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Airbus computer system development criticized S 13 4 ; Subsequent doubts on computers reported: S 14 5 investigators blame pilot error; pilots charge recorder tampering S 15 3 Pilots convicted for libel in blaming technical malfunctions!

Air India Airbus autopilot failure [19Apr]? Vhmi French Air Inter A crash on approach to Strasbourg airport [20Jan]; 87 dead, 9 survivors; 2,foot altitude drop reported R 13 05 ; crash site at feet. Report fingers mixture of human and technical error, airport ill equipped, serious failings in altimeter system, pilot unable to stop descent S 17 2 ; Air Inter official charged with negligent homicide S 18 2: Vf Toulouse A accident blamed on experimental SW.

Compendium of commercial fly-by-wire problems Peter Ladkin S 21 2: Varig crash 12 dead flightpath miskeyed? V over Elkton MD hit by lightning in , everyone killed S 15 1! V Bird strikes cause crash of Ethiopian Airlines , killing 31 S 14 2! V Dominican Republic crash 6 Feb , cause unclear S 21 4: Vh B Aeroperu Flight V Ilyushin Il crash due to digital engine control failure S 19 1: Chinook helicopter engine software implicated S 23 3: S 17 3 ; FAA report on possible autopilot faults relating to altitude losses S 18 3: Vrhi John Denver plane crash linked to unlabelled implementation change over spec: Computer error grounds Japanese flights 1 March ; flight numbers disappeared from radar screens; related to system upgrade to share flight plans with Japanese Defense Agency?

San Francisco Airport radar phantom flights R 21 20, S 26 2: Rash of british air-traffic control system outages in National Airspace System S 27 3: It failed at UK air-traffic control problems summarized at www. Australian report shows two faulty TCAS cases: TCAS related collision-avoidance mistake discussed S 18 1: July ; 71 dead S 27 6: Out with pilots, in with pibots in our national airspace R 21 96 , and flocking algorithms R 22 01 Rail, Bus, and Other Public Transit!

Vmh Driver killed by unanchored ballast simulating passengers in test of "computer-controlled" AirTrain to JFK intentionally on manual around a curve; damage to the train and to feet of concrete wall as well; blame went to the driver, not the ballast that killed him! Vh 42 die in Japanese train crash under manual standby operation S 16 3! Vh Southern Pacific Cajon crash kills 3; tonnage computations wrong S 14 6!

Vm Cannon St train crash in London, 1 dead, injured, brakes failed S 16 2! Vm Kings Cross passenger trapped in automatic door, killed; no alarm S 16 2! Veihh Head-on train collision in Berlin killed 3, injured 20; track controls mistakenly set to one-way traffic, overseer overrode halt signal S 18 3: Vm German high-speed train disaster Jun and implications; automated system with inadequate sensors and overrides R 19 80,81,83,89 Vfm Berlin new automated train switching system Siemens Generation C fails from the outset of its use R 19 77 Vf Berlin S-Bahn stopped by switching SW stack overflow S 22 2: Amtrak ticket system breaks down S 22 2: Metro crash kills operator S 21 4: Metro S 23 3: Computer problems foul up the Washington D.

Metro system; graphics system froze R 20 60 fi D. Metro S 26 4: Metro computer crash leaves disabled riders stranded S 26 6: Matra made software for both Ariane5 and Taipei subway system S 21 5: Ghost Train reappears; BART problems same day S 12 1 mM San Francisco Muni adds new communicating streetcars, has to remove old ones blocking comms to increase service R 19 95 ; Muni driver leaves car, which went on driverless!

Metro stops payments on troubled computer S 23 4: More on making roller coasters idiot-proof: A new approach to roller coasters: RoboCoaster Windows-based self-programmed personalized rides, with six axes, 1. Mercedes SE with graceful-stop no-skid brake computer left foot skid marks; passenger killed S 11 2!

Audi accelerates during shifting. Also, unreported citation S 11 3! A8 P Risks of stored digitized photos on drivers licenses S 19 1: Fatal at least 31 , serious cases continue to mount. The town of Chernobyl is now being dismantled. Loss of Comprehension, not just Loss of Coolant; typical of software development as well!

Sizewell B nuclear computer safety software complexity causes concern; Sellafield reprocessing plant computer error adds further concerns S 17 1 Official report summarized. Two shield doors left open. Plant still shut down, more study. Millstone 2 nuclear power problems, underreporting S 19 4: Software missing, California electric power deregulation delayed S 23 3: Although it was not directly computer related, whoever designed the towers certainly did not allow for reality as the weight of the ice was way over the designed load.

Vm Another SRI-wide power outage "caused when Cogen staff pressed the wrong button and took the facility off-line. Berkeley campus power S 19 4: Vmr Fire ants enjoy the comfort of electrical equipment R 19 Vrfh Vacuum cleaner interrupts uninterruptible power S 19 3: Various hospital and health-care problems!

Hardware interlock in Therac 20 eliminated. Data-entry errors kill five patients in Panama S 26 6: Vhri Girl electrocuted by heart-monitor plugged into electrical outlet S 12 1 m Seizure-inducing video hospitalizes Japanese youths R 19 51 [! Medical monitors reboot in mid-surgery due to EMI?

A5 i Infirmary patient mistook painkiller button for call button S 18 2: Toronto public health computer accidentally erases many immunization records R 22 62, S 28 3: SrfM Arthritis-therapy microwaves set pacemaker to , killed patient S 5 1! SrfM Retail-store anti-theft device reset pacemaker, man died S 10 2, 11 1!

SrM Miner killed by radio-frequency interference S 14 Higher miscarriage rate for women in computer-chip manufacturing S 12 2!

Computer flaw drops chlorine level, makes water undrinkable in Lewiston ME S 24 1: Foster book chapter R 14 70, S 18 4: Mobile phones cause memory loss? R 20 23 ; Italian hospitalized for "acute Internet intoxication" R 20 24 Studies continue to show possible health hazards from cell phones. Medical article, useful references. Vhi Death of 5-year-old boy due to SF computer equipment failure S 12 2 Ultimately blamed on terminal operator failing to press a button.

Vfmh NYC system crash during backup generator test: R 20 03,07 m Wet cable leads to false calls R 20 10 h? Fort Worth TX police computer makes 1, invitational calls in the wee hours: Bruno, Canada S 15 3 P Confidential medical records sold at auction S 16 4 fe Hospital computer listed 8, discharged patients as dead, and informed insurance companies and Social Security Admin; mapping error in database conversion R 22 e Combatting data extinction resulting from unreadability caused by dead technologies R 22 Baby death due to software-controlled air bag deactivation?

June fatal inch pipeline rupture in Bellingham WA spilled , gallons of gasoline, which ignited; blamed on unexplained unreproducible SCADA system slowdown just after new database records added; one account for all operators; modifications performed directly on live system; error logs apparently not watched R 22 36,40! Computer-related sewage release into Massachusetts Bay R 21 08; S 26 1: A14 Robots and Artificial Intelligence!

SoftRobots S 12 4 Vmf? Stanford robot veered off course, fell down stairs S 18 1: USAF self-triggering robotic weapon system: Computer glitch causes false dam failure warning R 22 75, S 28 6: Automated toilet seat in Paris killed child??? Cars rolling off the assembly line in empty factory S 19 1: QE2 hits shoal; charts off by 7 feet? Computer-controlled ballast tanks tip drydocked ship, both ways! One CPU failed, backup procedures to redistribute the load also failed.

Double posting of credit-card charges S 19 3: Wells Fargo computer network outage R 21 15, S 26 2: Repeated computer outages for Swedish Nordbanken, affecting 3.

Lisbon ATM gives receipt in esperanto instead of espanol S 18 2: Senate bans Internet gambling R 19 89 ; U. New cell phones well suited to wireless gambling resembling the voting machine situation? Bogus deposit exploits ATM flaw S 22 2: Tax fraud and tax data misuse: A6 fP Connecticut unemployment insurance folks mail out "off by one" tax letters with information on other people S 27 3: ATM and credit-card fraud: Computer crime way up, says FBI S 27 3: NYSE and derived sites temporarily reported Motorola stock drops D10K R 19 64,73 ; no big deal — nothing adverse happened.

DSC Comm small patch installed without regular testing. The two knowledgeable people were in a class on the power-room alarms! Alarms had been disconnected because of construction triggering them S 16 4 ; FAA review concludes: Swedish telephone outage S 24 4: Stockholm power outage hits high-tech companies S 27 6: Philadelphia crash S 19 3: Cyprus village telephones disconnected: This saga prompted discussion of numerous other horror tales, plus hacking possibilities.

Iowa phone system program limitation — ringing forward to busy, phones incompatible: SW updates in progress. PacBell voice-mail system failure 25 Jul due to cable cut or software upgrade? Bell Atlantic sends mistaken notices of area-code change S 20 5: SfM More cordless phone problems; interference again calls !

Communication satellite problems fh Satellite transmission snafu leads to diplomatic incident S 23 1: Root servers used by Network Solutions failed R 21 03; S 26 1: Long blackout of mobile phone service in greater Frankfurt R 22 90 m Cingular wireless goes down in heat wave S 26 6: Many of these problems are summarized below.

More recently, in the election, particularly in Florida, the chickens of neglect have come home to roost, exemplifying everything we have been saying all these many years — and more.

There are also some reports of the left-hand and right-hand pages being improperly aligned, so that a vote for one candidate actually counted for another candidate. Dimpled chad became important — perhaps resulting in part from blocked and never-cleaned chad trays and there was a lot of extra chad resulting the invalidated multiple votes!

There were many irregularities involving improper voter disenfranchisement, with at least 91, voters being unable to vote because of a largely erroneous list of supposed convicted felons — including one election commissioner who found herself incorrectly on the list, and was apparently the only one to block use of the list in her region.

We note that punched-card systems are inherently flaky! Internet voting is a disaster waiting to happen in light of the inadequate security of the Internet, personal computer systems, and subvertible servers. Proposals to vote from automated teller machines R 21 are also problematic, and basically undesirable. Election demonstrates once again that we need to reexamine the entire election process objectively, and devise less-easily subvertible checks and balances that can provide much greater assurance.

Election still had vastly too many problems. Integrity throughout the election process is essential. And yet we repeatedly hear about unexplained anomalies enumerated below, including the articles by David Burnham noted below and various suspicions of fraud — some with convictions. For example, Ransom Shoup II purveyor of the ShoupTronic election machines was convicted of two felony counts — election fraud and conspiracy to commit election fraud.

If you are seriously interested in what might be needed for a high-integrity election process, and a further study of the inherent risks, see the outstanding University of Pennsylvania PhD thesis http: What we are calling the Mercuri Method involves voter-verified paper ballot-images that become part of the official records.

Useful URLs for various other relevant organizations are included at the end of that Web site. See also my later comments S 28 2: If the risks of voting concern you, including potential conflicts of interest among owners, you might find some provocative information at http: You can report voting irregularities you see for posting at http: S Role of standards Roy Saltman S 18 1: He is still active.

It still fails to address some of the most important integrity issues. Elkhart, Indiana, program failed in midstream, programmer rebooted or patched the system on the fly during the election process. Series of articles by David Burnham in The New York Times, 29Jul, 30Jul, 4Aug, 21Aug, 23Sep, 24Sep, 18Dec documents vulnerabilities to tampering in Computer Election Systems then the dominant electronic vendor ; elections with their machines challenged in Indiana, WVirginia, and Maryland, with rigging suspected in the election in the first two states; Federal Election Commission standards inadequate; Texas also investigated numerous discrepancies, involving Business Records Corporation which subsequently was involved in the Florida fiasco of — formerly known as Computer Election Systems; NSA asked to investigate if CES systems were open to fraud; California and Florida also investigated; Michael Shamos quoted — CES systems equipment "is a security nightmare open to tampering in a multitude of ways.

McCloskey McIntyre Congresional election in Illinois long questioned, with only a few votes making the difference depending on which were thrown out in which recount.

Louis S 10 3: Sandia helps NM develop "uncrackable" phone voting system S 18 1: Another voting machine misaligned, biased toward Bush S 18 1: Louisiana results questioned because of evidence of misrecorded votes Ethics?

Senator Hagel of Nebraska was CEO of the company whose voting machines got him elected, and had denied the connection R 22 The early recount process showed many irregularities R 21 Testimony of Doug Jones before U. Civil Rights Commission R 21 Later study by Doug Jones shows certain specific slots were more likely to jam and result in pregnant chad in Votomatic machines used in Florida S 27 1: Florida election erroneous disenfranchisement of thousands of voters also traced to bogus Choicepoint data; Choicepoint blames its data aggregator, DBT R 21 42 fmhH 4 to 6 million votes uncounted in U.

Other year items: Contribution from Douglas W. This updates his earlier report on risks in electronic voting in Iowa R 18 Florida election erroneous disenfranchisement of thousands of voters also traced to bogus Choicepoint data; Choicepoint blames its data aggregator, DBT.

Florida Primary problems: Columns by Lynn Landes on questionable ownership of voting machine companies felons, etc. R 22 34 ; further discussion of the Mercuri Method, alternatives, and butterfly ballots again, and other discussions R 22 ,38 SHPfi Boston gets Diebold AccuVote marked-paper reader systems, seemingly lacking in assurance of correct tabulation but at least recounts by independent systems are possible — if requested R 22 39 SH?

Diebold AccuVote system integrity questioned in Georgia because of the use of an unprotected FTP site for storing election software, election results files, upgrade files, etc. SPH Powervote electronic vote machines open to tampering: SH Chief of Diebold voting machine company writes Republicans in fund-raiser he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President next year.

But the passwords can easily be bypassed, and in fact the audit logs can be altered. Worse, the votes can be changed without anyone knowing, even the County Election Supervisor who runs the election system. Avi Rubin et al. Blank ovals sensed as votes, legitimate votes disqualified as overvotes R 22 75 H? UC Riverside student arrested for allegedly derailing student election, casting votes for a fabricated candidate R 22 Other election items in the U.

Internet and remote voting: Internet voting systems are potentially even riskier than electronic voting systems, especially if you and everyone else can vote from anywhere in the world on a PC with inadequate security using code that you have downloaded from some supposedly trustworthy site on the Internet. The California Commission studying Internet voting suggested that the risks were too high for such a balloting method to be used, although it considered using such a scheme under carefully controlled physical surroundings.

SPf More on risks in Internet voting: Philippines election power failure affected only the area of the computer center; on reboot, the computer immediately declared the underdog to be the winner S 10 3: Computer error in Cape Town election affects results R 18 17 f German parliament election: R 21 50,51 S?

Tampering blamed for lost Peruvian candidacy signatures S 20 1: Church of England has certified software for its elections S 17 1 fSAP New Zealand electoral Web site for registering and updating; authentication consists of full name and date of birth!

R 21 41,44 SAfe Electronic voting systems: Yet every time we get to look inside a piece of software or a security system that has been developed in secret, and built on the top of a compromise between acceptable levels of risk and the cost of doing it properly, we find holes and errors.

Recent yet-to-be-merged security items: I am way behind in coping with the pervasive occurence of these cases and trying to distribute them sensibly within the subtopics. Satanic Risks with GPS in every mobile phone? Comments on Lucent, Limbo, Styx, 5th Ave. Encoded circuit board missing from Chinese rocket R 19 84 Chinese suspected of 23 extracting it, later report it must have burned up on reentry H?

R 19 , 20 Sf Windows NT 5. Pacific rower, Norwegian transpolar skiers S 25 3: David Shaw, R 20 78 f U. Will We Ever Learn? Bruce Schneier, S 25 4: R 22 , 58 ; advent of network risk insurance R 22 53 ; Caida analysis shows worm doubling in size every 8. India considering use of railroad communications for Internet connectivity R 20 S? Microsoft admits Passport was vulnerable R 22 72; S 28 4: Virginia prof uses computer text comparison to identify cheaters R 21 39 S? R 21 58 ; of course, utterly trivial to break R 21 39 ; when U.

Implications of a Gullibility Virus: R 21 47 SH New technology for sneaky advertising: Defense Test and Evaluation dtepi. House approves life sentences for crackers S 27 6: Proponents say technology is secure. Risks of a crypto company owning a registrar? R 21 82 ; similar problem discussed R 21 86,88 f Bogus dates for McAfee virus alerts: R 22 05 ; preparedness R 22 06 Sf Security risks of programs that automatically update: R 22 08 Si Apple: Shapiro R 22 41 and Rick Smith R 22 42 ; must-reading for serious developers Sh MS court ruling leaked early through security blunder — posted on open server R 27 22 34 Sf Software leaves encryption keys and passwords lying around in memory; optimizer removes memset R 22 35 SPf Internet home banking unsafe R 22 37 Sfe Patch slip-up raises security questions: R 22 35 or not?

Greek Law Number bans electronic games R 22 23 ; later found unconstitutional? R 22 24 ; Greek consulate clarifies that ban extends only to games that can be used for gambling purposes R 22 26 SHVif Risks of Georgetown Law Center exam software supposedly limiting laptop functionality R 22 34 S,P,f,etc.

Automation increases anxiety — with cause; abuse, blacklists, blackmail, privacy; in Japan, a proposed family-registry database, a national ID, and various misuses R 22 21 ; Japanese phones vulnerable to hackers R 22 22 P U. Navy searches for at least missing computers, then only after further checking; two top-secret laptops disappeared R 22 32 SPfh French Kitetoa group discovered U. Navy Web sites leaking information via Lotus Domino, e. Opportunities for Trojan horses in StealthChannel music?

R 22 23 P Car goes airborne for feet; airbag spills the beans: Quantum cryptography for secure global communications over increasing distances; interceptions self-evident R 22 28 But what about denials of service?

SH Weak encryption or poor design leads to killing of wolves fitted with transponders; hunters might say "tri-angu-later, alligator? Trouble with Prime Numbers: Post Office R 22 69; S 28 4: R 22 80 SV John C. Dvorak estimates 30 billion Windows crashes each year R 22 84 Shf U. R 22 88 SH Covert virus channels? Some observations on e-mail phenomenology Peter B. End of recent yet-to-be-merged security items Discovery of new flaws running ahead of their elimination.

Flaws include problems with passwords, superuser facilities, networking, reprogrammable workstations, inadequate or spoofable audit trails, ease of perpetrating viruses and Trojan horses, improper handling of line breaks, etc. Lots of internal fraud and external penetrations. Sf Extensive discussion of buffer overflows, causes, methods of prevention, etc. Princeton team finds Java security bugs in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.

Princeton team finds new flaw in Java ClassLoader that disables security controls in Netscape Navigator 4. R 19 23 VSf Land Attack land. CD-ROM, zip drive, Lisp code, Java applet, Word document, agent software, browser plugin, postscript file, removable storage, ActiveX components, articles posted to newsgroups, any number of scripting languages, attached e-mail components MIME , floppy disk demo disks you receive in the post , someone over the phone asking you to run a program, California computerized retirement system flaw S 21 4: A R 18 53 Sff Microsoft vulnerabilities, publicity, and virus-based fixes good analysis by Bruce Schneier, R 21 01 Sf Microsoft Windows Update Corporate Web site "features more than 1, system updates and drivers for the Windows platform"!!!

More Microsoft problems and security flaws: H polymorphic MS Outlook e-mail virus R 22 ,10 ; and after-effects — bogus mail, spoofing, mail loops, etc.

R 22 11 Shf Microsoft invokes national security in not sharing information on MSMQ protocol, Windows File Protection API, anti-piracy and digital rights management; also, "some Microsoft code was so flawed it could not be safely disclosed. Penetrations and misuse by "nonauthorized" personnel: A13 tapes, other evidence seized from locker ruled inadmissible S 19 2: Classified files allegedly stolen? Georgia S 16 3 ; Berkeley High School, despite requiring two passwords!

Lax security S 23 4: Web site hacks and risks: Password and authentication violations: Trap-doors, Trojan Horses, logic bombs, worms, viruses: Notable recipients of the Freedom of Perth include: Notable recipients of the Freedom of Cardiff include: List of Freedom of the City recipients For recipients of the martial freedom of the city, see List of Freedom of the City recipients military.

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. List of Keys of the City in Canada. Freedom of the City of Dublin. List of Freemen of the City of Liverpool. List of Honorary Freemen of the City of London. Sir William Crossley's Key. Freedom of the City of Aberdeen.

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