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Eat vegetables and lean meats for your snack and drink plenty of water. Secondly , the program also provides the users with the science that is behind the normal cravings that they experience. Another feature that you should note about this product is that you will not need to starve yourself or count calories. Dieters lose weight really fast. You can enjoy all your vegetables as a salad and use white or wine vinegar, lemon and herbs for flavoring.

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Since the focus is on vegetables only on day 2, it is a good day to make the GM soup so you can enjoy it whenever you want to or feel hungry. Do not add any oil when cooking. Once you have completed day 1 and 2 eating plans on the GM diet, you will find the meal plan on day 3 much easier.

On day 3, you will be able to eat both fruits and vegetables, without bananas or potatoes. However, your body is prepared now to shed those excess calories and though you may have some light food cravings but those will lessen significantly by day 4. When it comes to breakfast on day 3, choose between watermelon or apples but not both at the same time. Repeat the same lunch plan from day 2 and add some fruit to it.

Dinner can be a combination of any vegetables as long as they are boiled or steamed and of course, you may add some fruit to the mix such as melon or apple. Snack on fruit and vegetables all day and drink plenty of water. Salad with Romaine lettuce, tomato and cucumber with beets in vinegar and 2 glasses of water.

By now, you should notice a weight loss of about two to four pounds that is a positive effect of the GM diet. Remember to not drink any fruit juices until day 7. For best results, eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the GM soup made with water and your favorite vegetables such as tomatoes and cabbage. You made it to day 4 and the good news is you can now eat bananas. During day 1, 2 and 3, you have cleansed your body and have had time to adjust to the GM diet.

Your body has received all the fiber and sugars from all the fruits and vegetables. By adding milk and bananas to your eating plan on day 4, you will get all the sodium and potassium you were not getting during the beginning of the eating plan. On day 4, start your day with a glass of milk and banana — you can blend the two together, if you prefer.

Use skim milk for best results. Enjoy the GM vegetable soup and you can add another milkshake of banana and skim milk. If you find that you are full after eating the vegetable soup, you can skip the milkshake. For snacks, you should only have skim and banana or make a milkshake. If you experience any food cravings on day 4, eat a banana or blend it with a glass of skim milk and ice in a blender for a milkshake. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Blending 2 bananas and 2 glasses of skim milk with ice makes a smoothie that you can pour into a thermos to take with you to work or when you are on the go.

When it comes to making the soup, use a large stockpot and add a cup each of your favorite vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage, celery, onions and peppers. You can season the soup with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and pepper. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt will not elevate blood pressure and is loaded with a balance of minerals. Congratulations on making it to day 5. The past four days of the GM diet lacked protein and you may have noticed some muscle weakness, however on day 5, you are only allowed to eat beef and tomatoes.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can substitute the beef for brown rice or tofu. Not a fan of beef? You can substitute chicken or 6 eggs for the beef. However, beef contain protein and iron, and the tomatoes contain lycopene and plenty of fiber that your body needs. It is a good idea to eat small servings of beef throughout your day as large servings can make your appetite worse.

Of course, combine the beef with the tomatoes at each meal on day 5. For example, you can start your day with tomato soup and braised beef that will provide protein, fiber and energy for your day. A hamburger with tomato only will work for lunch but drink plenty of water to flush out the uric acid your body will produce from all the beef. Enjoy beef soup and tomatoes with plenty of water when it is time for a snack. No fruit juices allowed. If you do not like red meat, you can make a turkey burger or use chicken instead of the beef.

Make sure it is skinless chicken breast and use all-white turkey meat for making the turkey hamburgers. You can substitute the beef for any meat or plant based protein. Season the meat, chicken or turkey meat with the lemon zest by rubbing it all over the meat. Let stand for at least 10 minutes. Season with coriander, sea salt and pepper to taste — place on grill or griddle and cook at least minutes on each side, depending on thickness.

Remove and serve with sliced tomatoes. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out the uric acid your body will produce with all the meat consumed. You should notice a difference in how much lighter you feel due to the first three days of cleansing and detoxification.

Your skin should be glowing by now from eating all those fruits and vegetables. Protein and fiber is the name of the game on day 6.

It is considered a feast day because you can now add vegetables to your protein choices on this day. By this day, you should notice significant weight loss and a different in how you feel. Make note of how you feel before, during and after exercise. You should notice that your appetite is at a normal level and cravings for any sugar are gone. Eat vegetables and lean meats for your snack and drink plenty of water. Congratulations on making it to day 7. You should see significant weight loss and feel and look great.

Weight loss should be at least 10 pounds and you should also notice that you are sleeping better with glowing skin and an improved digestive system. Of course, continue to drink water throughout the day and into the evening, before going to bed.

Make sure you continue to exercise to boost your metabolism and continue to burn more calories. You can repeat the GM diet as often as you like or until you reach your weight loss goal. However, maintain at least one-week break or interval before starting on the GM diet again. The GM Diet is designed for those who need to lose weight and want to see results quickly. The benefit of the GM diet is to get you into the habit of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables throughout your day.

However, all it demands from you is just a little push to the right direction and all the other things will fall into place. The essential keto cookbook is a companion that helps to push its users who have weight loss set goals and objectives in the right direction. The essential keto cookbook offers you with a two hundred pages of colorful images that show off the delicious meals that its readers will enjoy.

The cookbook revolves around the best keto diet plan to help consumers change the way their bodies burn fat as well as in losing excessive weight. With the regimen outlined in this book, consumers are provided with a means that they can see faster results, without giving up the best foods that they enjoy together with their flavors.

Their mood also improves lowering the neurological disease risk. The foods for keto diet plan are easy to include, they comprise off eggs, fat, vegetables, and meat. However, there are so many people who find it very difficult to adapt to this type of diet. The essential keto cookbook helps users to navigate through the necessary steps for weight loss, which are improving the nutrients contents that consumers absorb, reducing the amount of inflammation-causing and toxic foods as well as renewing the natural mode of burning fat.

Along with the essential keto cookbook , main content users will have five bonuses at their disposal when they purchase this keto diet plan for weight loss. The first is the keto guide on a diet for boosting energy levels and getting started with losing weight. This bonus guidebook is pages and helps users to increase fat burning power, while at the same time boosting energy levels. The second bonus is an eating like a pro keto guide.

The third bonus is a quick start guide on keto diet that gives you everything that you require to kick-start the process right away. The content is tailored in a way that it will help you to start at once even with a few things to learn about the keto diet plan. The fourth bonus is a complete keto food list, which outlines what healthy options that are available for consumers to follow.

It also has low carb choices that users should make use off. The fifth and the final bonus is a two-week keto meal plan, which helps the user to get rid of the need to figure out their own consuming diet plan for the first two weeks. Increased energy There is no enough an introduction in the essential keto cookbook Fat loss Most of the described meal plan makes use of leftovers Clearer, smoother skin More stable moods Better performance and recovery No more hunger cravings Help with degenerative neurological disease.

Low carb weekly meal plans is another way people use to lose weight and in a matter, they can lose it quickly, particularly if the diet they adhere to is low in carbs.

You find the initial weight loss when you add this meal plans to your diet comes from the loss of excess fluids after which the body starts to burn the excess fats. In general, as a society, we consume a lot of processed foods that are very high in sugar content. One idea that is behind the low carb weekly meal plans is that it will help to cut back the amount of sugar that we consume every day, especially the added sugars that you find in store-bought desserts and soft drinks.

This meal plan also helps to cut the simple carbs that we force our bodies to process in form of sugars. Whether it is simple or actual sugar carbs, getting rid of them from your diet can be a very great deal of your energy levels and overall body health. You should note that cutting the amount of sugar that you consume can help you to answer questions like how to lose five pounds of extra weight in a week. The key thing here is that low carb weekly diet plans are efficient and effective when you learn not only to consume fewer carbs but also how to control the portions and select snacks which are healthier to take when you get hungry in the day.

Taking a snack that is rich in fat and protein will definitely last you longer than going for one that is full of carbs and sugar. This, in turn, means that you will be going to get hungry again after a short period of time and there is a possibility that you will take another snack repeating the very same vicious cycle. The bottom line is that when you eliminate carbs from your diet, you will be in a position to decrease glucose production, which regulates the body weight and blood sugar.

This, in turn, leads to water weight loss. Once your body has used all the stored carbs, it starts to burn the stored fat to get energy for normal body functioning.

When the body starts burning fats it decreases your body weight hence leading to your weight loss goals realization. This will tell you alot. Perhaps you might be interested in some extra resources. Thank you very much for the great article. As a Muslim, we are encouraged to fast two days a week Monday and Thursday!

It is not a must, just preferred. We fast from sunrise to sunset. No food or drink is allowed during this period no water. As you mentioned a true fast can be a mental and physical cleansing time. From a personal experience, fasting is really great.

I strongly believe it has many benefits on the mind and body as well if done correctly. Hi Salam Thanks you for your insight. Although I do not fast like you do from sunrise to sunset I do continue to fast not just to maintain my weight but to free the mind and body or the extra weight and burdens that it must carry. You see when your stomach is not full and your mind is not sluggish from trying to digest a heavy meal you start to have more energy think clearer, sleep better and feel better.

When you can have this in your life for free why not take it. Some people spend thousands to have access to these feelings when we can experience a little bit of this each week. To your health Sarah. Hi Mona Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I believe Muslims are urged to fast entirely, whereas the fasting diet plan or 5: Having said this if this is something you have been doing your entire life perhaps you have some great tips you can share that makes fasting easier?

Hi Gary Thanks for your insight, there are millions of people throughout the world who fast for religious reasons, it is a part of honoring their faith. If someone is fasting to lose weight, improve their health, improve immunity and decrease their insulin sensitivity or any of the other many health benefits associated with fasting then yes I agree we promote and encourage you to drink water throughout your fasting days.

When fasting you will be breaking down waste and other by products so it is important to flush them out of your body; this will also aid your digestion and improve your overall well being. Hi Lindsey This is where you can take up the 4-week challenge, start with downloading the quick start guide… click here. Hope this helps you on your way to intermittent fasting and the 5.

I have followed this diet for 16 weeks and up to two weeks ago was successful. For the last two weeks no loss. Hi Karen Congratulations on your success. Yes you may find that you have hit a plateau of some sort. Most people experience this earlier on not after 16 weeks. Just because you have hit a plateau of sorts does not mean that you give up. Many people write in and tell me they thought they had plateaued and then 3 weeks later they get back on the scale and have lost weight again or rather they measure themselves and have lost more inches even through it is not reflected back as a lower number on the scale.

You have achieved great results and I would hope this has now become part of your everyday routine so just like any form of diet, weight loss program or exercise your body will hit levels. If your goal is to continue to keep losing weight and inches then keep it up but try incorporating some other changes, such as being more mindful of what you are doing on your non fasting days, incorporating more exercise and looking at your overall nutrition.

In addition ask yourself have you hit a plateau because of a change to your lifestyle or environment? Are you sleeping less, more stressed or not being as active? The diet plan forms a good basis to reduce your calories 2 days each week but it may require to look at other factors — just like a body builder building muscle sometimes you need to change things up, your challenge that muscle harder to get even more results.

I hope this has provided you with some food for thought. As a person with an autoimmune, this has been really helpful in tracking down the food which really bothers me. Hi Alice Thanks for your comments and interesting insight. Have you been following the fasting diet plan and has it helped you determine which foods are triggers for your autoimmune disease? Did it also help you loose weight or help ease some of the effects.

I would be curious to know more if you would like to share? In terms of your comment regarding water yes millions of people may do this and as you say it has little impact and harm. I however prefer to drink water on a regular basis; it is what the body is primarily made up of and what the cells need for repair and regeneration. That and because many of us often think we are hungry when in fact we are dehydrated and the body is wanting more water — wanting more fluids this is why I encourage people to drink more water during fasting days than do a total fast.

How do you get the benefit of fasting without actually fasting i. Eating calories in fasting days?

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