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It is obtained through the soil and our food, along with fortified supplements. We will be looking into your account and reaching out soon. Write a customer review. Click here for more about nutritional supplements. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I have track athletes I coach at the high school level who might run the , and in the same meet all within maybe a 2-hour timeframe.

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Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I feel I have all the symptoms of a sympathetic dominance. Sometimes, at night, I have terrible digestive issues and feel like my heart and or breath is not right, and felt like I needed urgent medical care. I'm just coming off a vegetarian diet. It's been a few days of eating lots of meat. But I just had another episode.

Can I heal myself with diet, or do I need medical care? Thank you so so much in advance. Cheryl on January 19, at 2: I am also on synthroid for hypothyroidism, which I think I developed right after going vegetarian.

I've seen a gastro specialist and regular doctors, and have had numerous ultrasounds to no avail. Last night after an episode I was awake for hours trying yo calm down I also have been having cold hands, feet, body, allergies, sometimes frequent urination, brain fog, fatigue, etc.

Just hoping going back to eating meat will eventually balance me out. And I am not headed for a heart attack or heart failure. I appreciate you and your advice more than I can express. Thanks is an understatement. Oler, ND on January 23, at Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the comment and question. I recommend that you contact a naturopathic doctor in your area to assist you.

It is very likely that you can help correct the underlying imbalances causing most if not all of your symptoms with the correct guidance. Cheryl on January 27, at 8: Hi, I'm new to this.

I have an acute case of fibromyalgia and at times especially when it's cold or it rains my nerves kick into overdrive. But lately the nerves in my face are really doing a number on me. I had my thyroid taken out last year around this time but haven't had any trouble with the nerves in my face until a couple of weeks ago. Could it be my fibromyalgia or the taking out of my thyroid that maybe causing this and if so, what can I do about it?

Oler, ND on January 27, at 6: Hi Cherly, Thanks for the question; it's really hard to say without a more thorough workup. That should help point them in the right direction. Amino acid therapy may also help; to learn more, please visit: Brady on March 5, at Hi, I was wondering whether the sympathetic nervous system can be overactivated by doing an intense crossfit workout.

I eat very healthy plant based diet , but now am experiencing high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, fatigue, and night sweats after my workout weeks ago.

Oler, ND on March 6, at 6: It is very unlikely that the SNS can be over-activated after a single intense bout of exercise. It is certainly possible over time, especially if recovery is impaired. Hope that helps - Dr Chad Reply. Brady on May 27, at 9: I also think I was inadequately recovering. Perrin on March 7, at 7: Does anyone notice an increased SNS most of the time. However shortly after eating the PSNS kicks in and a nap is needed?

It seems that my autonomic system is very sensitive to both. Also I have had chronic pain from sciatic nerve issues for 9 years now. Oler, ND on March 7, at 8: Hi Leo - thanks for adding to this discussion. I suggest you start by keeping a food diary and eating balanced meals i.

If that doesn't get you the results you are looking for, look for an ND or functional medicine provider in your area to conduct follow up testing. Juanima on March 24, at 9: Chad, thank you so much for this article. I decided I did not want to risk that procedure with the limited studies on its actual effectiveness. So in my search for natural treatment, I came across your article. I have been concerned about my protein levels. My family started this diet last July and for the most part, it's been very positive.

I can see this would make a vegan diet more challenging, but I honestly haven't had an issue until recently. Wow, that was a long-winded way to ask you a question! But I value your input. Oler, ND on April 2, at 3: I would suggest having your levels checked using a test like this one: You may also need additional fat-soluble vitamins, so having your nutritional status checked using a test like this one: Kelley on June 5, at 4: I hate benzodiazepines, 8 months ago I went through withdrawals from them, I believe making my nerve issues worse than before.

I can almost always feel my pulse in my feet and hands, more at night. I have had breathing issues since I was young, resting dyspnea not able to get a deep satisfying breath and it eventually can lead to panic. Diagnosed with severe panic and anxiety.

My hands and feet cramp up often, with no defficiencies or dehydration. Constant phantom skin itching, again worse at night. Horrible night sweats, sometimes drenching. Strangely, I eat totally healthy, real whole unprocessed foods and exercise daily. I guess I would like to know how to explain this to a doctor, or what type of doctor I should see besides a primary care. Oler, ND on June 5, at 4: Hi Kelley, Thanks for sharing; unfortunately, this is a very common situation where there is a disconnect between what you are experiencing and how a medical condition 'normally' presents.

Carla Slates on June 9, at 2: It felt like my nervous system was being electrocuted on the inside. With a tiny dose of amitriptyline 20mg per pm , a kind and patient GP, time, and mercy from the Good Lord, the vibrations have dwindled.

Still there, but much lessened. I am eating everything healthy, but a recent bout of h pylori have stored my nerves up a bit. It is certainly tied to my sympathetic nervous system, because my body is always in the heighted flight or fight feeling. A good solid night sleep also helps a great deal If any neurologist has interest or k knowledge on this condition, I would be most grateful. More than you will ever know. Oler, ND on June 12, at 5: Sincerely, Dr Chad Reply.

Jill Gough on July 16, at 1: Hi All- I am desperately trying to find answers to issues I am having. I have that feeling all day long of a cool rush over my body and then a little bit of anxiousness. I can deal with it during the day, but the nights are awful. Oler, ND on July 16, at 3: We have also found several formulas very useful, including Serenagen and NuSera to facilitate a sense of calm: Alley on August 18, at 1: For almost my entire life I have had issues with some nervousness and what I realized finally are panic attacks or anxiety issues.

For the ladt years I have issues with severe bouts of excessive sweating that starts at the back of my neck and travels to my face and scalp. I can feel when this starts and I am not really physically stressing myself. Sometimes for no reason I am just sitting down and all of a sudden I feel the rush up the back of my neck.. I had a total hystetectomy at 41 and thought that I wad still having hot flashes I am now Is there any chance that my sympathetic nervous system os not operating properly Oler, ND on August 27, at 5: Hi Alley - thanks for contacting us; there could be several possible explanations, but you'd need further work up to find out what they are.

Jules on August 24, at 6: Hi, my daughter had her 2nd child 16 months ago, through his diatry priblens when he was 8 weeks because she was breast feeding she had to cut out diary and other foods over a period of a year. She became so consumed in what he was reacting to that during the period she started getting off balance but not continually.

Then my mum died in March this year and the off balance came back. She now suffers constantly, off balance, flashing lights, very poor sleep and sometimes has to take a small dose of sleeping tablet. She is exhuasted all the time to a degree she has no energy to do anything and with a 16 month and 3 year old she feels she is a very bad mum.

The doctors are useless and just try to give her depressiin tablets which she won't take as her system is very sensitive and they make things so much worse! Will this ever go away as she is so down as she just wants to get back to how she was before? It sounds like there are possibly several underlying imbalances that need to be identified and corrected to help you daughter regain her health.

Joss on September 3, at Hi, I have severe Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome. My symptoms are severe muscle tightness, My body feels numb and like plastic. Burning and chemical smell. Compulsive craving for carbs and sugar. Constant feeling of hunger - no internal sensation of ever feeling full regardless of how much a I eat - literally no feedback to brain on this at all.

Terror of everyday objects, textures and patterns as if a I have suddenly developed severe autism. I had none of these symtoms apart from muscle tightness until I tried to taper off of the diazepam. I am trying to eat as you describe but the terrible hunger and cravings are hard to fight all day every day. I ate Paleo prior to withdrawal. Oler, ND on September 4, at 5: It sounds like you will need a much more intensive workup and program.

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