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Thank you for sharing! The first book released was Clean, then Clean Gut. While you can find somewhat inexpensive commercial cleaners that are strong enough to tackle any job, making a homemade bathroom cleaner is better for the environment and safer for your family. I am at now. And WHAT is a green juice? If none of the above apply to you, you could try the diet and other detox recommendations in the book.

Clean Gut diet plan – food list

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I was constantly lethargic my hormones were out of wack, my relationship with food was skewed, the list can go on. I just wanted to thank you for your books and everything that you do!

With a family of 6 she has always struggled to get new healthy ideas for cooking and to find things that are easy for her to squeeze into her schedule. She absolutely loves your program and everything in it!

This is exactly what the whole world should be following! For over 20 years I have worried and obsessed about food. I love that I have been feeling so much less guilt around food and learning to be more mindful again! Love your approach from all angles…mind, food, lifestyle, changing small habits. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!! Absolutely love your message and program.

I have all your books and have incorporated so many of your tips and meals into my daily life. I have been on constant diets for ten years and have lost so much weight but put it all back on. I feel happier and healthier only a couple of weeks in! I have only been following your program for a couple weeks and absolutely love it and everything behind it!

I was wondering what it takes to become a JShealth ambassador? And I went out this morning for a coffee then went right past because realised my energy levels were completely fine! I am a much happier and confident person compared to who I was before I read the book.

Not only did I learn I was 14kg down but I am beyond healthy with blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure! I have gotten so much better thanks to your healthy approach to food. Listening to your advice and holistic way of living, I feel I can maintain a bright and healthy life. Thank you for helping me heal my mind and body. Thank you for creating such a real-life program.

You are so inspiring! I now see exercise as a form of self-love and not as a form of punishment. The program is so easy and the food is delicious! So many people are commenting on how uplifting and positive I am. Thanks to you, I am now as health conscious as I can be. I am forever grateful. You are my inspiration! You have inspired me and seriously changed my life. A big eye opener. This Program has changed my life.

This book is a keeper and a game changer. I reach for it often for inspiration for healthy, easy and delicious recipes. I wrote a book review here if you are interested: I am 62 with oesteoperios with 8 fractures in my spine, arthritis, COPD, and high blood Pressure,and depression.

I have tried every diet going and not managed to keep the weight off. I have been considering having a sleeve put on my stomach until I saw Doctor Alejandro Junger on the dr Oz show and was impressed. Do you think I am to old to do this programme and what are the chances of me keeping the weight off. My main reason for loosing the weight is to feel healthier with less pain, and to be able to move around a lot easier and just to be able to get out of the lounge chair without cringing with pain in my legs and knees.

If none of the above apply to you, you could try the diet and other detox recommendations in the book. The concern may be if any toxins leaving your body come out in breast milk. All the time, make sure you have enough food to produce the milk you want, and observe your son to see if there are any adverse reactions.

Or is there too much solid food for my digestion? Is it ok to add some hemp protein to liquid meals to make them more energy-rich? Junger says this about snacking: Fresh vegetables, a vegetable juice, a green smoothie, or celery and apple slices with almond butter are great choices. Keep in mind that fat and protein nuts, seeds, coconut butter, olives will keep you energized and satiated while simple carbs such as too much fruit or processed items like crackers or rice cakes will leave you hungry soon after.

I am confused by the Clean Eats book. The order of the plans beginning with Pg would suggest that Stage 1 is the Clean Cleanse, Stage 2 is the Clean Gut and Stage 3 is the reintroduction of foods with the 7 day Refresh plan being available as needed.

The first book released was Clean, then Clean Gut. In Clean Gut, Dr. So it looks like the recommended order would be the same as listed — first do Clean for a general detox, then Clean Gut to focus on the gut or possibly follow Clean for non-food recommendations and Clean Gut for food recommendations. Then, if you need, go back to the Refresh plan. It says no fruits other than berries on the 21 day cleanse, yet lists apples and almond butter as a snack.

Also on this website: Finally, for the Asian Turkey lettuce wraps, it has you put 1 TB of coconut nectar; which is supposed to be avoided during the 21 day cleanse. Please help clear this up…. The day cleanse is in Clean Gut , which was the book following this one. What book did you find the Asian Turkey lettuce wraps in, and what was the exact name of the recipe? I have had problem with my wt all my life!

I am at now. I cannot exercise as much as I used to because my knees have gotten real bad bone on one. I love the soft serve mixed with the puddings. I just mix them with water and then freeze in the shaker jars. The chocolate pudding with mint soft serve is good Vanilla pudding with peanut butter ss or mint ss is yummy! Chocolate pudding with peanut butter ss is good!

Banana pudding with peanut butter ss is good! I will try mixing with pudding. Thanks for all the great ideas and tips. I make them in the bullet with a little water and lots of ice.

Process untill no more ice cubes. Karen, the chocolate mint soft serve is a whole lot less minty if you had twice the water and make more of a shake out of it. Oh yes I never did eat the soft serve the way it was designed. Hi, I am enjoying your recipes. I have been mixing the shakes, heating them in the microwave, and adding to my morning coffee — makes a great latte!

This recipe rocks I rushed out and got my coconut and vanilla extract. The shakes are the most filling and a no brainer! It tastes like fudge.

I think the longer you blend the shakes and puddings, the less grainy they taste. Not bad at all! You inspired me to start a blog: Just this AM I was making my shake in a hamilton beach personal size blender and I threw in a few frozen berries….

It will totally take you out of fat-burning and it takes 3 days to get back in. If you want those flavors, you might try finding a sugar-free soft drink in a similar flavor and combining your Medifast shake, oz.

The other option is to combine the mix, same amount of 4 oz water, 1c ice and 2T S-F fruit DaVinci syrup. I am just getting started with medifast and love all the ideas. Help me my lean and green meal… Any ideas? Order steamed chicken or shrimp and veggies.

Pick out any carrots and corn. Most restaurants have this on the menu. I am new on the Medifast Diet. Need all the help with recipes I can get. Have enjoyed reading these recipes. Need help with Lean and Green. First for vacation then for a knee replacement. So glad I found this thread. Does the Vanilla have an aftertaste at all? Peel 1-inch strip of skin from around middle of each apple, or peel upper half of each apple, to prevent splitting.

In ungreased 8-inch square glass baking dish, place apples upright. Bake 30 to 40 minutes, spooning syrup in dish over apples several times, until apples are tender when pierced with a fork.

You do realize apples are not supposed to be eaten on this diet plan, right? They contain sugar and will take you out of ketosis and hurt your results. I also found the swiss mocha shake to be gross.

However one day I decided to take my swiss mocha packet, mix it with about 3oz of water and dump it in black coffee which I brew with cinnamon. Add a tbs of fat free vanilla creamer. I can drink it everyday! Works with vanilla or dutch chocolate as well. Most flavored creamers are filled with sugar. I would suggest switching for unsweetened vanilla almond milk which will contain next to no calories and be natural and much better for you.

I use the sugar free non dairy version when I must have flavored cream in my coffee. Someone else also suggested to me that I add a bit of whatever flavor extract I want to a bit of vanilla soy milk and a packet of splenda.