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Who was the creator of Slim Fast?
I never want to run out! This is a great way to cut some calories if you're on a weight loss plan or even just as breakfast on the go. Use the Slim-Fast Day as your guide. I have seen better nutritional powders as far as healthy ingredients and shakes at Meijer without soy protein, fillers and no synthetic vitamins. It's always a great time to detox and rejuvenate your body.

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I prefer to make my own shakes by buying protein powder at GNC and adding my own special ingredients; they're especially handy for a quick breakfast. I have been drinking the LC Slim fast shakes one a day since the 19th and have lost about 7lbs. They have been good to me.

You will be missing the important part though - learning to cook a new way, and eat whole, natural foods. Depending on shakes isn't going to help you in the long run with eating habits, or learning portion control or making choices. The shakes may work short term, but if you want this as a way of life, think seriously about leaving the shakes, and eating the wholesome way. I have been using the shakes. In the morning I have very little time to cook before work.

I found I did have to take a snack to work, but the slim fast plan does promote having 3 meals and 3 snacks. They were filling for a bit until snack time, and I found a diminished cravings. Just make sure to serve cold and shake really well or you are stuck with sludge on the bottom. Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Ti Stats: I took some of the Slim Fast LC shakes on my spring break trip with me and they didn't stall me. To me, they taste just as good as the Atkins shakes but they are less expensive.

And no, the shakes don't contain sugar alcohols, at least not the Atkins or Slim Fast ones. They have high fiber counts, which is good too. I don't remember reading Aspartame in the ingredients. Course, that doesn't mean it wasn't there But they do have 2g of actual sugar per serving. I don't think there is anything wrong with the shakes every once in a while as a meal replacement, but I don't think I'd do several a day.

The Atkins shakes in powder form do contain sugar alcohols now. THe new "spoon stirables" have sorbitol added. The canned ones I havn't seen sugar alcohols though.

I love designer whey and use it in much of my cooking. However it is a powder and I don't want to mess with the blender. The slim fast shakes are ready to drink, and low carb isn't available in powder at least here. I don't think they have asperteme, though they might, I'd have to look again. Back to Atkins Stats: I got hungry a lot faster after one that I do with the others. A person that is only overweight can not expect to lose that fast.

You're body is smarter than you think, it stores fat as a source of energy for times of starvation. That's why people live in extreme enviroments without food survive for several days. So in a sense I'm saying the body of a lbs will resist to lose weight more than a person with a lbs body. That said it's not impossible. The French eat very high calorie foods yet the stay slim.

Don't let anybody talk you into diet pills. They are bad for your health and your pocket. It's important to learn to count calories, not every calorie but, at least a rough estimate. You need a deficit of calories per day or calories per week to lose 1 pound of fat.

How do u achieve this? Well either burning the calories or not eating them. Go on the net and search for Recommended Daily Allowance which will tell you how many calories you should eat depending on factors like height, weight, age and level of activity. Think of yourself as a car if u eat too much "your tank overflows" and it will show this summer at the beach, yet if u eat too little u run out of energy.

So if you burned calories at the gym this week you can feel guilt-free to eat a calorie treat and still lose that pound. At the end of each day after subtracting the calories u have burned or didn't eat you should be left with at least you minimum calories reccomended for energy purposes.

Search for a BMI Calculator which will tell u your ideal weight, and last but not least, to keep track of your calories go to a food calorie index or buy the small calorie counting books you see at the supermarkets with this info you will understand the dynamics of losing weight.

U can't chose to lose body fat in a certain part of your body, your body loses fat overall. Yes, I said it. U can do sit-ups a day and if your calorie intake is too high you'll never see a six-pack abs. Why not u ask?

Because it only takes a small amount of fat to hide the six-pack. Jogging 1 mile equal to 4 laps in a track burns approximately Calories. To the woman out there don't be afraid of weight training.

Why did I go through all this trouble to learn this. It worked for me. I am a 16year old overweight 5'10" male. I just bought a 6pack of Slim fast shakes. I plan just to use it as a male replacement. While I do Power 90 so not going to do the actual Slim Fast diet. Is Slim Fast a good product for this use or should I try something different if so what? The main purpose of products that is to promote weight loss by lightening your wallet. The supplement industry is poorly regulated so there are no independent clinical trials to ensure either efficacy or safety.

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