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Delta had to return to Atlanta today. Delta DL73 - Medical emergency diversion to Gander. United Express UA emergency return to Huntsville - smell of fuel.

Toronto - Main topic is Air Canada - Bird strike on takeoff. Delta Air Lines flight nearly landed on occupied taxiway. AC56 Diversion to Shannon. More from the KFPR archive includes a near midair collision. DL diverts to BIL for a pit stop. From various Australian feeds.

AZ Reported Fuel Contamination. Please, help me to find out what exactly they said. Spillage possibly hydraulic fluid from unidentified aircraft at KJFK. Passenger taken ill on Jet2 flight pronounced dead at Cork airport. Technical issue for an aircraft at Brisbane Airport. Delta B near Rochester NY - loss of cabin pressure. UA diverted to Detroit after encountering severe turbulence. Shamrock 64H receives a lightning strike. Medical emergency diversion to Phoenix. Stressful session for San Carlos airport Tower controller.

AA91 Diversion to Shannon. Accident occurred at San Carlos Airport. Hickory, NC airport hit with high winds, possible tornado. Air Canada radio issue while landing at SFO. Qantas flight to San Fransisco returned to Sydney due to autopilot fault. Lingus A at Dublin - runway excursion during line up for takeoff. SouthWest flight from Chicago to Phoenix diverted to Omaha.

Virgin Australia declares PAN after bird strike. Cessna B, NCR, force landed on a street and struck two vehicles. Storm Ophelia affecting operations at Dublin earlier today. Etihad B, cargo smoke indication leads to diversion to Adelaide. SkyWest returns to Gate. AC Diversion to Goose Bay. Thomson Cancun to London Gatwick - double diversion. Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at Phoenix. Air France A engine desintegrates over the Atlantic.

Delta Airlines MD88 in bird strike on approach to Newark. Spirit medical diversion to Atlantic City. Smoke in cabin after landing. Cathay Pacific A near Adelaide engine failure. BA London to Tampa medical diversion to Halifax. Thomas Cook medical emergency. AA medical diversion to Dublin and bird strikes. United Airlines Flight arriving at Dublin with medical emergency. Etihad Airways encounters severe turbulence after departure from Perth.

Lingus A returns to Dublin with hydraulic failure. KCPR Tower asking an aircraft in the air if its getting dark during the eclipse. DL64 Rejected Takeoff in Atlanta. Evergreen with cargo problem. Cessna N off-airport landing. Trouper One Down in Charlottesville. United Heavy arriving at Newark with shattered pilot windshield. AA August 5th Was anyone able to find anything on Center??? EasyJet Airbus A issue with landing gear at Prague.

United B diversion to Shannon - engine shut down in flight. Cessna landed with nose gear retracted at Napa California. WN from Dallas to Lubbock diverts due to hazardous weather. Pilot dies in small plane crash on El Monte runway. Qantas concerned about Hot Air Balloons. British Airways with starter motor problem.

Delta A at Atlanta , tail strike on landing. Cessna D Skyhawk, NU: Accident occurred at Cape Coral. Interesting conversation between GA pilot and App Ctl over late arrival. Severe weather at KATL Incidents at Toronto including Republic E runway incursion. Cessna crash near John Wayne Airport. BMS engine failure after takeoff.

Cessna NEK on takeoff, went off the runway and struck a light. DL emergency landing at TRI. Norwegian B over Atlantic - engine shut down in flight. Envoy E emergency diversion to Kansas City. China Eastern A at Sydney - engine shut down in flight.

Light aircraft on wrong heading frustrates ATC. American B near Shannon - cabin pressure control issues. AutoGyro Cavalo near Spirit of St. Father and son killed in crash. Air China terrain alert at Hong Kong. Bird strike and engine fire reported at KORD. Three people killed in plane crash in South Australia. Alaska B near Kansas City, electrical burning odour in lavatory. Air Europa B cracked windshield departing Miami. Cathay B, Swiss A near miss with drone.

Possible fuel leak reported. Mesa E at Louisville, hydraulic failure, tyres burst on landing. Fatal Learjet crash near Teterboro Airport. Austrian OS65 medical diversion to Shannon. Air Canada AC medical emergency diversion to Shannon. What did he say? Delta Airlines Airbus in medical diversion to Shannon. Helicopter crash near Santa Barbara injures 3. Southwest B lands at Kansas City with flaps problem.

Cargo Carriers SH33 at Charleston, wing tip strike on landing 2 crew die. Fire in cargo diversion for Skywest flight Cessna went off end of Baltimore runway and struck the threshold lights. JetBlue JFK go around recording? Changes at Toronto lead to some confusion on 27 April. Air Mauritius flight returns to Melbourne due to smoke indication. Cessna blown nose tyre on hard landing.

British Airways with hydraulic problem. American A at Las Vegas on 23 April: Alitalia A at Amsterdam on 15 Apr rejected takeoff due to bird strike. Jet Airways B at Amsterdam on Apr 21st , suspected tailstrike.

Surinam A returns to Amsterdam twice on 19 Apr due to flaps problem. American Eagle Embraer E runway incursion at Toronto. Missed approaches in poor visibility at Houston on 15 April. Was it Wake Turbulence?

Ansett A crew query Air NZ crew on non-functioning tail light. Southwest B at Baltimore on Mar 29, left main gear smoking a little bit. Qantas unsafe gear warning. Cessna engine out, Dallas, lands on tollway service road. A few more from the archives. Found in the KLAL archives. Mooney M20K , NG: Lands in a field near KBTR after engine failure. Possible pilot deviation at Atlanta on 23 March. American Airlines co-pilot dies during landing in New Mexico.

Air Canada flight from Montreal shuts down engine after take off on 25 March. Citation Jet down in Atlanta Neighborhood. Ansett Australia engine failure. Evergreen with split flap condition. Polar Air Cargo crew have some difficulty understanding an unusual clearance.

Irish CG helicopter Rescue crashed on 14 Mar with the loss of 4 full. Lufthansa medical diversion to Dublin on 13 March. Crash of Rescue S92 of west coast of Ireland during a rescue mission. Jet Airways B diverts to Shannon on 8 March with suspected fuel leak. Allegiant Air flight aborts takeoff at St. United fuel leak - divert to Reno. American B at Austin on Feb 17th , odour in cabin. Air Canada flight medical emergency diversion to Shannon on 23 Feb.

ATC get a little upset with Air Nippon crew. Tower controller gets honest with survey pilot at KSNA. Quad City Challenger II: Westjet B at Calgary on 2 Feb; fumes and smoke in cockpit and cabin. Pan Pan at YUL. Plane lands gear up at Pensacola International Airport. Kendell Airlines regional jet declares Pan. United Airbus A near Tulsa on 1 Feb; engine shut down in flight. United Boeing near Shannon on Jan 20th , captain incapacitated.

Jazz Dash 8 at Sault Ste Marie landed on runway occupied by vehicles. Diversion from Gothenburg to Stockholm due to problem with de-icing equipment. American Airlines A 2 engine injested a large bird. MK MK Followup discute. More time on Tarmac Than Flying. Forced landing off Arlington Airport on 30 December. Heard on a Denver Centre feed. Polar Air Cargo with temperamental horses on board. B diverted to PRG due to bomb threat. Fourth medical diversion to Shannon over the Christmas period.

Miscellany from Bucharest and Penang. Blue Air Boeing returns to Bucharest today due to medical emergency. Cessna Commuter, NEC: Dec 19, in Palm Bay, FL. Aer Lingus A near Cork on Dec 13 - problem with navigation system. American Airbus A diverts to Phoenix on Dec 12 due to hydraulic leak. Fatal crash near Fargo on 1 December.

Solo student pilot safely lands aircraft with missing gear at Archerfield AUS. Go2Sky Boeing at Kristiansand on Nov 4th , "racing start". Take off aborted at KDAB due to multiple bird strikes. Saudia SV Mayday - diversion to Karachi. Heard in the Brussels and Amsterdam archives.

Succession of wind related go arounds, involving several aircraft, at EHAM. Canada Airbus at Vancouver on Nov 18, rejected takeoff due to control problem. Where can I find this ATC recording? Survey Flight at Potomac on 10 November.

QTR divert to Zurich with smoke in cockpit Miscellanies collated from various dates and feeds. Shamrock returns to Shannon due to medical emergency on 10 Nov. Accident on Nov 9 at Ormond Beach, Florida.

KLRD small aircraft landed with only two wheels. Piper Aerostar with unsafe gear warning on approach to Moorabbin Airport. BF receives advice of a disabled aircraft blocking the runway in Brisbane. Canforce 01 returns to Ottawa due to flaps issue. Pence campaign plane slides off runway at LGA. Skyfox Gazelle ultra light aircraft with voltage loss.

Cessna H Skyhawk taxiing incident at Greensboro on 20 Oct. Ilyushin IL requests landing gear check on approach to Melbourne, Australia. A Sterna nose collapse gear in Recife Brazil. San Francisco's new Control Tower and the first radio transmission! UA 51 Oct 13th, - cracked windshield suspect overweight return? Ansett Australia A pilot requests flyby of home.

Tarom RO to Amsterdam returns to Bucharest this morning. Saint-Hubert Tower Controllers having difficulties communicating. Miscellany from Reno includes a pilot being reprimanded for taxiing on a road. Cessna emergency over Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Air Force One into Canberra, Australia. Miscellany from Dublin including a passenger medical emergency. Skyhawk Crash at Spirit of St. Cessna wing catches fire, crashes into home; no fatalities.

Weather diversion for United Flight on 10 September. Fatal helicopter crash near Melbourne Airport, Florida. Stobart AT72 near Cork on Aug 24th: United B over Atlantic on 31 August - turbulance injures Miami App-Dep lost Power.

Reid-Hillview Airport incident on 10 August. Helicopter crash at KOSH. Aerostar P on takeoff roll strikes a runway light. Aircraft with electrical problem lands gear up at Bismarck Municipal Airport. Azores A returns to Lajes on Jul 15th due to bird strike. RTO, blown tire, lost hydraulic fluid at Houston Delta MD90 near Tulsa on Jul 9th, contaminated cabin air injures 9 passenge. American B near Shannon on Jun 16th , battery discharge issues. KORD - Check for stuck mic, please.

No, you first, my dear Gaston! Terror attack at Atatürk Airport. Omni B has to return to Shannon on 26 June - pitot issue. Lil Wayne Rapper in medical emergencies at Omaha on 13 June.

Allegiant A returns to Saint Petersburg on 2 June due to hydraulic failure. Delta Blown Tire. Ryanair B at Dublin on Jun 3, rejected takeoff due to flight operations issue. Ryanair B near Dublin on 30 May, flaps fault forces flaps up landing.

Iberia A at Orly on May 27, rejected takeoff due to slow engine acceleration. RTO, fire, air cart start, misc ground movements. United B returns to Shannon on May 27 with engine problem. Compass E at Denver on May 20th Fatal Crash near Henderson, NV. Fatal Crash at Tupelo on 16 May. Jetstar A at Melbourne on May 11th , tail strike on takeoff AA large bird strike on departure from Phoenix. Rejected takeoff and go-around because of a drone. Southwest Boeing near San Jose on May 9th , smoke in cockpit.

United bird strike during climb out of KSAN. American Boeing at Washington on May 7th , flaps problem. Navaids Calibration flights around the world. Delta Boeing near Shannon on May 4th - problem with exterior light. Aeromexico AM diverts Houston, 88 old man dies on board.

Southwest Boeing at Islip on Apr 29th: Allegiant A engine failure during go around at low height. Plane crash at KPMP today. Jet Blue flight makes emergency landing in Wilmington. Ryanair medical emergency at Dublin on 16 April. Allegiant low down bird strike at Quad City. Sun 'n Fun - a flat on touchdown. Delta B at Atlanta on Apr 8th, hydraulic problems extended version. Cathay Pacific CX electric odout in the cockpit.

The list of controllers this controller is not. Delta B at Atlanta on Apr 8th , hydraulic problems; and a little extra. Myrtle Beach Incident 19 March. KIAD strong winds landing; pilot not realizing he's on radio while cursing. Three drones on final at EHAM trimmed version. Three drones on final at EHAM.

Fedex Airbus A returns to Vancouver on 23 Mar, electrical problems. Angry pilot blames on LAX and gets angry Fatal small plane accident at Yeager Airport, Charleston on 26 March. American Flight diverts to Boston on 18 March. Bonanza emergency landing on I25 frontage road. Help finding a clip. American A near Des Moines on Mar 18th , electrical odour on board.

FlyDubai B crash at Rostov Russia. Double Triple-7 fuel dump over Ireland. Allegiant Airbus A at Baltimore on Mar 13th - brakes indication. Citation Jet Spots Smoking Ship. B at EHAM hyrdraulic leak and smoking gear Tampa ATC on Mar 13th United Boeing at Houston on Mar 6th , bird strike. FBI Allegation that Flight attendant lit fire on plane in order to find it.

Martinair MD11 at Amsterdam on Mar 3rd , bird strike. Last Flight of the NU - Dublin Departure gets it wrong. Ryanair B at Dublin on Feb 14th , bird strike. Silver Airways Flight 70 engine fire at Orlando gate Virgin Atlantic A Feb 14th Alaska 1 Smoke in the cockpit.

A Cessna C caught fire after landing at Brookhaven Airport. Execjet Phenom loses control and diverts Reno. Flight WS in aborted takeoff at Vancouver on 1 Feb. Blue Angels Super Bowl 50 Flyover. Saudia SV returned to Dubai on 8 February. Disruptive passenger causes Oslo to Tenerife flight to divert to Shannon. Swiftair AT72 at Sofia on Jan 21st, loss of radio communication. Air Berlin Airbus intercepted by military aircraft above France. Allegiant MD83 at Allentown on Feb 3rd, burst both left main tyres on landing.

Delta Moments from potential trouble? John after turbulence injuries people. Thomson B at Toronto on Jan 13th A light hearted exchange. Cherokee on the grass after landing. Guy calling Toronto Center from his bathtub. Man on Laser Charge: Open Skies Smoke in Cabin.

B-2 Rose Bowl Flyover. Allegiant Air flight made an unexpected stop in Chattanooga. B-2 Rose Parade Flyover. Buzzard Strike at Fort Pierce on 30 December. Incident at Page Field Airport on 20 December. Bird Strike at Sacramento. DAL Alternator Failure. Qatar A Aborted Takeoff. Southwest Flight Diversion. ASQ Running on empty. Could this be you?

CityJet go-around in gusty wind at Cork on 18 Nov. Scandinavian Flight Strays into a Restricted Area. Obama to attend APEC. Aircraft on fire, chutes deployed FLL, now. Sky Airlines piece of engine flew off the aircraft on takeoff. Cessna emergency landing KBOI. Do Alaska and Horizon crews have the same crew lounge? BA Captain passes out while taxiing.

Delta returns Seattle after bird strike. Delta cannot retract gear at KATL, US Airways Flight - Pilot dies in flight. Military Attempting to Contact Unknown Rider. Navy on patrols in South China Sea. OK on Sep 17th, smoke on board. Cessna Mayday engine trouble. Lands in corn field. Student pilot gets 'slightly lost'. Military Mayday Practice Call.

LH Super Person standing in the Cabin. Small plane cleared to land on Taxiway Delta. Autopilot failure on ILS approach. I'm gonna have to give you a full route clearance UAL Hydraulic Problem. Sky Fire - Air Tanker Comms. Bonanza D crash - Plainville MA AAL doesn't know reserved transponder codes. Air France Threat May Suicidal passenger on Virgin America Redwood Homing beacon for the mothership. Austrian Flight 94 Smoke in the Cabin.

Towed Back In Shame. American Smoke in the Cabin. United Fly's great, doesn't drive so well once on the ground in Houston. Cessna ice landing on Lake Champlain. JFK ground - you might as well cancel the flight reduced filesize.

JFK mrrroww reduced filesize. JFK ground - you might as well cancel the flight. In , a pair of UVs were assigned to the aviation detachment of the Berlin Brigade in Germany due to their suitability for operating within the heavily restricted airspace; they were fitted for carrying either cargo, up to eleven passengers, or three litters with four medical attendants.

After nearly deliveries in six decades including about 90 Fairchild-Hiller built and PT6-powered, but only 52 in the last ten years, Pilatus will close the orderbook from summer and will roll off the last one in early while parts production will continue for at least 20 years.

In particular, the undercarriage employed provides for high wing and propeller clearances, making the PC-6 less susceptible to damage than conventional nosewheel-type undercarriages. Early models of the PC-6 were equipped with a full instrument panel as standard, and were reportedly easy for unfamiliar pilots to intuit.

The airframe is of a rugged and low-maintenance construction; featuring high levels of accessibility, interchangeability, and favourable manning levels. For role flexibility, individual aircraft can be easily converted between various mission types, such as transport, paradrop , aerial photography , surveillance , air medical services and search and rescue duties. Due to the type's favourable STOL characteristics, described by Flying Magazine as being "one of the most helicopter-like airplanes in terms of takeoff performance", Pilatus has deliberately marketed the PC-6 towards helicopter operators at times, feeling the type to be complimentary to their typical mode of operation.

During its early service, the PC-6 Porter was noted for its high level of comfort and usability against competing aircraft. The type was used for various missions including paradropping supplies to troops, passenger transport, psy ops , reconnaissance, prisoner conveyance, airborne radio relay , and other intelligence operations. Since , the Austrian Air Force has operated a fleet of 12 PC-6 Porters as the mainstay of their fixed-wing transport fleet; the type has been used in various support roles, including transport, Search and Rescue, firefighting, observation, target-towing and paradropping.

According to Flying Magazine , around 40 per cent of all PC-6s in use in Europe during the early s were being used by skydivers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Pilatus PC This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in French. March Click [show] for important translation instructions. View a machine-translated version of the French article. Google's machine translation is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia.

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Four-seat homebuilt crosses the Atlantic to show its stuff.