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Chevrolet Vega
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Vega One All-in-One Shake

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I'd shove my Raptor cock into that. I wanna know the stud's name. I wanna get fucked by him. Very nice latina, but what is that annoying music good for?! Does not mix great. Recommend blending with fruit and almond milk in a Magic Bullet for a great start to the day. Every Morning "Vega is the best vegetable based protein powder I have tried to date both in terms of flavor and cost - especially at the great price offered by Vitamart" Would you buy this product again?

Everyday,Every Morning "Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dietary supplement that you can take everyday and feel good about it. Great with mixed frozen fruit, coconut water and almond milk. Every Morning "Vega One is the real deal. Vega One streamlined my life. Vanilla Chai is great. Chocolate and Vanilla are nice standbys. Berry is weird solo but delicious with choco protein and almond milk.

Every Morning "Great value from vitamart, especially when you have a discount code. Product itself is great, and is a well balanced shake, but we have tried 4 flavours now of the new formula and they are all a bit grainy and tough to get down Vanilla has been the best so far. I don't really expect great taste, though, from something that actually has lots of nutrients and greens, so have no problem mixing with water and chugging down.

We will keep buying as it's probably the best all in one nutritional shake if looking for plant based products. Shipping time is amazing from Vitamart, and ordering is really convenient. Typically on our doorstep in BC within days. Everyday "My problem wasn't with the product, but rather the delivery time. When I first began ordering from Vitamart, I received the product I ordered within a couple of days- literally, oftentimes in two days! Now it takes about a week. Half the reason why I purchase from Vitamart is this unbelievable shipping time, as the same products are available down the street.

Regarding the product, I don't notice any difference at all physically, but it tastes good and I assume by the ingredients that it's healthy. By Mario on Saturday, January 10, By Stephen Forbes on Tuesday, January 6, Every Morning "I've been using Vega products for probably close to 3 years now.

I use this particular product every morning, mixed with frozen fruits, and almond milk, and it tastes great. Its something I look forward too every morning! After Exercise "I really liked how this product tasted however I feel like the amount of nutrients and protein per serving is way too low. Also it caused my acne to flare up which was definitely not expected. Everyday "Although the taste was bearable,it was not pleasant. I have found that regardless of which flavour I have tried, I suffer immense gas and bloating afterwards.

Not sure what causes it, if it is the proteins or enzymes or who knows. I have used other vegan based all-in-one supplements and not had this experience. Everyday "Started with the sample-pak size just to see how I am with it. You have to drink lots of water and don't down it too quickly as it is high in fiber and can be too much on your system all at once if you are not use to it.

It's high fiber, high protein and low carb. Makes a nice smoothie with added fruit. Tastes good using only water. You don't have to use milk or milk alternative if you want to lower your calorie intake.

You get used to it and it's filling enough to last till your next meal. After Exercise,Between Meals "I can't say I see a direct difference in my energy level when I use this product but I feel so good knowing I am getting all that good stuff in my body! I also use this because of the level of protein. Tides me over and keeps my blood sugar even.

By karin clark on Friday, September 12, After Exercise,Everyday "really good flavor, mixes well with no lumps, ate after workouts for my morning meal, and it was enough to carry me through to lunch with no need for snacking" Would you buy this product again? Yes Verified by Vitamart Purchaser Was this review helpful? Every Morning "Easy to take. I use it for a meal replacement in the morning. Every Morning "I use this every morning instead of making breakfast.

I find I have more energy and don't get as hungry as I use to. Love the flavour too. I'm a 69 yr. In my practice as an addiction counsellor, specializing in holistic health and food addiction, I often recommend these products.

By Monica on Sunday, July 27, Every Morning "I mix two scoops of vega with half cup almond milk, a whole banana and a splash of orange juice for my boyfriend and I each morning. We both noticed an increase in our energy levels, especially at first.

I like the fact that it doesn't have a strong flavor. Tastes like whatever you mix it with. Bananas are best to mask the minor "green" flavor. I like the fact that it packs in so many of your daily nutrients in one scoop.

We've made this part of our morning routine now for a few months. While vitamart prices are the best I've seen anywhere, i still think it's expensive, especially since at two scoops a day, it doesn't last very long.

My only complaint is that I just wish it was a little cheaper! Every Morning "I really like Vega products, and this one worked well for me. I like to cycle through different vegan protein powders, and I feel good coming back to this one for all the added vitamins I don't supplement daily most of the time. Here's the kicker - I've been off sugar for over a year, so anything sweeter than a grape or a banana is too sweet for me.

They do use stevia, so there isn't a sugar surge from it, but I find the sweetness off-putting. However, their Unflavored powder is delightful. IT has a hint of sweetness, a hint of vanilla, no overpowering grass or grain taste and it blends well with fruit and water. If you are sweet-sensitive, try it out!! I wanted a product that gave me the balanced, clean nutrition I needed and did a lot of research on the subject before choosing Vega One.

Vega One is wonderful. When my doctor asked me what I had changed in order to get the awesome results I told her Vega One. She laughed and said that she uses Vega One too!

How's that for an endorsement! I use it everyday without fail, sometimes twice per day. The berry nutritional shake is fantastic with juice or water. You feel it immediately - energy, digestion, and overall great health. Also love the Vega One bars. I keep one in my purse whenever I go out so that I have something nutritious and tasty with me at all times. I wholeheartedly endorse this product. Every Morning "Great product and shipping. I was introduced to Vega One by a friend who was researching veganism.

My family had just started the journey into the vegan lifestyle, and I was looking to get more energy, etc. I was probably mineral diffident in something My mother just recently had a relapse from Ulserative Colitis disease in your intestine , and was anemic. I encouraged her to "take her Vega", and when she remembered; there was a marked difference in her energy and overall feeling good.

I normally mix the chocolate Vega with Chocolate almond milk - tastes like a milkshake.. I recently bought the Vanilla - good taste in smoothies and with both chocolate and vanilla milk. Everyday "Great protein shake - Natural flavour is perfect for making smoothies with frozen berries. Vitamart sells this at a great price and delivery is fast and efficient.

By Chelsea on Sunday, February 16, Every Morning "After finishing 6 months of chemo this product has helped bring me back towards great health. It's got it all. I was constipated terribly and this has everything working again.

My naturopath had recommended it and now I'm addicted!! Yes it is pricey but compared to other proteins this has high quality products it's more of a nutritional supplement. I've even got my husband who only used to eat lucky charms eating this at breakfast.

Great changes seen in him as well. My two favs are chocolate with raspberries or banana and vanilla with blueberries and cinnamon!

Every Morning "Very satisfied with the product. A bit expensive but worth it. Every Morning "This is the best thing for breakfast! I have been taking the mix every morning for almost a year and am not tired of it yet. Convenient and good for you. What more can you ask? I prefer the natural flavour as I find the other flavour too sweet for my taste and I add cocoa powder and blueberry for the antioxidant.

Everyday,Every Morning "I use this product as a meal replacement in the moring and afternoon and sometimes for supper. I mix it with Almond, Coconut milk or water. I like it very much but it does cause some temporary bloating. It's important to me to find a organic, non-gmo, vegan product so I very much like this product but I find it's very expensive.

Everyday,Every Morning "I love this stuff in any flavour. You can absolutely mix it with water although i usually prefer lactose free milk or coconut or rice milk. There is some grittiness which doesn't bother me at all. I prefer that to the chalky flavour of some brands. I'm not taking it as part of an exercise program and i'm not a vegetarian. I find it difficult to eat first thing when i get up, but i know how important protein is to get your body revving, so this product works great for that for me.

As a side benefit it also seems to control hunger and cravings. Someone told me pea protein can do that, don't know if its true or not but it works for me. Love the flavor, quality, and results.

I've been a huge Vega fan for more than a year. I use a lot of their products and am consistently impressed. Everyday,Every Morning "I drink it as a meal replacement most mornings.

I usually mix it with skim milk. It blends easily, leaves a little grit at the bottom of the cup, but, otherwise, tastes smooth.

So far, I've just tried the berry flavor, which is pleasant and not too sweet. The best thing about this mix is that it keeps me satisfied for a surprisingly long time. I've even gone as long as 6 hours before feeling hungry again. I'd prefer if the product had more protein and less carbohydrates, but I'm still losing weight, so it's good enough.

I love that it's easy, quick, no mess - and I'm moving on with my day. Every Morning "I drink it mixed with water almost every morning. Between this and a piece of fruit it keeps me going until lunch. I really like the Vanilla Chai. I tried the Chocolate from a sample and I could barely finish it. Awful taste in my opinion! The ad does not inform my purchase. The video does not play. There is too much buffering. The audio is poor or missing.

Video is unrelated to the product. Please fill out the copyright form to register a complaint. Important information Legal Disclaimer Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Vega Sport Protein Powder, Chocolate, 4. See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention almond milk protein powder meal replacement plant based coconut almond vanilla chai french vanilla heavy metals peanut butter new formula protein powders chocolate flavor much better keeps me full tastes great every day old formula per serving protein shake every morning.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Small Tub Verified Purchase. Drinking my second one! I made it with almond milk, pb2 powder, banana and ice. Tastes as good as shakeology and much less expensive. Large Tub Verified Purchase. I used to love this protein drink! About 2 years ago I suddenly had a bunch of medical conditions with which I developed a lot of food intolerances.

This was one thing I could drink, and have been drinking it ever since. Recently they changed their formula now to FDA approved organic and "great new taste" except that it tastes horrible now and it's not as healthy. It doesn't include the vitamins and minerals that it did before, it contains less servings per container and is more expensive.

I just received my first order of it through subscribe and save, and I'm super disappointed. Why they can't ever leave a good thing alone is beyond me In 6 months, they increased price, decreased volume and changed taste. In the last 6 months, they've Increased the price, decreased the volume, changed the taste. The French Vanilla used to taste like a creamy vanilla cookie. I couldn't wait to have my morning shake. They changed the formula to get USDA organic approved.

Now, it tastes very bitter, somewhat plastic and rusty. In addition, consumer reports recently reported on one of the protein mixes contain high levels of metal.

I used to be subscriber to the Vega One. These guys just did a 'new coke' move and jumped the shark. I mix it with my steel cut oats for breakfast. I cancelled my subscription and bought a few tubs of the old mix at the local grocery store until I can find a replacement brand.

I proudly recommended this shake to many friends, but I can not recommend the new blend. I am extremely disappointed with the new flavor. It tastes like vanilla cake mix and is far sweeter than the former one. For me, that's a bad thing. Perhaps I am alone in not wanting my healthy shakes to taste like junk food, but I will be looking for a different product now. I have had a shake every day mixed with water, fruit, and spinach for the last 2 years and had chosen Vega over the more expensive Shakeology and because it had a high protein content and clean ingredients.

I really loved the old formula and alternated between the vanilla and the chocolate flavors. They have now changed both flavors and they're both too sweet for my taste, but the vanilla is worse than the chocolate. Even the consistency of the shake has changed. I drank half a glass of the new and improved coconut almond flavor and unfortunately had to pour the rest down the drain But this new version is now un-drinkable to me, both in changed flavor and changed consistency.

The new version tastes awful. I have been using this product for several years and will be donating this bottle to charity.

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