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In general intake vents should be designed and installed to prevent precipitation, animals and insects from entering the attic space. We invite you to learn more about this programme. It make it so easy to clean after use. Department of Health and Human Services, adults with disabilities should aim for:. What type of exercise should I do?

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Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Active and passive euthanasia. On this page Active and passive euthanasia Acts and omissions Preferring active to passive euthanasia Page options Print this page. Active and passive euthanasia Active euthanasia Active euthanasia occurs when the medical professionals, or another person, deliberately do something that causes the patient to die.

Passive euthanasia Passive euthanasia occurs when the patient dies because the medical professionals either don't do something necessary to keep the patient alive, or when they stop doing something that is keeping the patient alive. Thou shalt not kill but needst not strive, officiously, to keep alive.

Arthur Hugh Clough Acts and omissions This is one of the classic ideas in ethics. Simon Blackburn explains it like this in the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy: Simon Blackburn, Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. Preferring active to passive euthanasia This section is written from the presumption that there are occasions when euthanasia is morally OK.

Here's a case to consider: A is dying of incurable cancer. A will die in about 7 days. A is in great pain, despite high doses of painkilling drugs.

A asks his doctor to end it all. If the doctor agrees, she has two choices about what to do: The doctor stops giving A the drugs that are keeping him alive, but continues pain killers - A dies 3 days later, after having been in pain despite the doctor's best efforts. The doctor gives A a lethal injection - A becomes unconscious within seconds and dies within an hour. We can look at this situation is another way: Causing death is a great evil if death is a great evil. A lesser evil should always be preferred to a greater evil.

If passive euthanasia would be right in this case then the continued existence of the patient in a state of great pain must be a greater evil than their death. So allowing the patient to continue to live in this state is a greater evil than causing their death.

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