9 Things to Know About Female Hair Loss

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Good luck to everyone!! I took a saliva test where I took samples of my saliva at 4 different times over the course of one day that tested my cortisol. October 2, at 4: I started losing hair last year. Judy January 24th Hi everyone, Thanks so much for your comments and sorry for the repeated posting - we've got a glitch in our system so haven't been receiving notifications or been able to clean up duplicate posts, but we're working on it! Low thyroid is one potential cause of diabetes, and it may be your red flag to have your thyroid re-evaluated.

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10 Things that Stopped My Thyroid Hair Loss

The rest of this page provides an overview of diet-related habits — such as stepping up your dietary intake of vitamin C, copper, zinc, beta-carotene, and silica — that can help prevent hair loss. The first tip for preventing hair loss is to add more vitamin C rich foods to your diet. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen which in turn supports hair follicles and keeps blood vessels in the scalp healthy.

Vitamin C also increases iron absorption from foods. To enhance the beneficial effects of vitamin C on hair, combine foods rich in vitamin C with foods that contain vitamin E, an important vitamin that may also help reduce hair loss due to its ability to boost circulation to the scalp.

Vitamin C and vitamin E protect each other and are more effective when consumed together. Hair is more than 90 percent protein, and a diet that is too low in protein may cause hair loss. Protein is abundant in a wide range of foods, particularly in foods of animal origin. A typical Western diet usually contains sufficient amounts of protein and eating additional protein for hair growth is not necessary. Even though hair is made of protein, excessive amounts of dietary protein are unlikely to improve hair growth and may cause other health problems.

Another good tip is to incorporate dietary sources of vitamin A into your hair loss prevention diet. Vitamin A promotes the growth of healthy cells and tissues, including hair and the scalp. A deficiency of vitamin A can cause hair loss and thinning hair. If you are aiming at having healthy-looking, strong hair, be sure to eat plenty of foods rich in B vitamins. B vitamins are in essence a complex of vitamins that often work together and co-exist in the same foods.

Evidence suggests that a sufficient intake of the B vitamins, particularly of vitamins B6 pyridoxine , B12 riboflavin , B9 folate , B7 biotin , B5 pantothenic acid and B3 niacin , is necessary for healthy hair. Pantothenic acid and biotin are thought to slow hair loss and prevent graying of hair.

Pyridoxine helps the body produce melanin, which gives hair its color. It also prevents hair loss and facilitates the absorption of zinc. In addition, pyridoxine, together with folate and riboflavin, helps form hemoglobin blood cells. Hemoglobin is needed for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the other tissues in the body, including hair.

An undisrupted supply of oxygen is necessary for healthy hair. I have tried all kinds of medications n home remedies n nothing worked among these , I m alot disappointed plz help me in this matter. There are several reasons why you could be losing hair. A few reasons are due to stress, tension, improper diet, harsh chemicals, hereditary problems, heavy medication etc.. You first need to find the reason why you are losing hair and according to that you can decide what needs to be done.

My edges r thin and bit bald since birth and I am 17 yes old will these home remedies help me…what should I do. It looks like you are lacking in some vitamins or minerals. Try changing your diet by including plenty of proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. These will stimulate hair growth and simultaneously you can try these home remedies too. To stop hair thinning and stimulate hair growth a proper and healthy diet is very essential and once week you can try these home remedies as these are safe and good for the hair.

You can continue with what you doing. You can also include amla i. This is an excellent source of Vitamin C. You can either make oil of it and you can just eat it.

The tips your are following are really good. You can even apply onion paste on your scalp. An healthy diet is also essential. Hi i am arif age 24, i had long hairs, after doing straightening to my hair after 3 to 4 months i lost my hair,. Now i have routes in my head but its not growing only in center part , hairs are growing fastely in the sides, except in middle its slow and routes are not strong. It is very clear that because of straightening your hair has become damaged and that is why you are losing hair.

Heat and chemicals will damage you hair. As far as possible avoid using harsh chemicals on the hair. Try some home remedies like hot oil massage, deep conditioning and applying homemade hair packs and a proper diet is very essential. My hair had been falling for many years and I tried different things including homeopathy but it did not work.

Please tell me if it can be treated with Ayurveda. Any treatment will take time to have an effect it is not necessary you can see instant results. Results depend upon individuals. You can for sure try ayurvedic treatment.

Your hair is falling because of your dandruff problem. First you need to cure your dandruff. Once dandruff is treated automatically hair fall problem will stop. Try home remedies to get rid of dandruff. Sir this is a fantastic article on how to control hair loss. I just wanted to know can we use this method if we are already on medication. I am taking homoeopathy medicines so will there be side effects if treated with ayurvedic? These medicines or tips are oral application i.

Hello sir I am harshitha I have tremendous hairfall I tried onion juice and having a healthy diet since 3 mnths but I am loosing lumps of hair every day specially when I oil my hair and when I shampoo it …. Because of the scalp infection you are losing hair. You first need to treat or cure the scalp infection. Once you get rid of your scalp infection hair loss problems will reduce.

I want o grow my hair out natural,i had my last relaxer going on now two months,what steps should i take to keep it from breaking off? Due to relaxing your hair has been damaged that is why your hair is breaking. To prevent your hair from breaking hot oil treatment is very necessary. Ayurvedic treatment is also good for the hair.

Thanks for visiting our blog. You can try these remedies mentioned in our blog. These are safe and good for the hair. You can try onion juice or paste. You can even go in for hot oil massage. Follow the tips properly and you can see the change. I workout every day …I used to have a long lustrous hair last year ,the same time.. I had my hair cut then and now my hair volume is 1 fourth of my original hair volume.

I workout eveyday and sweat alot.. Even I take clean diet. Is that really so?? Really,I want my long hair back.. Please suggest me some methods. If you do not keep your hair and scalp clean for sure this will lead to hair loss problems.

Another reason for hair loss could be the type of water in your hostel which might be suitable for your hair as your hair might be used to some other type of water.

You need to have a healthy and nutritious diet and take care of hair well. Yo can follow these tips mentioned in our blog. In a day you can lose up to 50 to strands for hair this is normal and the day you wash your hair you can lose up to strands of hair which is very normal. In case you are using more than this then we need to find out the reason why you are losing hair. First we need to find out why you are losing hair.

There are several reasons why we lose hair. Your hair loss problem could be genetic, because of medication due to some illness, using harsh chemicals like hair coloring, straightening, perming etc..

You can follow these tips mentioned in your blog as these are safe and good for your hair. I have severe hairfall which has led to receeding hair-line and small bald spots. What can I do to get my crown back?

What can be the best way to deal with it? I am highly under stress and fear to be on medication for the same due to side-effects. I have got down to Ayurveda but unaware of its optimum and efficient usage. Stress is the main reason why you are losing hair. For stress it is not necessary for you to take tablets to medication. You just need to relax and give your self away from worries. But if you want good health and hair you need to be free from stress, tension.

You need to change your food habits which means you need to eat healthy and nutritious food which is good for your health and hair. Can you let me know what home remedies have tried so far. Even your diet could be the reason why your losing hair. Have you used harsh chemicals like coloring, perming lotion or straightening products on your hair. These could also be the reason for hair loss problems. Hello sir, I am 25yrs old male.

I have even tried some homeopathy and western meds. But my hair keeps thinning. My doctor had saidthat i had male pattern baldness and currently i am at 4 norwood scale. My scalp gets oily in 24 hours so i have to shampoo daily. They are white in color and most of the time hairs are attached to them. Doctors have said that they are sebum plugs. Everyday in shower i find at least 20 fallen hairs.

Also, i dont see any new hair growth so my density keeps getting lowered. Do not shampoo your hair daily as it will strip out the essential oils your hair needs. Just wash your hair with ordinary water. You can try dusting baking powder on your scalp and then brush your hair.

Hello, I live in USA and my hair is falling a lot and getting very thin because of heredity my father hads bald problem. So,Could you please suggest what would be the bears remedy to control my hair falling and to get back lost hair. It is better not use such chemicals on your hair. This might further damage your hair and might lead to hair loss.

You can try home remedies or you can consult a dermatologist since this a genetic problem. I am twenty two years old. Does genetic baldness have any cure.. You can try onion juice. How long it will take to grow depends on the individual. For genetic balding it is better you consult a dermatologist. I am suffering from hair fall and severe dandruff problem,itching from last 10 years,which has led to baldness on top of the scalp.

Have tried different ayurvedic oils,shampoo and medicines but nothing has stopped the hair fall and dandruff. Sir please guide me what to do so that i can regrow my hair permanently and solve the dandruff problem. Please tell me the medicines which i can take. Dandruff can be due to allergy too. It could because of food that you are allergic too.

You can try fenugreek with yogurt paste or you can consult a dermatologist. I had seen all your replies for the questions being asked. I am very happy to see this nice blog. I need to stop my hairfall and my hair need to regrowth will it be possible if so kindly tell me the foods which will stop my hairfall and increase my hair growth.

I am a vegetarian only please suggest the foods accordingly. Make sure you are eating enough calories. While you do need to restrict calories for weight loss, restricting too much can cause hair loss because the body does not have enough energy to support hair growth, according to Hairfinder.

Multiply your target weight by 10 to get your daily calorie limit. Eat enough protein, which is a major component of the hair. Protein needs are based on individual factors such as body weight and activity levels. Use a food calculator, such as the planner at MyPyramid.

Incorporate whole grains, fruits and vegetables into your diet. Whole grains contain iron which, according to the National Anemia Action Council, is a major factor in hair loss.

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