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Hell House (Ellicott City, Maryland)
Tue, Apr 12, at 3: Some more modern legands about the grounds i have to my surprise found to be true. Which took me some time to figure out. If you park under the railroad bridge and walk toward the road that has a gate in front, you will see the staircase. Our villa brings you close to nature. It was said that screams and laughter could be heard throughout the premises and in the tunnels underneath.

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Thanks so much to LEAFers for buying their tickets early. Attendance s are limited due to the rental agreement with Camp Rockmont. Sun, 20 Aug In Columbia, MD, there are a few local legends which come to mind, and which have a remarkable tendency to be based in truth. This is one of those legends. It is surrounded by high hills and dense, ancient forest. A river runs through it. There is an old insane asylum the subject of other true stories and an overall air of energy and the supernatural.

Now is where details begin to get sketchy, but I will outline fact. In a fit of insanity that would befit the strange atmosphere, and old priest allegedly hung five girls facing each other around a pentacle, then shot himself. Friends tell me they have researched local historical documents and found that the story of a murder is true, though the demented details were omitted, probably for the sake of decency, as this was many years ago. The house still stands and the stories of it are numerous.

Area teenagers are fascinated. One, lets call him Steve, went with a group of his friends to visit the house. They drove down, taking the strange road that seems to be invisible from the main road. Past the old cement plant and warehouse, now stark and deserted. The decrepid Hell House looming in the horizon. When the car passed along and the front and back windows aligned, it was truly a sight that would make the hardest of skeptics get a bad case of the willies. It always got dark earlier by the house than in the area surrounding it, and the dark was a darker dark than most were used to.

It seemed to be palpable, and it played tricks on the mind. Back to the story at hand. The teenagers drove by the house, parked nearby both entrances to the road leading up the hill are mysteriously blocked, one by a fallen tree, the other by a mysterious absence of pavement and abundance of overgrowth. The boys walked up the hill, feeling the whole time that something was stopping them.

The terror they felt was both unexplainable and indescribable. But eventually they got to the top. There was a fantastic view on one cliff, and to their left, the house.

All were afraid to go up to the door, much less inside. Candles, blood, and an old man. Some say an old man guarded the place with rubber bullets and dogs the dogs were real enough, put there by police eventually. Some say the old man was in jail or died. What the boys did see outside was frightening. Already terrified, the boys were seeing things that werent there when one of them thought he caught a glimpse of something nearer to the side of the house.

It wasnt until they were nearly upon him that they saw an old man holding a giant pitchfork sized wooden spoon and a priests collar. The boys ran down the hill, and one even cried. Along the way they felt better, and laughed at themselves for thinking it was a ghost. Still, the fact that they all saw the same thing was disturbing. However, when they discussed the incident with others, they discovered that many had seen the same vision. Old man with a spoon, or sometimes an old priest with bloody hands.

One story even held that girls can be heard crying. Whatever it was, it remains constant for those who see it, always doing something different, always maddening. I have tried to visit Hell House three times.

The first, i tried driving up the driveway. I had no sooner started up that it rained and the muddy trail made my wheels slip. THe second, I tried driving again, but in nearly the same place as the rain hindered my advance, my car stalled and would not start. It was a new car that had never given troulbe before. Once i tried walking with a friend, but at the point I had stopped before, we were gripped with parylyzing fear and could not bear to go on.

Sheer unexplainable terror, for someone who had explored supernatural sites before with no such fear. If any who read this have been inside the house, or know anything else, or can help eliminate some myth, please post and let me know. Thursday, November 08, 2: As for the hell house in Ellicott City MD, There are actually hundreds of people who have been inside quite recently.

You can contact the Patapsco female institute in ellicott city, and they will explain that every year the few weeks before halloween, they give tours and hold activities inside hell house. I was invited to go this year, but was unable. I can give you the phone for this organization. Friday, May 31, 5: I am so glad that you wrote something about this. Howard County Highschools puts on a really awful haunted house every year there.

Hell house is further down past ellicott city off of river road and bonnie branch road. I have been there dozens of times. It burned down partially about 6 or 7 years ago on halloween night.

The two side roads are blocked by gates now….. When I went up there last, lots of people where there and were walking around it. In the back of the house there is another old run down caretaker house where the old man roofus lived who had the dogs and the gun.

The first time I ever went to hell house, I never made it to the top, but you definatly could hear the dogs barking up on the hill. There is also a conservatory behind it, where they used to grow plants and things. I must agree that Hell House is one kick ass place to go, especially at night when it is really scary.

Thanks again for posting this online…I love it. Tue, 06 Nov I live in Ellicott City and am familiar with Hell House. I have recently been looking for some information on it, simply because it is close to home and interestingly creepy! I have not found much, but I will tell you what I have come across so far.

Hell House is what is left of Old St. Im not sure if this was actually the old college or the old seminary. I have found both on the internet and have also heard both. I originally thought it was a seminary, other information leads elsewhere.

I have heard about stories of a man who lives up there, with a dog. The man was supposedly the original grounds keeper and when the place burned down, he stayed in a trailer with his dog. I have also heard that when people try to go up there, he will shoot at you and his dog will chase you away.

However this is not true because my friends and I have been up there. We went up during the day and it was quite creepy but no dog and no man. There is a wide path that goes all the way around the skeletal building.

Grafitti is everywhere as is trash. We walked around to the back and walked up some steps to the greenhouse. We went in the green house that was pretty creepy …then there were a few more steps then a lightly treaded grass path all the land around it was even with the path..

Then there were a few more steps. I must have been searching very carefully because this was very hard to see. It blended in very well. This trend repeated a few more times, until we were into the woods and could look back and see the building from a distance.

I was curious where the steps lead to so I followed them. I have no idea what it was, but their seemed to be small paths all around. There was also a path as wide and flat as a driveway. We did not go on that path because it was very long and well who knows where it led to! I think I was more curious than my friend.

This Hell House structure is at the top of a very steep hill! When we were at the very highest point in the woods by the cement structure I looked across the hill and noticed the woods across the road.

They were exactly the same height as the woods we were in. It almost seemed as if the driveway path I described earlier lead all the way around to it. The woods did not look untouched. Im not much for believing in ghosts.

However that place was just creepy. I am trying to find information on the fire and how it got started. I have heard there was an original fire and then another one. Also, the female Potapsco Institute is sometimes also referred to as hell house. There are many stories to that place also, it is located not too far from old st marys college.

One last thing… across the train tracks and the river, which is not far at all is river road, and also hilltop road. From both of these roads you can see Hell House if you look up way way up Honestly I drive through those roads all the time and never noticed hell house. I never even knew it was there till somebody pointed it out for me. Monday, February 18, 6: I visited a site on the internet about the hell house in Ellicott City and it has this e-mail address on it asking about any experiences with the hell house.

Well, I have been there numerous times and I also have pictures. Although it burned down around Halloween of , the brick shell of the old school still stands about 4 stories tall. It is a very eerie place especially at night. One incident I will tell you about is the time I went there with my friend and our girlfriends in early January It was about We walked up the driveway which was blocked by a metal gate.

As we approached the front of the building we heard dogs barking in the distance. The driveway continued around the right side of the building. We started walking down the driveway and when we reached the side of the building we saw a light coming towards us; like a motorcycle headlight. My friend grabbed me and started to pull me as the others turned and ran. I turned around and saw the light also.

Being athletic, my friend and I quickly passed our girlfriends and made it to the bottom of the driveway where we waited for them. We decided to go back to the end of the driveway. Here is where it gets really creepy. He asked her if she was there alone and she said no. Then he asked her if she knew that no one is supposed to be there. Then he rode off continuing down the driveway.

How did he get passed the gate unless he rode through it; like a ghost can pass through solid objects. This just adds to the mystery. Another incident of mine is when I went there with two other friends of mine. We walked around the back and made it to the other side where we saw a small shack where the man was believed to be living in.

Rumors say that he is there guarding the house because kids used to go there and party and were trespassing. He supposedly shoots rubber bullets and or rock salt at trespassers. Back to the story, we walked towards the little shack and suddenly we heard dogs barking. The noise was very close in front of us and we looked about 20 feet in front of us and under a car port was an entrance in the ground with a piece of plywood over it.

We saw about 3 or 4 rottwieler heads pushing the wood up and of the hole. Their heads were about the sie of basketballs. We immediately turned around and started running back to our vehicles. Thankfully, the dogs did not get out of the hole in the ground. We made it safely toour cars and drove away. I have been there many times at night and in the daytime. During the day we can always hear dogs barking and even once saw the old man talking to firemen when there was a fire at the neighboring factory around springtime This is not the same factory mentioned on the website.

I do not know what kind of factory the one next to the hell house is nor do I know what kind of factory mentioned as a cement plant? The name of the road that he hell house is on is River Road. I joined the Marine Corps in October of and have been out of state ever since then but whenever I come home on vacation I always at least drive by the hell house.

The most recent time I went there was in May or June of That is when I went up there and took pictures. I have pictures of the front of the buiding, the greenhouse in the back, and of a seemingly never ending stairway to the top of the driveway located to the left if you are standing in the driveway facing away from the building. If you are interested I can send you copies of the pictures.

Friday, February 21, It is so nice to finally find stories of Hell House on the net. I graduated from Atholton H. I was never shot by any rubber bullets or salt pellets, as I had always heard stories of, but I did hear dogs barking, and did frequently experience very strange things while trying to get up enough nerve to go to the front door.

I only touched the door once, then ran as fast as I could to get away. I know that there are a lot of urban legends that surround the history of hell house, and sometime our minds get the better of us, but I can tell you that I always felt something very strange when I was there. It was also fun to go in a large group to see who would chicken out before getting close to the front door. Being a girl, I would particularly enjoy when one of the guys would stay back at the car because they were too scared.

Sometimes we would cross the bridge on the train tracks and climb up some of the rocks, because from there you truly have one of the best views of hell house. At any rate, just wanted to say thanks for posting something. Now my fianc will finally believe all my stories!! MD Hell House Date: Saturday, August 30, 1: There was 4 of us, 3 guys and a girl. We parked down on the road by the paper mill or cement plant , in between two big rig trailers so as to not be visible to any officers of the law who might pass by.

Adjacent to the small gravel area where the trailer rigs were chocked, there was a long, broad stone staricase we walked up that led to a forested area through which we had to walk to get the the main building, there was somewhat of a path through this area that led to the driveway right in front of the main building. This is where I viewed something very interesting. We had flashlights, and by shining them up on the building you could see the majority of the outside brick had been charred.

This was ballsy as well as not very smart to shine a flashlight up on the building with blatant disregard for anyone or anything who might be disturbed by our presence. We were all mostly skeptic and at this point not scared. Anyway, the majority of the outside brick mainly near the windows was charred black, however near the top of the building, front and center recessed in the brick is a small white statue of a virgin Mary, which still appeared to be pure white.

Now there may be a perfectly good explanation for this, but it was still strange and disturbing, to me anyway. We continued to walk around the left side of the main building and around to the back where there was a concrete stair that we began to ascend.

Halfway up, myself and one other person stopped to get a look at the back of the building as the other 2 people continued to walk the stairs.

In one of the windows at the top floor to my far left I saw a light flash. Not a bright light like that of a flashlight or camera flash, but a faint blue flicker that was visible but did not really illuminate the surrounding area. The best way I can describe it would be like an electrical spark in mid-air. Still I said nothing, thinking I was the only one whod seen it, maybe my eyes played tricks on me. We got the others and explained to them what we had seen and started heading back down to the driveway at the front of the building.

The other two didnt seem fazed by our account of what we saw, it actually made them want to get inside the building. So we walked around the right side of the building in search of a door or ground level window, to this day I dont know why we didnt try the front door…..

Anyway as we walked around the right side we stopped and heard leaves crunching underfoot, followed by growls and chains, right then we knew it must be the caretakers dogs.

They didnt bark, but we could hear them running, getting closer and dragging what sounded like chains. Obviously we ran like hell. The footfalls sounded huge, and Im assuming the dogs were large shepherds or rottweilers… I dont know what overcame but for reasons I cant explain I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to see….

Yet the sounds came closer, paws hitting the dirt, chains, and growling, sounded as if the dogs were right up on me, yet I saw nothing. By now the other 3 had ran past me back through the woods down the path we had came up, I made my own path through the underbrush and ran down the stone staircase as fast as I could to meet up w the others.

We wasted no time getting in the van and getting the hell out of there… Im still a skeptic to this day, not ruling out the possibility that there are logical explanations for what I experienced there..

Something happened there that someone doesnt want you to know about. October 23, Subject: I live right at the end of river road and often visit ellicott city n the area surrounding hell house. Hell house was once st. And as far as rumors of the grounds keeper with the dogs this is also very true. I knew someone who was actually close friends with him suprisingly. He is no longer there he died. Some say he dies from insanity from being there so long others say he was killed by a random kid visiting there who in a painc shot him this is very unlikely.

And in regards to the plant nearby it is a recycled paper mill that also recenly went up in flames i happened to drive by on the exact day it happened. There are many other stories surround! Another local legend which is widespeard amongst the local goths punks and witchs down there is of a hanging that took place near a parking lot at the end of college avenue. The hanging is supposedly of a very powerful white which somewheres around the time period of the salem witch trials i suppose people tend to be very vauge about it.

However visiting hell house is as much a test of people perception as anything. Hell house is something that only truly exsist in the eye of the beholder. About Hell House Date: Friday, July 25, 1: My first time ever going to Hell House was about a year and a half ago, really late at night with my friend David. I had never been there and he wanted to take me, so off we went. Now i havent gone for a long time since then until last night.

Sunday, November 23, I live near the Hell House and me and my friends go up there often. I have heard so many stories about that place. The first time I went up there, we could hear dogs barking so we left.

I have visited it many times during the day and it is actually a very fascinating place. If you walk far enough along a trail behind the college there is an iron cross and even farther back is a pool and old bath house, completely abandoned.

Its kinda boring actually. But last night me and my friends went up there and the gate that is always closed was wide open, swinging in the wind. Its was so freaky, it seemed like the beginning to a horror story. If you have any thoughts on this, just email me back, thanks. Friday, July 18, 1: I just wanted to write and say that I am glad you have a spot on your site for hell house. I have been doing a lot of research on the place recently and it has been very helpful to go on to sites like yours and see the different perspectives on what it is and what has happened there.

However, some things were wrong in the explanations i saw on your site. Hell House, formerly known as St. Local urban legends do claim that there was some sort of crazy priest that killed five girls in the way you mentioned, however in all my research i have not found any documents that support that story… not to say it is not true in light of the fact that the catholic church would want to cover cover details such as those up.

Some more modern legands about the grounds i have to my surprise found to be true. Like the man who guarded the grounds.

His name is Allen Rufus Hudson, although most trespassers refer to him as old man Rufus. He was hired a long time ago by the owner of the grounds at the time. He did keep dogs up there, records state that they were Rotties but many people who claim to be chased by them say they were german shepherds.

Hudson lived there for over 20 years, trying to make sure no one vandalized the grounds. He did have a gun, but from what i understand it did have real bullets. In fact, he was arrested for shooting a trespasser in After a fire burned hell house down in police were called to investigate a skull found in the rubble. Hudson let his dogs loose on the police and they shot and killed both of the rotties.

I am really not trying to discredit anyones storys or personal experiences. I have just done a lot of research into the rich history of the building. And above all else i must say that there is a strange aura around the grounds. They do hold a secret that i am still trying to uncover. And, the fact that a fire was started twice… the first one was started a year before it was completely burned down.

Only two rooms were damaged though, and the cause was never found. I am hoping to get some information on the legends of the crazy priest… wheather they prove the story to br wrong or right. Wednesday, August 27, I unfortunately never got to see it before it burned down.

Two times my best friend and I got the courage to go up at night. The second time was at sunset and I had bought a brand new flashlight for the occasion.

We heard dogs barking, but it was very far away. As soon as we started to walk around to the back of the building, it seemed to get dark very quick. We started to get scared and then my flashlight stopped working. It was brand new with new batteries.

We ran back to our car and as soon as we closed the door, it started working again. Another story is when my best friend went up there and they saw a man with a gun chasing them and she fell down the main stairs near the train bridge. Saturday, December 20, Then there is a hill go up the hill and move towards the railroad tracks and while your walking to the railroad tracks look on your left for steps then everything else is self explanatory.

It looked like nobody worked there the windows are all broken doors boarded up and everything so we looked saw old foot prints in the snow and left. So we go farther up the road past the bridge and something told me to look right.

So we got out of the car and walked up the hill and sure enough I found steps. Hell House Horror Date: Wednesday, December 17, 5: I finally have enough courage to share this story with all of you. I never realized how many people have had so many paranormal experiences. So here goes nothing. I was seventeen years old and was living in Catonsville, Maryland. I had just moved to Maryland from North Carolina in I ended up meeting this guy and we started dating.

Next thing I knew, things were getting worse at home so I decided to move in with him in his apartment. We both were into paranormal activity and stories.

He had a horrible experience with an Ouija board before he met me. He was dating this girl and she was always messing with the board. She was contacted by a spirit and the spirit wanted to talk to him instead of her. The girl ended up being possessed by the spirit and was later exorcised. The spirit vowed he would come back for him later in time.

That was the beginning of the problems. He thought that it would be really cool to take me there and show me what it was like. So, one evening, we set out with a couple of friends to go and explore this place.

Now, you need to know a little about Hell House to understand why people were so intrigued by it. There are a couple of versions of this story, but this is the one that I know. It was a college for Catholic girls. The school was running well until the Priest started having unholy lustful thoughts.

He tried to repent and still could not satisfy his hunger. The Priest started sexually assaulting the nuns. The nuns were to afraid to go against Priest but begged him to repent his sinful ways. The Priest did not listen and kept assaulting the nuns. Well, one of the nuns finally stood up and went to the Archbishop and told him what was happening. The Priest was then thrown out of the college but vowed that he would return and that all would repay.

Well, one night there was startling screams coming from the dormitory. When that nuns arrived to see what was wrong they found five of the school girls dead.

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