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While one might be reluctant to blame a black nurse for following orders of white physicians, especially during the 's and 's pp. Blauer In Dec , Harold Blauer, a civilian in excellent physical health, but depressed following his divorce, was voluntarily admitted to the New York State Psychiatric Institute for treatment of depression.

While at the Institute, he was injected on five different occasions with three different mescaline derivatives supplied by the U. Army Chemical Corps to determine the clinical effects of chemical warfare agents in a research project that was classified secret.

He reluctantly consented to the first injection, which was fraudulently offered to him as a treatment for his depression. After each of the first four injections, the subject told the nurses that he did not want any further injections, because of his adverse reactions.

However, the nurses and staff motivated him to further participation by telling him that he would be returned to Bellevue Hospital if he did not continue with the injections. The death certificate attributed the death to "coronary arteriosclerosis; sudden death after intravenous injection of a mescaline derivative.

There were numerous conferences between the state's attorney, and attorneys for both the U. The state's attorney told the U. The Army then retrieved all of the medical records and took them out-of-state, so that they would not be discovered in the medical malpractice litigation.

The state never supplied these records during discovery, despite a court order for production of documents. Government secretly reimbursed the State of New York for half of the settlement in The physicians who performed the experiment, the hospital, the State of New York, the U. Army Chemical Corps that sponsored the research and supplied the chemical for injection all conspired to conceal evidence or submit false documents.

In Aug , 23 y after the subject's death, the Army contacted Blauer's daughter and issued a press release about finding the case file in a safe. Blauer's ex-wife had died, so Blauer's daughter reopened the litigation, which resulted in a complicated series of cases. State of New York , N. Hoffman , F. Further, before the judge approved the settlement in , the state's attorney had an ex parte meeting with the judge, at which the attorney falsely represented that source of the drug was the Army Medical Corps, to give the impression that the experiment was therapeutic.

Premature infant in given high dose of oxygen as part of experiment, although physician who was responsible for infant's treatment and aware of preliminary results that showed high oxygen caused blindness had ordered oxygen "reduced No attempt to obtain informed consent from parents.

Researchers observed that infant's eyes swelled, but high oxygen was continued. At trial, plaintiff was totally blind and unable to find employment. Liability for both hospital and physician who ordered change to high oxygen. Brooklyn Doctors Hospital , N. There were intradermal injections of live human cancer cells into 22 chronically ill, debilitated non-cancer patients in without their consent in the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital case, to learn if foreign cancer cells would live longer in debilitated non-cancer patients than in patients debilitated by cancer.

Lump at injection site disappeared approximately seven weeks after injection. Research funded by U. The subjects were not told that the injection contained cancer cells, because the physicians "did not wish to stir up any unnecessary anxieties in the patients" who had "phobia and ignorance" about cancer. Physicians claim each patient gave "oral consent", but a material fact was not disclosed to patient and many of the patients were not in a physical or mental condition to give valid consent.

Hospital administration tried to cover-up lack of consent, and some written consents were fraudulently obtained after the fact. Three physicians at the Hospital resigned when the administration did not seriously consider their complaints about the experiment. Two years later, the American Cancer Society elected the principal investigator to be their Vice-President. In passing, it is noted that several hundred postoperative gynecology patients at Memorial Hospital had the same injections, also without consent, but there was no fuss about that.

Katz at 11, 23, 27, 37 Why was it necessary to inject human cancer cells into more than healthy subjects; wouldn't a smaller number of subjects be adequate? There seems to be a genuine scientific controversy about whether the injections were dangerous: But there is one documented case of transplantation of melanoma from daughter to mother Katz at And several physicians testified that the injected cells might produce cancer years later.

If a physician were to ask healthy people if they would willingly agree to have live cancer cells injected into them, the healthy people would certainly say " NO! This point raises a number of interesting questions.

Is this experiment so important to society that the requirement of informed consent should be suspended? Is it really necessary to have a large number of subjects, or could we get adequate information from experiments on a few brave volunteers? This Hospital did not admit new patients after , unless their parents "consented" to the experiment.

Consent forms implied that children were to receive a vaccine against hepatitis, when the protection was actually from a hopefully "subclinical" infection.

But isn't that like murderer saying that victim was going to die sometime, all he did was kill earlier and under better circumstances? Cincinnati radiation experiments Cancer patients mostly Negroes of below-average intelligence who were charity patients during in Cincinnati were exposed to large doses of whole body radiation as part of an experiment sponsored by the U.

None of the subjects gave informed consent, they thought they were receiving treatment for their cancer. Subjects experienced nausea and vomiting from acute radiation sickness, pain from burns on their bodies, and some died prematurely as result of radiation exposure.

The first point suggests that some physicians will continue to do experiments that society considers as "not worth doing", unless law regulates physicians. The second and third points suggest that some physicians are both powerful and arrogant. There is a clear need for non-physicians to review proposed medical research and restrain physicians, before they hurt their patients.

After the Tuskegee experiment, the U. However, physicians doing research often regard ethical review as a mere bureaucratic inconvenience. The number of unethical physicians implicated in the above experiments is very small, compared to the total number of physicians.

However, the existence of a long series of atrocious examples suggests that many physicians may engage in informal experiments on some of their patients without any informed consent. I suspect that very few physicians deliberately devise an un ethical plan. My guess is that physicians are zealous about doing the experiment and they genuinely believe perhaps correctly that the result will be much more important to humanity than the pain, suffering, and possible death of a few experimental subjects.

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Wednesday September 18, Tuesday September 17, Thomas, Mervyn Harold Albert. Monday September 16, Saturday September 14, Friday September 13, Thursday September 12, Dow, Sylvia Jingee Lee Chew. Slinger, Joseph Thomas "Joe". Wednesday September 11, Clinkaberry, Kenneth "The Colonel" Ken.

Tuesday September 10, Arch, Margaret Joan Wale. Lee Dow, Sylvia Jingee Chew. Taylor, Dorothy "Dot" Hill. Monday September 9,

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