cook for sale in your home kitchen , legal contracts with your clients, INSURANCE, business and health licenses; it is a massive undertaking and very hard work.

Im having a catered party for people. How many beans do I need. Wish to serve fresh fruit salad with following 5 fruits: Those other items include: I would do times the amounts for the fruit tray for 25 on the fruit tray page, substituting cantaloupe pound for pound with the other melon. I would suggest trays, not mixed salad, easier to eat no bowls and spoons and more impressive on the table. Consider a creamy yogurt dip on the side with vanilla, honey and mace- 1 cup for each people.

For example, I can't do a good entree estimate without more information; I don't know if your roast beef is pot roast or prime rib, you have three entrees for 60 people, when 2 is much more usual and much easier to estimate.

The side dishes are an unusual selection in that there are three major starches for 60 people, which means you will have to make a lot extra to make sure everyone gets their first choice; plus you are also having potato sald, which is a very heavy choice for this menu. It is also very helpful to know the type of crowd age, etc and the event.

You may want to rethink the menu a little and simplify, then read the table instructions for meats and the other foods and start with an estimate, so I have something to work with. Which meat would be better ground chuck, or lean ground beef? This would be for the kids attending VBS at my church. WQould you have any other menu ideals for a week?

If you have to add in staff you might want a bit more. Pizza is loved, mac and cheese, oven-fried chicken or chicken nuggets; meatballs and spaghetti; sandwiches. We want to make the food for my sisters wedding. How many potatoes, brisket, pork meat for Asado rice, and Tea do we need to feed people?

You have to do the whole menu; I can't help with a partial menu. Ans tell me the tie of the service sand the length of the reception and whether it is a sit down dinner or a buffet. All these things affect the amounts needed. Use the plan for tables and related pages, such as the fruit tray page and beverage planning page, to make a first estimate, post it and then I will be glad to check it for you.

This is a side dish, Im worried about the pasta getting mushy, I will cook it almost done, but will it be ok during the serving? It has to be done a head of time because the wedding is on the beach!! I am looking for a good easy receipe,can I make this the day before also? Have you considered a chilled pasta primavera?

Very appropriate for a summer beach wedding and all done ahead of time. If you like the idea, I could whomp you up a reception size recipe. Here is a sample family size recipe to try on your bride and groom it would make about 8 side servings: Add broccoli and next 9 ingredients; cook, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes or until vegetables are crisp-tender. Chill vegetable mixture at least 1 hour. Cook spaghetti according to package directions; drain.

Rinse with cold water, and drain. Melt butter in a large saucepan; stir in whipping cream and cheese. Cook, stirring constantly, until cheese melts. Add spaghetti, and toss gently. Cover and chill mixture at least 1 hour. To serve, spoon vegetable mixture over spaghetti, or toss gently.

For appetizers we are serving chips and salsa. How much chips and salsa would we need? How many pigs do u think we need to get to serve people? Rachel, you need pounds, which means at least 3 full time roasters hired. This is not a particularly cheap or practical meal to self cater for this large of a group.

Office professionals in our school district are hosting a family game night. The crowd will be a mix of parents and kids ages 10 and up. We'll be serving pizza and salad. Will you please give me some clue as to the number of pizzas we should order and even how many varieties to offer? How about salad I would rather have a pizza or two left over than a five-gallon bucket of lettuce! Care to make suggestions about what we might pair with this meal as a dessert. You might check with your local pizza buffet on the assortment- just make sure there are a least 2 plain cheese and some pepperoni.

Eith fruit cobbler or dump cake, 3 9x13 pans, plus a couple gallons of vanilla ice cream and some syrups for quick sundaes would be fine with this. We are having a family get together and listed are some of the foods we will serve. How much should I buy or make of each. Baked beans, chips, veg. For the meats, people eat a lot in picnic type situations, this is what I plan for: Don't open all the dogs- they are what you are most likely to have left over.

See the sandwich planning page for help on sandwich toppings and condiments. See the sundae bar page for full ice cream dessert. Can you tell me how much rice, beef and potatoes would i need. For people, I would start with about 25 pounds of rice and add the rest of the ingredients proportionate to my recipe. The recipes vary too much for me to give you exact amounts.

I'm planning kalua pig 4 5lb. People will eat the winglets as appetizers- you want per person. About pounds fillets or pieces of fish. Use the buttons at the top of the main cook talk page.

Look on the plan for page, make your estimates and post them if you want some feedback. How much carne guisada meat beef tips would I need to feed about people for my daughter's quinceanera?

I allow 1 pound raw for each three people if there are not a lot of other entrees and it is being served on the plate. If there are other dishes, or it is in tacos, 1 pound for each 4 is plenty. I am in charge of bringing juice. How many bottles of 64 oz juice do I need to serve people? It depends very much on what othetr beverages are being served. There is advice on dessert buffets and beverages. There is also a good food safety article. How many pounds of catfish do you suggest, I know there maybe some cleaning of the fish during preparation, to special order I have to order in 15lb bags and don't want to have much leftovers but of course want enough.

I would get 2 15 pound bags of fish. How many 2 liter sodas do I need to purchase for people? They have a terrific website. This is a tricky task. You are baking a wedding cake and it takes a LOT of practice. To serve this many people takes cooks, plus about 30 servers to set up keep the tables filled and clean up. It is definitely NOT a do-it-yourself project for someone who does not have experience in cooking for or more. Read the article called wedding dinner- the button is on the main cook talk page.

By the way, happy birthday! For cereal, about 3 gallons per Thanks you for your help. Boneless skinless chicken, about 30 pounds per people, 2 is OK if you are adding other vegetables.

The buttons for fruit trays, veggie trays, and beverages are at the top of the main cooktalk page. Part of this can be cheese logs or spreads; you go by weight. If you need crackers, pounds per people.

When you do the beverages, be sure to have a sugarfree choice alternative. In a crowd that size you are sure to have diabetics and low-carb folks. Dinner coffee service would be a good choice it's on the beverage page.

The amounts in my tables assume it is about 2 hours and not over a meal time. See the appetizer planning page for a discussion on how timing affects quantity.

See the beverage planning page, and the plan for page. The veggie tray page tells you how many pieces you get from weights of various veggies.

You can select your 4 pounds from this. How many servings of each do I need? There will be other food served with the tacos. Do please start a new thread to ensure no misses. Tim, 1 pound of medium burger makes 2 cups. Discussion about cake on the dessert planning page. I would add fruit trays for both color and flavor. How much chicken salad? If you serve so people can make their own, there is less waste; also, have a bowls of egg salad or pimento cheese in case of any vegetarians.

The caterer is supplying the hawaiian punch, apple juice, cranberry juice and ginger ale and will bring the punch to the location. I'm supplying the alcohol, ice, cups,etc. I have no idea. Is this a fare quote? As long as you are able to keep all the ingredients cold before mixing, you can make a great punch. So you are looking at for something where the food cost is less than This is a normal catering markup.

You can save yourself about by mixing it yourself. For the meats, you need 5 ounces cooked ready to eat beef PLUS 3 ounces cooked ready to eat boneless chicken for each person- how much raw beef that is, depends on what cut you are using.

The chicken works out to 1 pound boneless sinless per each 4 people. Tea, coffee, soft drinks. We are planning on between and guests. How much of watermelon, grapes, cantelope, honey dew, carrots, celery, broccoli, etc would I need? I am serving fruit dip and two vegie dips and would like to know amounts on those as well.

I mostly need to know how many pcs one person needs to be served for a 5 hour period food service? I would definitely do fruit trays and cheese trays along with the rest. You want at least 8 different choices for this size group. The amount varies depending on the type of dish and cut of fish. Make sure you have safe freezer. This much fish is very fragile. I will have chicken, veg salad. How many half trays of each do I need. Don't know how deep your trays are, they vary.

How much ice cream will I need to serve 70 people adults with birthday cake? Will be serving pulled pork sandwiches along with raw vegetables, chips and cake. How much meat do you think I need to cook up for the pulled pork? Don't heat it all up until you have a handle on how much you need. If you ground it for meat sauce, chili, etc, it would be OK, but it is even short for meatloaf 30 pounds lean, 34 regular ground beef.

This is for a graduation party that will run from 3 p. How do I figure out how much of each I need? You will use anywhere from half to all depending on the crowd. If it is over a meal time, she will need twice as much food, even though she wants to stick to finger foods. Also, you have to say what time and how long the party is for, and you need to go to the tables and make some effort at an initial estimate and post it for me to check.

I need to serve macaroni salad for people in the foam travel trays, so the serving is smaller than a normal one, i really need to find a recipe for this application, like yesterday We need to serve How much ham will it take? I would probably skip it, you have a lot of food. You could put out some bowls of assorted fillings tuna salad, pimento cheese, good peanut butter swirled with a good jam , plus baskets of good bread.

You can get help for sandwich fixings on the sandwich event page. For flavor and lightness, I might add fruit trays. Last year we ran out of food. I do not want to have this happen again. I want to add to it.

There will be 60 ppl includes kids. How many half trays do I need? I'm having a graduation open house in July. Cake and bars; enough cake for a small piece for everyone plus 1 of each bar small cuts, bites up to 4 different flavors. At least 1 pound wings for each 3 person, plus 1 pound ready to eat pulled pork for each 4 persons.

I would probably make an extra 10 pounds and leave frozen until I saw how things were going. For people, you will need at least 6 serving lines, with the beverages and desserts and appetizers separate.

I am new to the catering business and I find myself under pricing myself all the time any tips on how to keep this from happening? The usual cost is times the cost of food, depending on how much of the set up and serving you do. Rentals you do, tables, china, etc, and extra hires such as bar tenders are usually extra. It will save soooo much confusion. My church is cooking for a wedding. There will be in attendance.

Can you please tell me how much we will need for the following menu Bake Chicken legs and thighs being ordered 2. How many hambugers and hotdog should we prepare? Buying from a local BBQ shop already cooked. All these foods are covered on the plan for tables, fruit tray table, and veggie tray table. You might also read the article on the wedding dinner button at the top of the cook talk page, and se the beverage planning page.

Looking forward to hearing from you again. French fries are VERY unpractical for this size group, onsider other choices. And it will take about 8 people at the grills and kitchen and another setting up, serving and cleaning up plan for this.

What would you recommend as a good target? Currently, I am targeting per day for two days. I've looked around the site to try to figure this out myself, however I am stumped. My niece is getting married and we will be preparing the food ourselves.

I can figure out salad, bread, potatoes, and veggies. It's the meat that i am stuck on. There will be people at the wedding. The meal will be served buffet style. My sister would like to have cabbage rolls, roast beef and ham. How much of each do you think i will need?

Also, how much hamburg will i need for the recommended cabbage rolls? Thanks you so much for your help! Of course after i sent my message i found what i was looking for! So, I have put together an estimate. This will be served buffet style around five in the evening.

Thank you so much for your advice! Usual charge for drop off is 3 times the cost of the ingredients. Post it, and I will check it for you. You also need to tell me what time is the wedding and the reception and how long is the reception. I would add fruit trays.

I'ts at 2pm and will last 4 hours. Don't make the sandwiches ahead. You will need 8, yes eight, serving lines to feed people. Ypou will need 4 days to prep it. You will need at least 30 people experienced, and not wedding party members to set up, serve, and clean up this size event. You need at least a pro manager; most of the work needs to get done while the wedding is in progress. I do not recommend self-catering an event this size unless you have a lot of experience with groups over Use the condiment table on the sandwich page to calculate 4 times the amount for Hot dogs, allow 1 large or small per person Meatballs, 3 ounces per person You need cheese, 2 ounces per person pasta salad, baked beans, potato salad, use 4 times the amounts for on the plan for page Fruit salad, I suggest fruit trays, look better, keep better, and the leftovers are more usable.

See the fruit tray page, do 4 times the amount for About dinners, could you please tell us how much pasta we need and how much meat for the meatballs and how much sauce. We need all the help we can get thank you. Then use the dinner for and do 10 to 12 times that amount for the group- 12 if you expect more than , 10 if you are sure it will be around They are expecting people give or take.

They want red buttered parsley potatoes. My question is how many bags of potatoes do I need or would it be easier to use canned whole potatoes and if so how many 10 cans do I use? Also I am serveing fruit cups like fruit cocktail for desert How much of that do i need. Can use your help The rafel is Oct 30th.

I allow 35 pounds small reds per people if I am plating, add a few pounds if it is self serve. I am feeding the people from our church Food Pantry. I need to know how turkeys I need and how much of the following to feed Jennette and Lynn, go the the holiday planning article at the top of the Big Pots main page. Article covers amount thoroughly. If you have specific questions after, post and I will try to help.

We are also serving 2 empanadas, full sandwhiches with all the fixings, potato salad and pickles. I have 8 turkeys and 8 hams already. Some people are telling me that its enough biut others are saying it wont be enough.

The people will be served so portion control would be in effect. How many will that serve? I have invited 66 people and have asked them to bring an appetizer.