Mediterranean Bruschetta Hummus Platter

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Soboleff in the Walter Soboleff Center on Friday I miss the 90s. When food is vaguely named, it can literally be anything. Artplace makes award to fund Walter Soboleff Center, art It was one of 19 educational reads produced during the Baby Raven Reads program's first three-year grant cycle. The disease started to reverse; to get better. With some outside help, the organization will produce how-to videos that show the entire Tlingit basket-making process.

Mediterranean Bruschetta Hummus Platter

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Jordan Craddick, a graduate student working toward his doctorate in history from the University of Washington, plans on becoming a teacher and is passionate about changing educational systems that continue to portray Native American people as relics from the past, he wrote in an essay submitted to Sealaska Heritage Institute The non-structured workshop studies the complicated sounds and structure of the Tlingit language, KTOO.

The group is gathering on Mondays at the Juneau Public Library to learn different greetings and responses. They study with a book that the Sealaska Heritage Institute recently published, called the "Beginning Tlingit Workbook. It Only Took Two Years: About 15 people are participating in a Tlingit language workshop at the Juneau Public Library on a Monday night.

The group of Natives and non-Natives are learning a language that only about people speak fluently. The non-structured workshop studies the complicated sounds and structure of the Tlingit language. On this particular night, they are using pages from a new workbook to teach different greets and responses. The program is meant to promote language development and school readiness for Alaska Native families with children up to age The Alaska community consultations of that national effort wrapped last week Murdock Charitable Trust and The Oregon Community Foundation At a time when communities of color are challenged at every level of education, the problems facing Native American communities stand out.

The high school graduation rate for Native Americans is barely above 50 percent. London, who was profiled at ICMN on March 8, is a graduate of Stanford University and is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio talk show host and cultural ambassador for Sealaska Heritage Institute. As Miss Alaska USA, she is promoting the empowerment of women through entrepreneurship, and challenging limiting beliefs among Native youth One Juneau-based non-profit has decided to give it a try By Wewsley Yiin Pacific Standard Like so many other indigenous languages spoken around the world, Alaska Native languages are in danger of dying out.

Recently, advocates who have been establishing means of revitalizing Alaska Native languages have created new opportunities for the preservation of Tlingit. Perhaps the most creative effort has been that of the Sealaska Heritage Institute, a non-profit based in Juneau that promotes understanding of Southeastern Alaska Native cultures Christian missionaries took the object from the Tlingit in the 19th century. The halibut fishhook, carved with the form of a wolf, is one of Native American objects in the possession of the Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, Massachusetts, but stored in the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem In it, she builds a case from archaeology and oral history.

Can Native research codes avoid culture clash? The San people of southern Africa seek to encourage mutually beneficial collaborations with scientists with an official code of research ethics. Can lessons from past conflicts help bypass future battles?

In March, the long-studied San people joined other indigenous groups in asking that scientific study be a two-way street, carrying benefits back to their communities as it shares their information with the world. Such guidelines seek to bridge the divide between scientific pragmatism and traditional values, in hopes of making painful legal battles a thing of the past.

More than ten distinct nations spread across five countries make up the San, an indigenous people of southern Africa who have drawn ample scientific attention for their genetic diversity, botanical knowledge, and unique linguistic consonants. But decades of sustained research traffic through their communities has created a culture clash… more London, a top 10 finalist in the pageant held last weekend in Las Vegas, walked onstage wearing a robe based on Tlingit regalia draped over her shoulders, then threw back the garment to reveal her red, Swarovski crystal-beaded evening gown.

The material of the robe became the dress's long train The Seminary and the Wanted Relics A New England seminary about to merge with Yale University is under fire over Native American relics in its collection—part of a long history of mistreatment By Candida Moss The Daily Beast In Newton, Mass, a struggling seminary is coming under attack this week for failing to return religious artifacts in its collection to the Native American tribes to which they belong.

Andover Newton Theological School possesses a collection of Native American artifacts that, for roughly 70 years, have been housed at the nearby Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass. In , when Andover was attempting to raise funds to cover a shortfall in enrollment, the institution attempted to sell the artifacts. As of last week, Andover Newton had not complied with federal requests that they produce and send inventories of their holdings to Native American tribes… more US warns Newton seminary over native artifacts By Malcolm Gay Boston Globe Federal officials have again warned the Andover Newton Theological School over its failure to comply with a law that governs the return of cultural objects deemed sacred to Native American or native Hawaiian peoples.

At issue is a collection of roughly Native American and native Hawaiian objects the school has housed at the Peabody Essex Museum since the late s. With help of infrared photography, institute hopes to repair timeworn Tlingit drum By Tamara Ikenberg Alaska Dispatch News A timeworn Tlingit shaman's box drum dating back to at least the late s may get new life.

Wasilla , for comments he made disparaging women in Alaskan villages. In an Associated Press interview on May 2, Eastman alleged poor women in rural Alaskan villages will get pregnant so they can become eligible for Medicaid-paid trips to Anchorage or Seattle to receive abortions She has had local, state, and national level public appearances.

Her schedule has been noticeably busy David Eastman, R-Wasilla, owes an apology to his legislative colleagues and other Alaskans over his repugnant statements that some Alaskans are glad to become pregnant, so that they can have a Medicaid-funded trip to Anchorage or Seattle to have an abortion Cultural landscape conference focuses on Native education By Ed Schoenfeld CoastAlaska News Teachers from around Southeast Alaska will gather in Juneau next month to discuss culturally responsive education.

A conference called Our Cultural Landscape will focus on helping educators better teach Native students. Jackie Kookesh is education director of the Sealaska Heritage Institute, which is organizing the event.

Then they get grounded. The conference is June and is open to teachers, administrators, classroom aides and those working in early childhood education Now ancient skeletons and a genetic study proves that the Tlingit and Haida tribes' oral history of being there from the beginning is based on fact By Elizabeth Sloane Haaretz Israel Native Tribes of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada have oral traditions going back time immemorial, that place them in the region from the beginning.

Now a genetic study of ancient skeletons and existing tribes shows that the unwritten history was apparently just so. A skeleton found in a cave reveals a 10,year-old Native link to Southeast Alaska By Yereth Rosen Alaska Dispatch News The indigenous people of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia have a tradition of invoking their longevity in that region as going back to a time before memory.

Now DNA evidence backs up that claim, and gives more specifics about how far back the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people can trace their ancestry. Analysis of genetic material from the remains of an ancient skeleton shows links with Northwest Native people that go back more than 10, years. According to Science Online, human remains from On Your Knees Cave, dated to around 10, years old, were found to be closely related to a trio of ancient skeletons found along the Canadian coast of British Columbia.

Study reveals 10, years of genetic continuity in northwest North America Archaelogical News A study of the DNA in ancient skeletal remains adds to the evidence that indigenous groups living today in southern Alaska and the western coast of British Columbia are descendants of the first humans to make their home in northwest North America more than 10, years ago Local indigenous groups related to the first inhabitants of northwest North America UPI According to new genetic analysis, the indigenous peoples of southern Alaska and the west coast of British Columbia are direct descendants of the first human inhabitants of northwestern North America.

These Indigenous Alaskan Groups Are Linked to the First Humans to Settle in Northwest America 10, years of genetic continuity Science Alert New DNA evidence from ancient skeletal remains suggests that the indigenous groups of southern Alaska and the west coast of British Columbia, Canada are descendants of the first humans to settle in northwest North America more than 10, years ago.

As it turns out, the modern-day indigenous peoples in southern Alaska and the western coast of British Columbia are the descendants of the first people to make the region their home more than 10, years ago. The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Scientists did a genetic analysis on people from the British Columbia coast and southern Alaska and compared it with samples from ancient skeletons to show the connection to the humans who first settled North America, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Now, an ancient mariner may be able to back that claim up.

Scientists sequencing the DNA of 10,year-old human remains from On Your Knees Cave in Alaska have found that he was closely related to three ancient skeletons found along the coast of British Columbia in Canada. The new finding reveals a direct line of descent to these tribes, and it shows—for the first time from ancient DNA—that at least two different groups of people were living in North America more than 10, years ago Alaska's indigenous Tlingit people are descendants of the first humans to settle in northwest America more than 10, years ago, DNA study reveals By Cecile Borkhataria Daily Mail Indigenous groups living today in southern Alaska and the western coast of British Columbia are descendants of the first humans to make their homes in northwest America more than 10, years ago.

DNA found in ancient remains adds to the body of evidence that indigenous groups have lived in these areas for a long time. The tour potentially stops at about 32 galleries, public art displays and studios Here are more highlights from our walk Atomic Energy Commission came together to form a national commission.

Brown University president Barnaby Keeney. Fabulous photos lift account of early 20th-century Alaska village life By David A. James We Alaskans The black-and-white photograph is striking. At a distance and in its center, a hunting crew carries an umiaq skin boat up a shore. Three children run behind it, a lone man stands farther off silently watching, while in the foreground dogs take only scant notice.

Beyond that, we can discern nothing. Most of the picture is a blanket of white and it is impossible to determine what is snow, beach, ocean, nearby hills or sky. It all merges into vast emptiness. The emptiness perfectly captures the when and where of the picture SHI to showcase Northwest Coast masterworks at second art auction Capital City Weekly Sealaska Heritage Institute SHI will showcase contemporary masterpieces of Northwest Coast art at its second art auction in an effort to perpetuate critical programs such as Native language revitalization and workshops on endangered Native art forms.

Middle School Math and Culture Academy runs June 10 to 20 for students entering grades six through eight Limited to 15 participants. The move is an effort to make language resources as accessible as possible, especially to those students who are revitalizing the language. Compiled by Donna May Roberts with assistance from the elders of Metlakatla SHI especially wants these resources available to those students who are helping to revitalize the language and speaking it on the land The proposed ordinance targets the some of the homeless people who sleep in storefront nooks.

Mayor Ken Koelsch had the ordinance drafted. Metlakatla, Hydaburg, Sitka and Juneau. Applications will be accepted through Feb. Through the program, Voices on the Land, Sealaska Heritage Institute is integrating performing arts and digital storytelling into six Juneau schools over three years through artists in residence, digital storytelling and a teacher training academy Some serial stories are lumped into one entry Our Facebook Live coverage of Celebration in June tops the charts in regards to reach and engagement.

Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian dance groups converged on Juneau to kick off Celebration A study released in October by the Sealaska Heritage Institute tackled how the regulatory definition of blood quantum applies to marine mammal hunters The Year in News: Celebration in June saw two new events that will hopefully become mainstays during the biennial festival of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures Bright moments of Capital City Weekly From the editor: And with that, more than 2, people danced, sang and enjoyed a reunion among nearly 50 groups who had traveled anywhere from one mile to 1, miles—just to dance.

SHI offering cash incentive to early bird scholarship applicants Capital City Weekly The enrollment period for Sealaska scholarship applications will open on Dec. The deadline to apply is March 1, Rizal apprenticed with Jennie Thlunaut, a weaver from Klukwan. She began her apprenticeship when Thlunaut was 95 years old. And because raiding was such a big aspect of Tlingit warfare, especially by sea, conditioning to water was a really big aspect of Tlingit warrior training" The series includes a three-book set derived from ancient creation stories that have been passed from generation to generation for thousands of years.

The thick, wooden head armor carried imagery of strong warriors, fierce animals or revered ancestors. But helmets also played a ceremonial role, representing clans or helping shamans scout behind enemy lines Included is a three-book set derived from ancient creation stories that have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Sealaska will also host multiple dance groups The exhibit, Alaska Native Masks: SHI will open the display to the public on Friday, Dec.

The three organizations signed a memorandum of agreement last Wednesday that will be used to design and implement a formal education plan. They had a huge impact and the outcome of the war might have been vastly different without them, said Ozzie Sheakley, a member of the Southeast Alaska Native Veterans Association, in a phone interview Robert Martin, President of the Institute of American Indian Arts and a member of the Cherokee Nation, said that IAIA currently has an average of 10 Alaska Native students enrolled per semester, out of around , and he is hoping to see that number triple.

The Sealaska Heritage Institute is hosting a series of noon lectures honoring Native warriors — past and present Starting at noon on Tuesday, Nov. Rare photos documenting Inupiat life in the early s published by SHI Capital City Weekly Sealaska Heritage Institute has published a book of old, rare and priceless photographs of Inupiat life in the early twentieth century made by an Inupiat photographer and teacher.

S HI to open doors to all local second-grade students for arts initiative Capital City Weekly Sealaska Heritage Institute SHI this month will open the Walter Soboleff Building to all second-grade students in Juneau as part of a national program to expose children to the arts. The event is part of the Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child program, which was founded by the Kennedy Center to create equitable access to arts education programs and resources for K-8 students.

The Kennedy Center works with 20 sites in the country, and Juneau was selected as the eleventh site in Proportion of Alaska Natives allowed to hunt marine mammals decreases By Mike Dunham Alaska Dispatch News At the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Fairbanks last month, Sealaska Heritage Institute presented a study addressing the possibility of changing the definition of "Alaska Native" with regard to taking marine mammals for food or art purposes.

Langdon, with funding from several Native corporate and nonprofit groups. A news release from the institute said it "brings to light data that might alarm some sectors of the Native community, because findings indicate among other things that the proportion of the Alaska Native population becoming ineligible to hunt marine mammals under current agency enforcement policies is rising at an accelerating rate" Like many of his peers, Bennett had never left his village at the time.

He hardly knew why the U. Families with Alaska Native children age 5 and under are invited to join. Space is limited so registration is required In some places, a regulatory definition — known as blood quantum — has superseded cultural ones. And a new study by the Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau tackles how that regulatory definition applies to marine mammal hunters The lectures will be held from noon-1 p.

The talks also will be videotaped and posted online. The talk by Dr. Our Ways of Dance and Their Meanings" The study, conducted by Maritime Anthropologist Dr.

Sullivan convened the U. Rosita Worl, who is president of Sealaska Heritage Institute, was the first to testify at the hearing Changing population dynamics could impact the future of marine mammal hunting By Molly Dischner The Bristol Bay Times A new study indicates that who can hunt marine mammals may change in the future under the current definition of "Alaska Native. By the end of early October it had blossomed into a successful dugout canoe.

It symbolizes our culture, all the things that are important to us as a people. Other people might have given up, but under the instruction from Steve Brown they continued" Earlier this week the skies over Eagle Beach in Sitka were filled with smoke and steam, as a carving team worked to transform a cedar dugout into an elegant, seaworthy canoe Saturday, they gave presentations on 10, years of education in Southeast Alaska The language app includes Tlingit words, phrases, and sounds, and the games app teaches Tlingit words for ocean animals and birds through interactive games, said SHI President Rosita Worl in a press release Tlingit linguist Lance Twitchell receives Judson L.

He was part of the group that pushed to make Alaska one of two states to officially recognize indigenous languages, the other state being Hawaii Professor, language advocate, chosen for Judson Brown Scholarship Capital City Weekly Sealaska Heritage Institute through its Scholarship Committee has chosen a well-known language advocate and assistant professor of Alaska Native languages as the recipient of its annual Judson L.

The Sealaska Heritage Institute launched an app that brings sights and sounds to your cell phone. Press any one of them and you hear the Tlingit pronunciation over a soundscape of bird song and calls. When you get comfortable with the Tlingit words of different birds, you can take the quiz. Beginner Tlingit speaker Alfie Price, 49, and his year-old daughter Katy have been competing against each other to see who can get a higher score.

The programs include an app with more than three hundred Tlingit words, phrases and sounds and an app that teaches the Tlingit words for ocean animals and birds through interactive games, said SHI President Rosita Worl… more Juneau Empire Want to learn Tlingit?

In a world where English is considered the dominant language, Tlingit is endangered, linguistically speaking. The Sealaska Heritage Institute hopes to combat that. The organization announced the release of two free apps Monday, aimed at making learning the language more accessible… more Alaska Public Media The Daily Progress Webcenter 11 Project leader, artist and weaver Clarissa Rizal organized the project and said the inspiration came from a conversation with Klawock weaver Suzi Williams He, his father, and others made the voyage to right a wrong done to one of their clan members.

Being listed on the register means the federal government recognizes Indian Point as a historic place worthy of protection under the National Historic Preservation Act And a non-Native the next… more In summer program, teachers get schooled in the arts: It was Thursday night, and the teachers — hailing from Juneau, Ketchikan and Kodiak — were both performing and celebrating.

They had just completed the Juneau Basic Arts Institute, an annual summer program aimed at helping K—12 educators and administrators learn to incorporate art into their teaching on a daily basis Yakutat apprentice Devlin Anderstrom Shagaaw Éesh , 19, said the same, adding that his apprenticeship with Yakutat elder Lena Farkas helped provide a sense of identity I came out of that dark space and wanted to do something constructive.

How new rules could right an old wrong for Alaska Native artists By Jill Burke Alaska Dispatch News A century after the passage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the federal government is working to eliminate restrictions within the law that impinge on Alaska Native artisans' ability to sell traditional pieces adorned with feathers, beaks and other inedible bird parts. The elders who came before us are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

Their wisdom, knowledge and beliefs guide and center us, forming the fabric upon which we live our modern lives. That is why the prompt return of The Ancient One is so important to our people.

Wood carving, as an art form, reflects all the Native cultures connecting with the environment. The wood materials used come from the forest and the forms usually represent animals, spirits or places… more The purpose of the program is to encourage study of Northwest Coast art practices. Artists in residence may choose from two dedicated spaces on the main floor: Artist Residencies at Sealaska! Indian Country Today Art is a major component when it comes to conserving and showcasing heritage.

To cultivate this vital form of cultural expression, the Sealaska Heritage Institute is looking for Native artists to participate in a new artist-in-residence program at the Walter Soboleff Building in Juneau. Caitlin Stern and Dr. As part of the program, SHI asks that scholars share their research with the community as a public service Tribal members also live in British Columbia to the east and the Yukon to the north.

Highlights from Celebration Capital City Weekly Hundreds of people lined the boat landing at Douglas Harbor on Wednesday singing and chanting to welcome canoes from around Southeast to the unofficial start of Celebration organized by the One People Canoe Society.

Ten canoes made the journey this year, though some had a rough time of it. What does Celebration mean to you? They are teaching our young people, because we cherish you Doris McLean stands before a bowl of soap berries, ripe and gleaming red. But pretty soon, with the help of a hand mixer, they turn pink and frothy, the consistency of whipped cream. McLean is something of a soapberry alchemist But one thing was the same — the clothes were incredible Children and elders flood the streets, chanting and moving.

The grand exit of dance groups from Centennial Hall marked the close of one of the largest gatherings of Alaska Native peoples in the state: Crunchy Goodness Rules the Day in Black Seaweed Contest at Sealaska Celebration Indian Country Today Slightly crunchy and lightly salted characterized the winning black seaweed entry as Dora Barr took top honors at one of two traditional-food contests at Sealaska Celebration Barr came in first place, with second and third places going to Roberta Revey and Ivan Williams, respectively.

Now, she uses a handheld mixer. Having returned after its first Celebration two years ago, the market drew 45 artists from Southeast Alaska, Washington and even Canada to Juneau. Tsimshian artist David R.

Boxley won the top two awards: Best of Show and Best of Formline for his piece Txaamsem. The group piece, Warrior armor and helmet, won first place in the middle school division, and The Fox by Tessa Williams of Gustavus won second place Southeast Alaska art, language, culture, food, etc.

Six thousand people are in town for the four-day fete, including 2, dancers in 50 dance groups from around Alaska, Canada and the Lower She transports the large portable loom in a ski bag, advice she got from Clarissa Rizal.

No border between us Celebration a time for groups in U. But though that line may have led to different political and legal systems, they are one people and Celebration strengthens them all, they say. Here are some hints.

One surprise, said artist and dance group member David R. I believe that it is the most beautiful thing in the world. In a remote village seemingly disconnected from the world, it can feel down right impossible.

The crowd is scanning the horizon. And one grandmother, Marie Johnson, is looking extra closely for the tip of a red canoe carrying her grandson. His name is Roary Earl Bennett. The biennial festival of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian tribal members kicked off on Wednesday with a Ravenstail and Chilkat weavers presentation in Juneau and will end Saturday with a grand exit Her auntie Deanna Lampe cuts fibers of cedar and wool spun together.

Designer Lily Hope creates a wave basketry design in buttons on a silky blue dress for Celebration's Native Fashion Show.

Their arrival marked the unofficial beginning of Celebration, a biennial festival of Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian tribal members organized by the Sealaska Heritage Institute Really, the design is rooted much deeper, in lifetimes of storytelling and traditions passed from one generation to another. The two women have been working hours on end to prepare for an upcoming Native Fashion Show, the first of its kind during the biennial Celebration in Juneau.

The women said the event will put Native designs not just on a runway, but into mainstream couture… more Every other year several thousand people travel to the state capital for Celebration, a four day event meant to renew appreciation for the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures of Southeast Alaska. The event is rooted in a desire to pass Southeast Alaska Native culture on to future generations.

But for a handful of paddlers from multiple Southeast communities it started about a week ago. Late last week, several canoes — each carrying about 10 people — departed from Angoon headed for Juneau, a trip of roughly miles. For the first time, the show will include a display of exemplary works by some of the most acclaimed Northwest Coast artists alive today. The institute also will give awards to participants of its new Juried Art Youth Exhibit during the ceremony, held during Celebration Celebration is a major, four-day event organized by Sealaska Heritage every two years.

First held in , it has become the one of the largest events in the state, drawing thousands of people and millions of dollars to the capital The Juried Art Show will include 36 pieces by 22 artists. Winners will receive prizes in the following categories… more Juneau Empire Herring and herring eggs are a subsistence resource and a staple of Native diets And suppose you bring it to Los Angeles, where someone offers to buy it from you. Can you sell it to them? Once upon a time, the answer from those familiar with art and law would have been an unequivocal yes.

Don't be so sure The Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage and Bald Eagle Preserve Visitor Center opened on May 14, nearly a century after the idea of putting a cultural museum in the small Tlingit village 22 miles north of Haines was first discussed. It was initially a tent camp of about 40 miners that quickly transformed into a small town and is now the State Capital… more Registration ends May The second is Voices on the Land Summer Theater Intensive, which integrates traditional stories, song and dance, and Tlingit language The deadline for entries is June 8 at 5 p.

The foundation has represented more than 1, artists over the past 15 years. Those artists will now be able to sell their work through the Sealas-ka gallery, said store manager Lee Kadinger… more Ferguson, an anthropologist from the University of Arizona, and the three Native panelists: How to protect indigenous intellectual property: Explore mathematical connections found in cultural heritage and knowledge through hands on learning… more Marie Battiste from the University of Saskatchewan on the injustices and inequities in education for indigenous people.

Battiste will share key features of educational change that must be addressed in order for the decolonization of education to take place SHI accepting applications for new juried art youth exhibit Capital City Weekly Sealaska Heritage Institute will sponsor a new youth exhibit of Northwest Coast art during the biennial celebration in an effort to increase the number of youth making high quality pieces and to share their work with the public.

Cash awards will be made to schools of the winners for art supplies to be used by schools or organizations for future instruction in Northwest Coast art… more Juneau Empire June there will be the Latseen Running Camp for students entering grades fifth-eight. This will take place in Juneau. For more information, contact jasmine. There will be two sessions of Voices on the Land Summer Intensive. The first will be June for students entering grades fourth and fifth.

Both will take place in Juneau. For more information, contact Jackie. Alaska gift shops busted for allegedly selling fake indigenous art CBC When tourists step off cruise ships in Alaska, they're often surrounded by gift shops selling local indigenous art.

But American authorities are now warning customers to be on the lookout for fakes. Charges were laid recently against owners at four different gift shops for falsely claiming some of the art they sold was made by Alaskan indigenous artists. Rosita Worl is the president of Sealaska Heritage Institute and an advocate for indigenous Alaskan artists.

The shop owners in Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway have been charged with violating the federal Indian Arts and Crafts Act, prosecutors announced late Thursday. A Skagway employee also was charged But in recent decades the U. Museums and federally funded institutions are required to go through their collections and report artifacts that might belong to tribes.

Now a small theological school in Newton is navigating this complex legal process for the first time. Its collection of about Native American artifacts includes one known as the Halibut Hook, and a lot of people are interested in its fate The sponsors hope the project allows visitors to look into the past, while the carvers perpetuate this craft into the future Pacific Northwest Native peoples once paddled carved spruce and red cedar dugout canoes up and down the coast, but very few people know, now, how to make them.

Brown has been adopted by the Stikine Kiksadi. Through his research, Adams, who is also a practicing attorney with law degrees from universities in Australia and the United States, is examining alternative means to protect indigenous intellectual property using trademark law, with a focus on Northwest Coast culture and art Boxley at the opening of the first Alaska Language Summit on Tuesday.

Presenters traveled from Hawaii and Canada; one teleconferenced in from New Zealand Lisa Phu joined the Empire on Friday as a general assignment reporter, which also was the last day for longtime arts editor and Capital City Weekly editor Amy Fletcher… who accepted a position with Sealaska Heritage Institute as a publications specialist… more His conclusion was that repressed adverse childhood experiences can manifest in adults by altering their well-being, causing disease and even premature death.

Cash awards will be made to schools of the winners for art supplies to be used by schools or organizations for future instruction in Northwest Coast art… more SHI accepting applications for new juried art youth exhibit Capital City Weekly Sealaska Heritage Institute will sponsor a new youth exhibit of Northwest Coast art during the biennial Celebration in an effort to increase the number of youth making high quality pieces and to share their work with the public.

Cash awards will be made to schools of the winners for art supplies to be used by schools or organizations for future instruction in Northwest Coast art.

The free event is scheduled at 5 pm, Saturday, Feb. Master carver Steve Brown will lead the project, according to a news release from Sealaska Heritage. Brown's apprentices will be T. The log will remain at its present site as it is turned into a foot-long Tlingit canoe over the next few months by carver Steve Brown Looking forward Capital City Weekly is shaping up to be an exciting year in the arts.

Professor Marie-Francoise Guedon of the University of Ottawa will speak on working with the late anthropologist Frederica de Laguna in Alaska and share early findings from her ongoing research into matrilineal societies around the world Each of the following lists of five memorable moments from presents just a tiny slice of the whole picture, as viewed through the words of one community member.

Taken as a whole, the lists are reflective of a spirit of gratitude toward all those who devote their time, energy and talent through the arts, enriching our lives in the process Built by the nonprofit Sealaska Heritage Institute, the building serves as research and cultural center for Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian peoples. Andover Newton repatriating Native objects after citation. Please consider volunteering to help out on the site. You may republish this material online or in print under our Creative Commons licence.

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The verdict is that Red Lobster was massively underwhelming. It is by no means terrible. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Okay, I kind of even liked it, especially the coleslaw, but I am just too cool to want to admit that publically. If I die and go to heaven, I will get to eat those biscuits every day without ever gaining weight or getting stomach cramps and that will be paradise.

Red Lobster overall, though, is kind of bland. My visit to Red Lobster categorically failed to establish any logical link between its meals and sex, so the mystery remains along with the mystery of who Walt is except that he is someone who loves fried shrimp.

Was it good enough to take a man there after sex? Not even if he did that thing with his hands and his mouth at the same time. Even if he was the greatest dirty talker in the history of dirty talking. Even if he had a you-know-what the size of a Chipotle burrito AND knew how to use it.

Am I simply just picky and snobbish? Will I go back? Not unless my grandmother wants me to take her, in which case then of course, but I think she likes Olive Garden better. I'm feeling a little down today. I know what would fix this. I need to go to HomeGoods immediately. Would people think I was weird if I took a selfie in front of this sign and made it my profile pic on Facebook? Is that going too far?

My uncontrollable desire to completely redecorate every room of my home for every single season and holiday even the ones they don't close school for is officially validated. I have found my people. This is my tribe. I'm totally doing a leaf-themed tablescape for Arbor Day. Life would be better if I bought six, jewel-toned Moroccan lanterns and hung them unevenly in the corner of my living room. I need a 6 foot tall metal chicken.

Wait, is that Jenny Lawson's chicken? Where would someone put this? Where would I put this? My house is too small. I need to set my sights higher in life. I need to make enough money to be able to accommodate a 6 foot tall metal chicken. Obviously I am a loser. What kind of accent do I want my home to have? I want my home to have an accent like people in old movies. I want my house to sound like Katherine Hepburn.

I'm going to need a Murano Glass decanter set from that display over there immediately. I cannot resist this pale pink, ceramic, teeny cake stand with a butterfly on it. Okay, but wait, who makes cakes that teeny?? I should make teeny cakes. I bet there is a teeny cake pan in the cooking section. I will buy it immediately and become the kind of person who bakes teeny cakes and displays them on pink ceramic teeny cake stands.

I'm pretty sure they are playing the soundtrack to Empire Records. I miss the 90s. Oh my gosh, LOOK! Celestial motif lives on! Now they are playing all of my favorite soft-rock hits from the 80s. I may have to burst into song. Please don't tell anyone. HomeGoods be like "Your house stinks, yo.

You don't have enough candles. I pretty much need a color coordinated Yankee Candle in a discontinued fragrance from a line of limited edition veranda daydreams scents that flopped five years ago.

These things go for at least thirty bucks a candle in the real store. Watch me fill this cart up right now. I need to accept the fact that I am definitely turning into my grandmother and that it's okay to love bunches of polyester peonies in a vase of hardened polyurethane that is supposed to look like real flowers in actual water, except doesn't. Good lord, HomeGoods, I love you but could you please get carts that can actually fit that 24 x 48 inch canvas print of Marilyn Monroe that everyone had back in college, plus that sisal rug that I desperately need for my Florida room?

And while we're at it, could we please make it so that the wheels don't lock up as soon as they get within twenty feet of the door, so that the whole cart jerks to a violent stop mid-aisle causing me to get whiplash?

I need a 7 foot, foam lighthouse to go with my 6 foot metal chicken. Life is now complete. This stuff is not tacky at all. Said no one ever. My mom thinks this is very classy. Whatever this thing is, I believe with all of my heart that I could make it. I came here to get a new shower curtain liner. But I decided that I needed a chalkboard kitchen menu, a cat scratching post, a knock-off Vera Bradley, insulated, cloth lunchbox, a Slap Chop, two empanada presses, some gourmet popcorn, and a cute set of birthday party invitations even though I am not having a birthday party.

I forgot the shower curtain liner. Every single one of these things would be absolutely spectacularly perfect in my elegantly appointed, New England, shingle-style beach cottage in Newport, Rhode Island where I drink Southsides and eat lobster rolls and wear linen dresses and straw hats and have clambakes on my own private beach. That I do not have. Because this is my fantasy life. This is not real. So I should leave this aisle with its driftwood sculptures and iron crabs and spray-painted bunches of coral, and nurse my broken heart because I cannot purchase this rustic clapboard painting of a whale.

How old is this food? Because I love this packaging that suggests that this pineapple jalapeno gooseberry marmalade is actually British, possibly royal, and therefore eaten by the Duchess of Cambridge on her scones at tea time, which makes me kind of have to have it too.

Along with these giant, sundried tomato pasta tubes, 6-pack of artisan root beer, and this little bag of heirloom quinoa that is definitely not any of the brands they sell at Whole Foods. Also I should get that tagine masala spice blend because it is in a cool bottle, and I think I need ALL the coffee syrups so I can be like a discount version of Starbucks in my own home and speaking of 'Bucks, there is a bag of Thanksgiving Blend for four dollars.

Do you think if I replaced all of my dying houseplants with plastic succulents that anyone would notice? I will not buy any of these things in the evil maze of temptation that is this checkout line. No matter how wonderful they are. Oh what the hell, I could really a wheatgrass sprouter and some inspirational coasters. I tell everyone about the first time. I did that to myself. I am still closed and whatever is inside of me is still not done even though the pressure is sometimes unbearable.

You carried me fourteen city blocks across a summer dusk and I was crying and covered in blood. I even had blood between my toes and my blood got all over you and so did my snot from crying but you never said a word and you took me home and still never said a word.

When I stopped calling, it was not for the reasons you think, which some people say were obvious. I stopped calling because you saw me like that. Everyone always thinks it is them I am writing about. I am never writing about anyone even when I am always writing about you. Eighteen times I fold a post-it with your name on it before I stuff it in the cracks of the Western Wall and pray to God to make me forget you, which works.

Years later you find me on Facebook and you have three kids and a shitty job and the same wife and you have aged so badly that you look like Lou Reed, and basically no one aspires to look like Lou Reed no matter how talented he was, so I give thanks for answered prayers. If I could just stop falling for guys purely because they like cats, that would be perfect, okay? Also, remind me that good taste in music is in no way an indicator of decent husband material because it is not.

I should probably change my MO and start looking for guys who like Celine Dion. I am like a can of soup. The vacant spaces inside of me are filled with all the letters of the alphabet repeated over and over again.

Here is something I do not like to admit to myself at all: I liked your name and its spelling and the way the letters are shaped so once I even saw it spelled out in a tangle of oak branches. And I know I am only finding these things because I want to look for them, but I took this as a sign anyway. Later that night when you called me I decided that finally hearing from you had something to do with the tree. Who made you think we did? I know who it was. I want to hunt this girl down and give her a piece of my mind because no girl wants someone to do this to her, except she is me and right this second I am pretending to love it so that you will love me even though I hate what you are doing.

That you will never love me is more painful than your dry fingers and sharp nails anyway, so who even cares?

Hand to God, I am shocked that I have never seen you on the news for a double homicide. Your wife is not as pretty as me. The point is that I never felt pretty and I think she did. That I did not go to prom with you was a very poor choice on my behalf, but I have always lacked good sense when it comes to these things.

Look, I need you to know that I never forgot you, that you were the first boy who ever brought me flowers and they were daffodils and you bought them at a school fundraiser. I need you to know that I took care of them as per the instructions on the card and that they bloomed and that I kept them long after they dried up and the water turned to mold and evaporated, and I kept them because even at fourteen, I knew intuitively that I was going to have the kind of life where daffodils would be rare.

Who dumps someone over a payphone from the airport when they are on their layover on their way to see you? Do you know how annoying and expensive it was to change my flight? Do you know how hard I cried on that prop plane back to Albany? I like to think that this is why you grew up to be so ugly, because seriously, when I was with you, you were actually hot. I am intelligent and you are a know-it-all.

These are not the same thing, however, I believe that you are secretly insecure and so when you try to teach me about things I already know about more than you, actually I smile and let you think you're the smart one. I can still hear your Walkman playing in my ears. It never would have worked out between us. The last time we spoke was before my wedding. If I had known, I would have said something special.

It was still the best date. Tell this to all of my friends for me. Watch me suffer harder. I could win a medal for my suffering. Maybe it was you.

There was nothing wrong with you. But the catch is that we never had to have that conversation. If people ask me why I love your wife so much, I tell them because she was the girl you really needed, which is true, but I leave out the part about how she saved me too. Yes I know that you should never ever make your booty call banana bread. I mean, I know it now, anyway. Your worst fear is that I am going to fall in love with you, and even though you never say this explicitly, I sense it.

You are such an asshole. I may have been jealous, but I was also right. God dammit, this went on for more than a decade. I am impressed with our endurance for torturing one another. At least I can say we accomplished that.

You were so weird. There is no other word for it. I dumped you because you told me you refused to take your meds and because you picked a fight with your sister over breastfeeding. I am thrilled we did not end up together. What I am not thrilled about is that we had to stop hooking up, or whatever you call doing everything except having actual sex, because that was so good that it feels unfair that the Universe had to go and make you a freaking lunatic.

On the day you got married it poured rain and I cried all day long. I worked a double. For a little while the electric went out and we had no customers so I painted a cracked piece of bisque while it thundered and a thousand miles away the sun was shining hard on you and your bride.

I was much more in love with your house than I was ever actually interested in you, but how could you blame me? It was a three story Victorian with a wisteria-covered pergola. I know you understand because you bought the damned thing. So on the positive side, at least we had something in common in loving that house. I have never felt so lonely as the moment a military plane flew over your house and we saw it from your bedroom window and you told me your ex, no your girlfriend, you corrected yourself immediately, was trying to get a flight back from Europe.

A few minutes later she called and you were so obviously happy to hear her voice that I could feel your happy too. I knew I never had a chance. In the way the mind represses trauma, I forgot your name.

As in, the next morning I woke up in my same clothes in your bed and you were already getting ready for work and I had no idea what your name was.

Please tell me that you have finally come out of the closet. I saw on Facebook that you are now divorced. Please let this be because you finally figured out that you were actually gay and could no longer live a lie. Please let that have happened. I am a lot less bitter now than I used to be about what you did to me. Someone saw you sitting on your front step with your head between your knees on the day I left. I always wondered about this. There are days when I hope you drink too much and make yourself sick because you could never hold your liquor, and I hope find yourself drunk on your ass and filled with regret.

She used to be, but not anymore. This means that she no longer eats or poops or gets zits and her hair always looks flowy and glowy. I figured we would start with breakfast. I take it wherever I go, especially on airplanes, because the air quality in flight is just not acceptable, even in First Class.

Splurge for a private lotus pond whenever possible, because you must love yourself. You want the natural, organic pearls hand harvested by a traditional, free-diving, Japanese Ama. It is essential that you never refer to this sacred food as a Dragon Fruit because that is terribly gauche. Be aware that you will not be eating the pitaya. It is merely for your aesthetic pleasure because it is bright pink and looks very exotic, and people in middle America have no idea what it is, which means that is the new miracle cure for everything.

That is from a different life. Vanilla bean ice cream is the old you. You are now a pitaya person. Trust me, you are better off. Have your personal assistant do it the night before. A small squirt, and really treat yourself here. Preferably the villa dates back the Renaissance. Preferably your friend has won an Oscar for something, but not a Golden Globe because tacky.

Have the lemon flown to you by private jet to ensure freshness. Arise and chant several positive affirmations. Admire the lemon and the pitaya on your farmhouse table as you slip on your sweater and go outside into the fresh moonlight to breathe in your air of ease while you exhale the smoke from your American Spirit cigarette over your private lotus pond.

Dust your body with the crushed pearls and lick the soft skin of your inner forearm because you are so amazing. Dot the drop of almond milk on your tongue. Be present with it. Give thanks for the squirt of lemon juice because you are blessed and skinny and rich and beautiful. You will have plenty of energy from the rising sun. In fact, you will even be inspired to write a cookbook for mortals in which you can teach them how to make meals from poison wheat paste, fermented and aged bovine bodily fluids, and poultry ovulation.

Smile, live a nutrient dense life, strive for balance, and always eschew an American diet. That doesn't mean chew it. It's means don't eat. It came on the radio — the classic rock station, which is disturbing in and of itself, because that station should be reserved for things like Bob Seger and Led Zeppelin and the Doobie Brothers and everything else my parents listened to.

The song is ultimately about the struggle between being a freak and wanting to fit in. We all want to fit in. We want to be popular. But what we think of as popularity is a lie. The whole idea of popularity first surfaced in middle school. There was this little group of shit- assed, twelve year old bitches who wore Bonne Belle Lip Smackers and had more Lisa Franks and liquid crystals in their sticker books than anyone else.

They wore pin-striped Calvins and every year there was a new sneaker and they had to have it first. Everyone copied these girls. We all wanted to sit at their lunch table. The popular girls swooped in on me quickly.

I was an easy target being shy and unaware of my own prettiness, and they were raptors in Esprit pastels. They called me scum. That was my new name.

They relentlessly teased me. The logic probably being that if you become one of them then you are finally immune to or at least relieved from being hurt. I hated these girls. I look significantly better than all of them, which is not a surprise now that I understand the world a lot better.

Mean is just ugly. One day in ninth grade I experienced a profoundly seismic paradigm shift: So what are they then, if not genuinely popular? I still see it constantly in just about every adult I know. Everyone wants to be part of the elite.

That shit is always going to be some version of hard is a fundamental truth. Life cannot be controlled. The only thing you can do is to train your mindbodyspirit self to deal with it. I knew immediately that I wanted no part of a group of people who created an illusion of power by being mean to everyone around them including each other. The day I realized that, I stopped caring what the popular kids said to me, what they called me, and how they talked about me to others.

None of it mattered. They were a pack of pathetic assholes and they still are. Life as one of them would never be fun. I sought out friends who were interesting, who had unique passions, and friends who were kind, funny, thoughtful, flawed, sincere and different.

I have continued to do this throughout my adult life, with astonishing success. Stop striving for elitism — the fake popularity. Aspire towards genuine popularity, which is nothing more than maintaining meaningful, mutually reverent relationships with others.

People who want that have bought into the illusion. They live a big fat lie. They even have to BECOME the illusion by looking a specific way, having certain things, living, being and liking the same things as someone else. They chase and chase and never catch real happiness and their spirits become so warped that they cannot perceive beauty and truth and light anymore. First, ask yourself if you want to be elite or actually popular and think hard about the answer.

Work on that and get back to me. But if you want to be the true definition of popular in any community or gathering of people, this is how: Show up and keep showing up. It takes time to build relationships with people. You want to be a friend, not a conqueror. You are not Napoleon over here, so calm down. When you show up, be helpful. Be prepared to do a lot of work. Be generous with your time, your positive words, and your affection. Stick around when bad stuff happens.

Be one of the problem solvers instead of the blamers. Do not seek attention , and if you must receive attention, let it be from your happy achievements rather than from being a drama queen, complaining, psycho asshole who sucks all the joy and energy out of every situation. Give comfort, not judgment. This can be your new mantra. Get yourself a mala and repeat it times. Embrace your own freak. I used to try to hide it and act some way that I imagined was how normal people acted, but it was a disaster.

People are attracted to people who are authentic and real, not big phony jerks. You be real by loving what you love no matter how odd it might be to someone else or how uncool it is. Authenticity is sincerity and telling the truth about who you are. The good ones will gravitate to you when you have the courage to be real.

I have a lot of good memories from high school. I had a wonderful group of friends and we never got into the trouble that the other kids were in. I bet we were all considered huge nerds, but you know what? We were nice to each other. We had a lot of fun. We used to get together and order pizza and play music and have singalongs.

I swear, we even played board games. We watched John Hughes movies and played Mario Brothers. We went to parks and hung out and got Slurpees at My friend Michael I can use his real name because I know at least 75 Michaels checked into Chick-fil-A on Facebook last week and wrote a status declaring his undying love for their new Frosted Coffee.

There were two possibilities — either someone had hacked into his account, or he had lost his ever loving mind. For someone to actually take the time to publicly announce to the world that they are at Chick-fil-A drinking coffee? Yet my curiosity was piqued because, you see, Michael is Italian. He knows from good coffee. I respect and value his opinions on all things café noir.

Especially because we have this diner that we all love because the food and the diner ambience is fantastic but the coffee is absolute shit. Michael is so offended that he brings his own coffee to the diner so as not to have to drink the shitty diner coffee, and his dedication to high quality java has inspired me to do the same. I know I can always go to their house and get a fine cup of exquisitely brewed, mocha-dark, fine ass coffee and that they will always have half and half and raw sugar just how I need it, rather than some watery, acidic store brand garbage out of a nineteen year old Mr.

Coffee, served with a side of International Delights and a packet of Splenda. My friends are Italian, which I already mentioned. You need to have Italian friends because they will never settle for sub-standard coffee under any circumstances and they will always feed you well, and you need people like this in your life. So when Michael went so far as to post on Facebook that Chick-fil-A had a caffeinated beverage that was good enough for him to announce it on social media, I had to question him.

First rule of Victoria: If you ever compare food to sex I am immediately going to want to eat whatever it is you are describing. I began to want Frosted Coffee. But not with an intense burning desire by any means. I simply wanted more information and was thinking about Frosted Coffee in the back of my mind like, yeah, that would be cool. I tend to prefer my coffee more exclusive, as in not usually blended with my ice cream and certainly not with Chick-fil-A anywhere near the whole scene. I like my coffee unadulterated.

Just me and the coffee, intimately. Because that is a milkshake, not a cup of coffee. For many years I was in a committed relationship with iced lattes, but then we broke up it was amicable because I fell wildly in love with Starbucks Cold Brew.

Cold Brew and I are currently in a monogamous relationship because I like consistency and predictability and I know the Cold Brew is always going to deliver my caffeine fast and hard the way I like it. It was like Frosted Coffee was sending me a mildly flirty, suggestive text, complete with lower case letters and no punctuation. O rly, Frosted Coffee?

Just what exactly are you referring to? Then I went a little deeper into the Chick-fil-A site and turns out, Chick-fil-A is just as cray as you suspected.

I like coffee and all, but probably not enough to be the American mail order bride to some South American coffee farmer from a high mountain peak in the Andes. Chick-fil-A even has a hashtag for its coffee.

I kid you not. I can see it now. I have to tell you. I just want it to be good. Are we clear here? That said, I kind of got to wondering what kind of story my coffee might have. Or was it more like a my coffee dropped out of high school, traveled the world barefoot, had mystical visions on ayahuasca in the Amazon rainforest, got shot in the shoulder by a drug dealer and is now a yoga teacher kind of a story?

See, I had this plan that since I was drinking ice cream, that I was going to attempt to create balance in my Universe here by purposely not ordering whipped cream and cherry on top. Like that would make a difference, I know, but in my head it made a huge difference. Except, Chick-fil-A did not even offer that as an option.

I guess you could order it if you wanted, but somehow that feels wrong. Like if you pull some shit like that, the people at the drive-thru window might have to use their safe word or something.

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