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De Doorns - refugees still on field
Lviv satellite view Landsat 5 , 14 November From the outset Wächter proved to be an effective administrator. In , the number of active-duty troops in the army was ,, however, this was significantly less than the European powers of France, the North German Confederation and Russia, each of which could field more than one million men. Eipä näy täällä Oulussa tohtoreita tulleen kun kaupunki on aivan täynnä parikymppisiä miehiä jotka liikkuu ihan helvetin isoissa laumoissa pikkutyttöjen perässä. De Doorns - refugees still on field Share this article with a friend Your Name: Contact Us - Martinlutherking. He reads, writes and critique — a lot.


Otto von Wächter

Unless he is hitting the gym that's a good way to look for trouble: It's designed to be a utility cutting tool from the outset. A kitchen knife is also a cutting tool but when walking on the streets with it it becomes a weapon. Because it's still just an inert and inanimate piece of metal.

It becomes a weapon when someone weaponizes it. I geuss with have to agree to disagree. Otherwise we could go on for ever xD. Glad you took the time do to react. Not scared of a whole lot given I know what I have and how to employ it effectively. The trick is to hope that bad shit never happens, but to be at least aware of when it's about to and somewhat prepared if it does.

The mentality isn't at all different from wearing a seatbelt, keeping a fire extinguisher in a kitchen or maintaining a supply of condoms in your bedside drawer. Idk I sometimes I have a small pocket knife on me. Eventually Ill probably get a small handgun or something just in case, but currently nothing.

I almost always carry a knife, mostly a benchmade so fucking nice knife , but for me its a tool. I would only pull it out if i really feared for my life and accually intended to kill someone.

The only time i never have a knife on me is if im out drinking, bit hard to explain to the police why im out drunk in the middle of the night with a knife Id love to carry my gun tho, but since this is swedistan only criminals carry guns. Normal ppl like me only take it from the safe, to the range and back What do you like about the ?

I had a for awhile and got bored of it. It looks cool but it never felt like it had the right blade shape for the stuff I do and, like so many Benchmades, the traction of the materials is pretty low and makes it harder to retain.

Lightweight and still sturdy as fuck, good steel and build quality, fast and smooth. Love the axis lock.

Other then that i love the bladeshape. Good allround shape and the tip is as strong as it can get without being useless. Because I dont want to get in trouble with the police nor the thugs. I carry a vipertek taser on me at all times in case shit happens away from my car when I'm outside. We have pretty stupid gun laws in swedistan too. You basically have the same laws as us. I'm allowed to carry in my car as long as I have a copy of the permit and I have to be registered as a member of the shooting range, I can keep it in my car and it's not considered a crime.

I can always say that I'm going to the shooting range, but I can't carry it out of the box in public. When i go camping with my friends, my dad advises me to take one of our self defence guns so yeah.

I used to carry a knife cause I got jumped twice once at 16 on my way home from school and once at 18 leaving my girlfriends house after like 11pm. Ever since then nothings happened but stopped carrying it at 21 cause almost got random searched by police and I remember shitting myself rofl. RIJ provides h ope to refugees by fun di ng projects that rebuild lives and restores human dignity in a sustainable and community oriented way.

There is currently no integrated planning or support cell in the Secretariat that brings together those responsible for political analysis, military operations, civilian police, electoral assistance, human rights, development, humanitarian assistanc e, refugees and displaced pe rsons, public information, logistics, finance and recruitment. The theme is very timely this year: Most frequent English dictionary requests: Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above.

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